Rebekah Lodge

Deborah Rebekah Lodge 63 has 42 members, 36 women and six men.   The Rebekah Lodge was founded on Sept. 16, 1851 by Schuyler Colfax.  The Norfolk Rebekah Lodge was instituted on April 16, 1891.  There have been four assembly presidents from the Norfolk Lodge, Cora Beels, Agnes Jewett, Vivian Jones and Myrtle Reinhold.  The group meets the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Odd Fellow Temple, 403 W. Norfolk Ave.  To be eligible to join the Rebekah Lodge, a female must be over 18; a man must be a member of the Odd Fellow Lodge.                              Source: excerpts from Norfolk Daily News, Saturday, July 7, 2007 on page 14.

Madison County School Map

The date of the map shown below is unknown.  Below the map is a listing (if known) of the school district number, name of school, and the township it was located in at the time of the map.  Consolidations of schools, district number changes, and locations of the schools have changed over the years.  Use this only as a reference until date of the map can be established.

Madison County Schools2

District No. School Name Township
2 Norfolk Norfolk
3 Sunny Meadow Norfolk
4 Valley View Jefferson
5 Battle Creek Battle Creek
6 Union Valley Madison
7 Union Creek Green Garden
8 Born Valley
10 Deer Creek Highland
11 Pleasant Valley Union
12 Meadow Grove Meadow Grove
13 Newman Grove Shell Creek
14 Sunny Dale Valley
15 Red House Fairview
16 Stange Warnerville
17 Stirk Battle Creek
18 Meadow Grove
20 Norfolk
21 Sullivan Deer Creek
22 Cunningham Battle Creek
23 Hughes Deer Creek
24 Dederman Valley
25 Warnerville Warnerville
27 Mt. Hope Grove
28 Schoolcraft Schoolcraft
29 Bell Emerick
31 Happy Hollow Deer Creek
33 Honeysett Grove
34 Buffalo Creek Grove
36 Jenkins Kalamazoo
37 Reiche Warnerville
38 Whitehouse Highland
40 Iowa Valley Kalamazoo
42 Muller Green Garden
43 Norfolk
44 East Emerick Emerick
45 Shell Creek
46 Dover Union
47 Enola Union
48 Good cheer Union
49 Solso Kalamazoo
50 West Emerick Emerick
52 Hoffmann Grove
54 Rose Hill Emerick
55 Chloe Shell Creek
56 Pleasant view Fairview
58 Pleasant Hill Shell Creek
61 Blakeley Highland
62 Harbottle Shell Creek
64 Alberry Battle Creek
66 Roman Star Fairview
67 Schmidt Emerick
68 Simonson Shell Creek
69 Tannehill Warnerville
71 Enterprise Meadow Grove
75 Simpson Battle Creek
76 Rolling Prairie Emerick
77 Pleasant Hill Deer Creek
79 Sobotka Highland
80 Tilden Jefferson
82 Valley
83 Liberty Consolidated Madison
85 Upland Schoolcraft
86 Brookside Schoolcraft
87 Norfolk
88 Fairview Fairview
94 King Olson Schoolcraft
Pleasant Valley Grove
Horn Battle Creek
Plainview Union
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo

1894 Marriages

Marriage licenses were issued today to Rudolph H. Dommer and Mary Kirbitz; and Wm. F. Haase and Mathilda R. Dommer.          Source: “The Norfolk Daily News”, Friday, March 30, 1894 on page 3.

“The Scout”

Please contact the Boone-Nance Genealogical Society,   P. O. Box 231,  Belgrade, NE. 68623-0231 if you find anything on your family from the listing of information below.

This information comes from their publication “The Scout” in their Oct. 2013 publication.     Mrs. David F. Carnahan   { Maggie Jane (Scullen) Carnahan                                             David F. Carnahan                                                                                                                Volmer, Frank, Lucille, and Edna Galitz                                                                                   M. M. Hazel                                                                                                                              Eric Matison                                                                                                                       Richard Sexty                                                                                                                    Hope Compton                                                                                                                  Marsh Flinn                                                                                                                            Fred H. Young                                                                                                                            Mrs. John Maxwell  { Anna Dobson }                                                                                        Mrs. R. M. Everett  { Christian Larsen}                                                                                  Omar Gunderson                                                                                                                   Martin Zoucha                                                                                                                        Mrs. Mattie Vogt { Mattie Barch }                                                                                       Ernest Pickering                                                                                                                Ralph E. Pickering                                                                                                                  E. E. Hall                                                                                                                                  Mr. R. Warn                                                                                                                         James Good                                                                                                                     Sever Paulson                                                                                                                         Mrs. Mundshank                                                                                                                     E. L. Sargent                                                                                                                             Mrs. Fannie Brown { Fannie Long }                                                                                      Fid and Gwinnie Long                                                                                                            E. T. Long                                                                                                                             Mrs. M. E. Phelps                                                                                                                      Mrs. J. W. Reynoldson                                                                                                              A. C. Thompson                                                                                                                        Mrs. Geo. Strawn                                                                                                                    Mrs. Cleda Roberts

Names of School Districts and a map of Boone County School Districts

The following list is of weddings and anniversary in the paper:                                            Miss Fern A. Hill and Mr. Charles W. Martin                                                                       Miss Clara Kock and Sabastian Getzfreit                                                                            Miss Maurine Aldea Barber and Harry Edw. Hart                                                                    Miss Inga Nore and Mr. Christian Nelson                                                                            Miss Alma Nelson and Mr. Iver Nore                                                                                      Miss Carrie Barnock and Chas. Zonna                                                                                Betsey Caroline Haaver and Alvin David Freeburg                                                           Sophia Minnie Goehry and Arthur Vincent Swanson                                                          Cecilia Bessie Nerly and Peter Sandquist                                                                               Miss Maude Wagman and Louis Schoenhen                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James McKinsie 25th anniversary                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Bruhman 25th anniversary                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. George Bowman 60th anniversary                                                                       Miss Amalia A. Reinwand and Vern E. Garten

The Lone Grave on the Hillside for Bill Delmar





Dorothy (Lowman) Anderson

If any one has additional information on this person or on any of her relatives please contact us and let us know.  We can pass on the information to the people requesting the help in the query below.

I am related to  Mrs. A. C. (Dorothy) Anderson of Washongal, Wash., eight grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.    I need to contact her but how?     I am doing the family tree and  here is proof…
she is Daughter to  Lucy Remender and John Edward Lowman
Lucy Remender is the daughter to Frederick Remender and Margaretha Mete Krause.
We sent them a response on this request Nov. 21, 2013.  The correct spelling is Washougal, Clark county, Washington.

Photos and Items

Some of the photos and items are in need of identification.  If you know any information on the people or item(s) please let us know.  Please contact us with your information.

Jefferson township 1918

JEFFERSON PRECINCT, Township 24 North, Range 4 West of the 6th P.M.  Madison County, Nebraska.  Names of persons living on or owning land in Jefferson Precinct extracted from the STANDARD ATLAS OF MADISON COUNTY OF 1918.  Extracted by J. R.

Abel., W. L., Sec 33

Alkenburg, E., Sec 18

Ashcroft, Emerson, Sec 18

Baker, B. H., Est, Black Loam Stock Farm, Sec 4, 9

Baker, F. E., residence, Sec 4

Baker, W., Sec 32

Baker, Wm., Sec 28

Bartdoll, L. A., Sec 18, 19

Beatty, C. H., Sec 19

Beebe, O. W., Sec 19

Bliss, D. W., River Side Sheep Ranch, Sec 7

Bliven, Chas, Sec 18

Bohlsen, J. J., Sec 19

Carlisle, J. A., Evergreen Stock Farm, Sec 31

Carlisle, J. A., Sec 31

Cemetery, E. L. E. G.,  (Immanual Lutheran), Sec 19

Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Sec 19

Cemetery, McCoy, Sec 33

Cemetery, Warren, Sec 9

Clausen, Fritz, Sec 19

Dahnke, Wm., Upland View Stock Farm, Sec 5

Dales, Rob’t, Sec 18

Danes, F. L., Valley View Stock Farm, Sec 5

DeLong, Elvie B., Sec 19

Denny, Chas., Sec 19

Denny, John, Sec 19

Dodge, Elmer, Sec 19

Donald, N., Sec 19

Erskine, J. F., Sec 32

Fleming, J. L., Sec 31

Fox, Chas E., Res., Sec 29

Gallagher, J., Sec 18

Gallagher, Jas., Sec 18

Hansen, L., Sec 19

Hansen, Lorenz, Sec 19

Harlow, Wm. S., Sec 17

Harris, J., Sec 21

Harris, P., Sec 16

Hawkins, C., Sec 6, 7

Heckman, Sam’l, Sec 19

Heggemeyer, Chas., Sec 32

Heller, A. J., Sec 9

Hoepfinger, Adolph, Swastika Stock Farm., Sec 6

Hoepfinger, Aug., Sec 6

Hoepfinger, F., Sec 6

Holdridge, Nellie, Sec 28

Holton, B., Sec 19

Jenkins, J. F., Sec 19

Johnson, H. B., Sec 19

Jones, A. M., Sec 20

Kielty, P., Sec 16, 17

King, W. H., Sec 7

Kirkcheffer, W., Sec 19

Krumm, Louis, Sec 17

Laudermilk, R., Sec 18

Liveringhouse, S. G., Sec 29

Mack, D. S., Sec 18

Mack, Fred, Sec 18

Mack, Geo., Sec 18

Mack, Jos., Sec 19

McCann, B. L., Sec 6

Michaelson, Peter, Sec 18, 33

Mickaelson, P., Sec 19

Miller, I. C., Sec 31

Mock, Mrs. Geo., Sec 19

Moriarty, T., Sec 8

Muller, P., Sec 30

Nelson, Alice, Sec 8

Niles, George, Sec 9, 16

Niles, Kenyon, Sec 9, 16

Olin, Cynthia, Sec 19

Osborn, T. C., Sec 21

Osborn, W. H., Sec 19

Ott, Theo, Hereford Stock Farm, Sec 9, 16

Patterson, L. C., Sec 19

Petersen, M. J., Hillside Stock Farm, Sec 6

Peterson, N., Sec 19

Phillips, A. J., Sec 19

Phillips, W. N., Sec 4

Pierce, Isaac, Sec 5, 6

Reikafski, August, Sec 20

Roewert, Albert, Sec 18

Roseborough, D., Sec 32

Roseborough, Jas., Sec 32

Saffell, Mrs. Thos., Sec 19

Saltz, E. F., Sec 8, 17

Sanne, August S. F., Sec 20

Sanne, Chas., River View Stock Farm, Sec 7

Saxton, Mary, Sec 19

Schlact, A. W., Sec 29

Schlact, Ben C., Etal., Sec 20

Schlact, Emil J., Sec 29

School, Sec 8, 32

Scofield, A. E., Est., Sec 19

Scofield, A. E., Est., Sec 4

Shippee, G. W., Sec 19

Soulier, M., Sec 19

Stanton, P., Section 30

Steinbeck, Henry, Sec 29

Steunkel, Emil, Sec 18

Stevens, A., Sec 21

Stewart, J. T., Sec 17

Stewart, S. E., Sec 17

Tassemeyer, Henry, Sec 5, 18

Terry, Frank, Sec 16, 28

Terry, R. M., Orchard View Dairy Farm, Sec 8

Thomsen, B. P., Sec 18

Thomsen, M. L., Sec 8

Utry, L. C., Sec 19

Walters, Chas.,, Sec 18

Warnick, John W., Sec 28

Wauer, John, Sec 21

Westervelt, Jeffery, River Side Stock Farm., Sec 8, 17

Whitiver, R. G., Sec 5, 19

Whitwer, B., Sec 19

Wohlfeil, Herman, Sec 30