Veterans Roll of Honor

The long list of names that follow are for soldiers buried  in cemeteries in the area around Newman Grove, Nebraska. This list is adapted from the list that was in the newspaper “Newman Grove Reporter” Wednesday, May 22, 2002 on page 1.

There is another list after this one that contains the names and burial locations that was listed in the paper under the heading of Buried in Cemeteries Overseas And Other Locations.

This list is being alphabetized by name, then will be followed by the war they served under and then by the cemetery where they are buried.


Albracht, Clarence “Bud”, World War II, Lindsay Holy Family
Ambroz, Lawence, World War II, Trinity
Anderson, Carl, World War I, Hope
Anderson, Donald K., World War II, Trinity
Anderson, Ernest Myron, World War II, Bethany
Andreasen, Andrew W., World War I, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Andreasen, Greger, Korean War, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Arland, Gus, World War I, Rosehill

Balzer, August, Civil War, Hope
Bartels, Archie, World War II, Shell Creek
Bartels, Frank, World War II, Trinity #2
Bartels, Stanley, World War II, buried at sea
Barton, Al, World War II, Looking Glass
Becker, Merlin, Service Veteran, Hope
Benson, Bryon, World War II, Hope
Benson, Larry, Service Veteran, Shell Creek
Berg, Henry, Korean War, Trinity
Berg, Oliver, World War I, South Branch
Berg, Russell, World War II, Trinity
Bergstrom, Carl, World War I, Salem
Blecher, Guy, World War I, Hope
Boettcher, Erhardt, World War II, Hope
Brager, S. A., Civil War, Trinity
Brinkman, Chris, Civil War, Hope
Broberg, Alfred N., World War I, Trinity
Broberg, Arthur J., World War I, Hope
Broberg, Dean, World War II, Trinity
Broberg, George Mason, Korean War, Trinity
Broberg, James, World War II, Rosehill
Brom, Frank, World War II, Trinity
Brown,  Carl, World War I, Hope
Bucklin, John, Vietnam, Trinity #2
Buhl, Uffe, World War II, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Busteed, W. C., World War I, Hope

Caparoon, Robert, World War I, South Branch
Carlson, Floyd T., World War II, Hope
Carpenter, Jerry, World War I, Iowa Valley
Christensen, Clayton, World War II, Bethany
Christensen, Leland, World War II, Bethany
Christensen, Raymond, Korean War, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Clausen, Karsten, World War I, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Clausen, Peter, World War I, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Copple, Warren, World War I, Iowa Valley
Couden, Robert, World War II, Shell Creek
Crantz, Martin, World War II, Hope
Curtis, Arnold, World War I, Iowa Valley

Dahlsten, Robert, World War I, Hope
Dillman, Burel, World War II, Hope
Dresser, Albert, Civil War, Hope

Eastburg,  Norris, Korean War, Shell Creek
Ekstrom, Robert, Jr., Korean War, Salem
Eng, John, World War I, Salem
Eng, Russell, World War I, Salem
Etling, Marvin, Korean War, Iowa Valley
Evans, Allen, Service Veteran, North Branch

Flarity, J., Civil War, Hope
Fliginger, LuVerne, World War I, Iowa Valley
Fowlkes, Walter, Sr., World War I, Hope
Freeburg,  Arthur, World War I, Rosehill
Freudenburg,  Earl, Korean War, Green Garden
Freudenburg, Ernest, World War I, Green Garden
Freudenburg, Richard, Korean War, Green Garden
Freudenburg, Wayne, Korean War, Green Garden
Frink, F. L., Dr., World War I, Hope
Froistad, Earl, World War II, Hope

Gerhart, H. L., Sr., World War I, Hope
Goodman, Duane, Service Veteran, Shell Creek
Gotschall, Glen, Service Veteran, Iowa Valley
Griel, George, World War I, Iowa Valley

Hackler, Gamold, World War I, Hope
Hale, Lawrence, World War I, Hope
Hansen, Henry A., World War I, Rosehill
Hansen, Kenneth, World War II, Bethany
Hansen, Louis, World War I, Shell Creek
Hansen, Walter, World War I, Hope
Harms, Rudolph, World War I, Green Garden
Harms, William, Jr., World War I, Green Garden
Havenstein,  Anton, World War I, Salem
Hendrickson, Elgin, World War II, Hope
Henricksen, Carl C., Spanish War, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Hestekind, Timon, World War I, South Branch
Hinman, Arthur, World War I, Hope
Hoadley, Chris, Service Veteran, Iowa Valley
Hodges, Wallace, World War II, Trinity
Holy, Jack, World War II, Hope
Horn, Harris, Korean War, Iowa Valley
Hutt, Earl, World War I, Trinity

Jacobson, Gale, World War I, Iowa Valley
Jacobson, H. Sonny, World War II, Trinity
Jenkins, Lee, World War II, Trinity
Jensen, Carl D., World War I, South Branch
Jensen, Sigurd, World War I, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Johnson, Albert C., World War I, Hope
Johnson, Anes C., World War I, Hope
Johnson, Arthur, World War II, Hope
Johnson, Chester L., World War II, Hope
Johnson, C. J. G., World War I, Hope
Johnson, Clarence Sherman, World War II, Shell Creek
Johnson, Dale, World War II, Shell Creek
Johnson, Dee Dale, World War II, Hope
Johnson, DeForrest, World War II, Trinity
Johnson, Donald J., World War II, Shell Creek
Johnson, Donis, Korean War, Shell Creek
Johnson, Dwayne A., Service Veteran, Iowa Valley
Johnson, Ed, World War I, Hope
Johnson, Edwin A., World War II, Hope
Johnson, George A., World War I, South Branch
Johnson, Gerhart, World War II, Hope
Johnson, Godfred, World War I, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Johnson, Howard C., World War II, Hope
Johnson, James Howard, World War II, Shell Creek
Johnson, John A., World War I, Hope Johnson, Lewis, World War I, Hope
Johnson, R. A., World War I, Hope
Johnson, Reuben J., World War II, Hope
Johnson, Rudolph, World War II, Hope
Johnson, Stanley, World War II, Shell Creek
Johnson, Stanley P., World War I, Hope
Johnson, Vernon, World War  II, Salem
Johnson, Victor E., World War I, Hope
Johnson, Virgil C., World War I, Iowa Valley
Julsen, Donavon, Korean War, Hope
Julsen, Olaf, Korean War, Iowa Valley

Kamrath, Harold, World War II, Trinity
Kamrath, Obed, World War II, Trinity
Kaufman, Alvin, World War II, Trinity
Kelten, Grandville, Civil War, Hope
Kittelson, Alvin, World War II, North Branch
Kleveland, Harold, World War II, Shell Creek
Klitzke, Floyd, World War II, Trinity #2
Klitzke, Harold, World War II, Trinity #2
Knickerbocker, Eric, Service Veteran, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Knudson, Leslie, World War II, Shell Creek
Knudson, Ole, Civil War, Trinity
Koenig, Glenn, World War II, Hope
Kopecky, Lester, World War  I, Iowa Valley
Kouba, John, Civil War, Trinity
Kralik, William, World War I, Trinity
Kramer, Alan, Vietnam, Trinity
Kramer, Robert, Service Veteran, Trinity
Krueger, Roger, Service Veteran, Green Garden
Kuchar, Frank, World War II, Trinity
Kuchar, Leonard World War II, Trinity
Kvam, Louis, World War II, North Branch

Lahners, Tom, World War I, Iowa Valley
Larson, Arthur, World War I, Hope
Larson, Christian, World War I, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Larson, Dale, World War II, Shell Creek
Larson, Gustaf, A., Spanish War, Looking Glass
Larson, Leroy, World War II, Bethany
Larson, Lester, World War II, Looking Glass
Larson, Orville, World War I, Iowa Valley
Lee, Oscar, World War I, South Branch
Leeson, Vaden, World War II, Hope
Letterman, Ernest, World War II, Hope
Loken, Alfred, World War II, Hope
Lundeen, Arthur, World War I, Salem
Lundquist, Niles, World War I, Salem
Luttman, Marion D., World War II, Hope
Lyon, Royal, World War II, Rosehill

Mahon, Hugh, Dr., World War I, Hope
Martin, James, Civil War, Hope
Martin, Robert, World War II, Trinity
Martin, Roy, World War II, Bethany
Maurstad, I. O., World War I, South Branch
McCartney, J., Civil War, Hope
McCartney, W. E., World War I, Hope
McCormick, George, Civil War, Hope
McDonnell, John, World War II, Trinity
McMurray, William T., World War II, Trinity
Melland, Clifford, World War II, Shell Creek
Moachler, Robert J., Korean War, Iowa Valley
Mock, Dan, Civil War, Hope
Mongerson, Alan, World War II, Hope
Moravec, Anton, World War I, Iowa Valley
Moravec, Frank R., World War I, Iowa Valley
Moravec, James, Civil War, Trinity
Motl, Jim, Korean War, Iowa Valley
Mueller, August, World War II, Green Garden

Nathan, Everett, World War I, Iowa Valley
Nelson, Anton, World War I, Hope
Nelson, Donovan, World War I, Iowa Valley
Nelson, Elmer W., World War I, Salem
Nelson,  Hilding, World War I, Salem
Nelson, John, World War I, Shell Creek
Nelson, Lordell, World War II, Hope
Nelson, Myron E., World War II, Salem
Nelson, Roger, Korean War, Hope
Nelson, Virgil D., World War II, Salem
Newhoff, George, Spanish War, Hope
Newman, Ora, World War I
Nore, Salmar, World War I, South Branch
Nore, Selmer, Service Veteran, Hope
Novotny, John, World War I, Iowa Valley
Novotny, Ludwig, Civil War, Trinity
Nygren, Carroll, Korean War, Iowa Valley

Oleson, Oley, Civil War, Hope
Olnes, Nels,  World War I, South Branch
Olson, Alanzo, World War II, Looking Glass
Olson, Berndt, World War I, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Olson, Harold G., World War I, Trinity
Olson, Olof, Civil War, Trinity

Patzel, Russell, World War II, Shell Creek
Paulson, Sever, World War I, South Branch
Pearson, Wesley B., World War I, Hope
Perry, Don, World War I, Iowa Valley
Peterson, Clifton, World War I, South Branch
Peterson, Gustaf, Civil War, Looking Glass
Peterson, Larry Lee, Korean War, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Peterson, Roy “Bud”, World War I, Iowa Valley
Peterson, Rueben, World War I, Hope
Peterson, Walter, World War I, Hope
Pryor, Rufus, Civil War, Hope

Ransen, Eddie, World War I, Iowa Valley
Reiche, Wilbur R., World War II, Zion Lutheran
Rundquist, Russell, Dr., World War II, Hope

Saare, Alfred, Spanish War, Hope
Saare, Herman, Civil War, Hope
Samuelson, F. Leonard, World War I, Hope
Samuelson, Jr., World War I, Iowa Valley
Samuelson, Lawrence, World War I, Iowa Valley
Sanderson, Elmer, World War I, Trinity
Sanderson, Emmons, World War I, Trinity
Schlanbusch, F. L., Civil War, South Branch
Schmidt,  Jerry, Service Veteran, Iowa Valley
Schockey, Carroll, World War II, Hope
Schwartz, Ervin, Korean War, Green Garden
Selender, Donald, World War II, Salem
Selander, Gustav E., Service Veteran, Looking Glass
Sherwood, Jim, Korean War, Hope
Simonson, Carl, World War II, Shell Creek
Simonson, Oliver, World War II, Shell Creek
Sivers, Royal, World War I, Iowa Valley
Smith, Duard, World War II, Hope
Soderstrom, Andrew, Civil War, Hope
Soldier, Unknown, Civil War, Hope
Solso, Arthur, World War I, Trinity
Sorensen, Allen, Korean War, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Sorensen, Dennis, Service Veteran, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Sorensen, Irving, World War II, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Spencer, John, World War  II, Hope
Spohn, Joseph, Civil War, Hope
Spulak, Clarence, World War II, Trinity
Stanley, Floyd C., World War II, Hope
Steensnes, Leland, World War II, Shell Creek
Stewart, Gilbert, World War I, Hope
Stewart, Lyle, World War II, Hope
Stockland, Carl, World War II, Shell Creek
Stockland, Genot, World War II, Shell Creek
Stone, Maynard, World War I, Looking Glass
Storek, Joseph, Civil War, Trinity
Strand, Clarence, World War II, Hope
Strand, Martin, World War I, Trinity
Swanson, Clarence, World War II, Salem
Switzer, James, Civil War, Hope

Tesch, Ernest, World War I, South Branch
Thavenet, Lonnie, World War II, Trinity
Thayer, William, World War II, Hope
Thomas, Al, World War I, Iowa Valley
Thomassen, Arthur, World War I, Hope
Thompson, Elvin, World War I, Iowa Valley
Thompson, Henry, Spanish War, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Thompson, Ole C., World War II, St. Ansgar at Rosenborg
Thorin, Arthur, World War I, Iowa Valley
Tisthammer, Bent, World War I, South Branch
Tisthammer, Carl N., World War I, Trinity
Tisthammer, Carl, Jr., World War II, Trinity

Vaage, Chester, World War II, Hope
Vaage, Leonard, World War I, Hope
Voelker, Leo, Korean War, Iowa Valley

Wagalie, Everett, World War I, Trinity
Wagers, Harold, Service Veteran, Iowa Valley
Walldeen, Clarence, World War II, Hope
Wallin, Detlof, World War I, Rosehill
Wand, Charlilse, World War II, Looking Glass
Watson, Benny, World War II, Hope
Weiand, Mervin, World War II, Shell Creek
Welburn, Lloyd, World War II, Hope
Werner, David,  World War II, Hope
Werner, Evald, World War I, Hope
Whitcher, LeRoy, World War II, Hope
Whited, Harry, Civil War, Salem
Williamson, Invald, World War II, Shell Creek
Witt, Irving J., World War I, Hope
Wobig, Dean, World War II, Hope
Wondercheck, W. D., World War I, Salem
Worre, Clarence, World War II, North Branch

Zavodsky, Joe, Civil War, Trinity


Buried In Cemeteries Overseas And Other Locations                                                 (information is listed as found in the paper)

Anderson, Robert L., World War II, marker in Hope Cemetery

Brinell, Herbert, World War II, National Cemetery at St. Louis, MO.
Broberg, Stanley L., World War II, Osmond, NE.
Bumgarver, Jack, Rockport, TX.

Christensen, Glen, marker in Hope Cemetery
Christensen, Roger, World War II, West Lawn Hillcrest Memorial Park, Omaha, NE.
Coil, John, Korean War, Petersburg, NE.

Dahlstedt, Clifford, World War II, Arlington National Cemetery
Duhachek, Donald, World War II, Emerick Cemetery

Edic, Norman W., Central City, NE.

Froistad, Arvid, Seattle, WA.
Froistad, Vernon D., Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN.

Gabrielson, Clemmons, marker in Shell Creek Cemetery
Grimm, Don, Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, NE.

Halderson, Llewellyn, marker in Hope Cemetery
Hansher, Fred, at sea

Jensen, Russell J., World War II, at sea
Johnson, David L., Viet Nam, marker in Hope Cemetery
Johnson, Duane Lyle, at sea, marker at Trinity Cemetery
Johnson, Roland Stanley, Korean War, Fort Snelling National Cemetery Minneapolis, MN.

Kaufman, Robert, World War II, Norfolk
Kopecky, FrankKramer, Arnold, Grand Island, NE.

Larson, Paul J. World War II, Potwin, KS.
Letterman, Eugene H.
Lindahl, Elving, Sacramento, CA.

Martin, Clifford, World War II, Arlington National Cemetery

Nelson, Howard, marker in Hope Cemetery
Nelson, Marlin O., marker in Salem Cemetery
Nelson, Neil G., World War II, Lincoln, NE.

Parsons, Jim, World War, Palmer, NE.
Polzin, Ralph

Schmadeke, Donald
Schumaker, Edwin, Korean War, Fort Madison, IA.
Sivers, Arnold W. { this name was listed twice }
Sivers, Arnold W., Brittany Cemetery & Memorial, St. James, France
Strand, Charles , World War II, marker in Trinity Cemetery
Strand, Clarence

Turmo, Rolf, World War II, Arlington National Cemetery

Vaage, Rufus, World War II, Shores of Puget Sound, WA.
Van Ostrand, Kenneth, World War II, Bradshaw, NE.

Weller, George, World War II, Beatrice, NE.


Little Angels

There is an article in the newspaper “Norfolk Daily News” Sat. September 4, 2004 on page 6 of the burials of 12 little babies who had no marker on their individual graves.  This is in the Magnet, Nebraska cemetery.

Monument Carvings Meanings

Anchor                                 Ships Hope or Seafaring profession

Angel, Flying                      Rebirth, Resurrection

Angel, Trumpeting              Resurrection

Angel, Weeping                 Grief and Mourning

Arch                                       Victory in Death

Arches                                  Victory in Death

Bay leaves                           Mourning

Bird                                        Eternal Life

Bird, Flying                          Resurrection

Bouquets/Flowers             Condolences, grief, sorrow

Broken Column                   Loss of Head of Family

Broken Ring                        Family Circle Severed

Bugles                                   Resurrection and the Military

Butterfly                              Short-lived, Early Death

Cherub                               Angelic

Columns and Doors         Heavenly entrance

Corn                                      Ripe Old Age

Cross                                     Emblem of Faith

Crown                                   Glory of life after death

Cypress                                Mourning

Dove                                     Innocence, Gentleness, Affection, Purity

Dove                                     Purity, Devotion

Dove, Flying                       Resurrection

Drapes                                  Mourning, Mortality

Flower                                  Fragility of life

Flower, Severed Stem         Shortened life

Flying Birds                         Flight of the Soul

Fruits                                     Eternal plenty

Garland or Wreath               Victory in death

Garlands                              Victory in death

Hand of God Chopping        Sudden Death

Hand, Pointing up                Pathway to Heaven, Heavenly reward

Hands, Clapsed                    The goodbyes said at death

Handshakes                       Farewell

Harp                                      Praise to the Maker

Heart                                     Love, Love of God, Abode of the soul, Mortality

Hearts                                   Soul in Bliss or Love of Christ

Ivy                                          Friendship and Immortality

Ivy                                          To show conviviality (sociable)

Lamb                                     Innocence

Laurel                                    Fame or Victory

Laurel                                    A distinction in the arts

Lily or Lily of Valley          Emblem of Innocence and Purity

Morning Glory                   Beginning of Life

Oak                                        Strength

Oak Leaves & Acorn        Maturity, Ripe Old Age

Olive                                      Peace or victory

Open Book                         Bible Deceased Teacher, Minister, etc.

Pall                                         Mortality

Palm Branch                       Signifies Victory and Rejoicing

Poppy                                   Sleep

Portals                                  Passageway to eternal journey

Rod or Staff                        Comfort for the bereaved

Rooster                                Awakening, Resurrection

Roses                                    Brevity of earthly existence

Scythe                                  Death, The divine harvest

Severed Branch                Mortality

Sheaf of Wheat                 Ripe for Harvest, Divine Harvest, Time

Sun                                        Rising Renewed life

Sun Setting                         Death

Sun Shining                         Life everlasting

Thistle                                   Scottish descent

Tree                                       Life

Tree Sprouting                  Life everlasting

Tree Stump                        Life interrupted

Tree Stump with Ivy       Head of Family; Immortality

Tree Trunk                          Brevity of life

Tree Trunk Leaning         Short interrupted life

Trees                                     Life

Weeping Willow               Emblem of Sorrow

Weeping Willow Tree         Mourning, Grief, Nature’s lament

Wheat Strands or Sheaves           The divine harvest

Willow                                  Breavement

Willows                                Earthly Sorrow

Wreath                                 Victory

Yew                                       Immortality

1899 & 1918 Deer Creek Townships People and Burials

1899 and 1918

Deer Creek Township

Surname           Date of Birth      Date of Death     Cemetery, City

Coltman, Wm.    1846                 1921                 Union, Battle Creek

Harding, John H. 05-23-1862       08-10-1941        Union, Battle Creek

Harding, John, Mrs. 09-??-1897                            Union, Battle Creek

Jackson, Joseph H.     1845         1917                 Jackson, Battle Creek

Koetter, Charles H.      1864         1949                 St. John’s, Battle Creek

Koetter, Minnie (Scheerger) 01-??-1877 10-29-1959 St. John’s, Battle Creek

Kurpgeweit, Leopold F. 09-22-1874 08-31-1922      St. John’s, Battle Creek

Lucht, John Fredrick, Jr. 04-20-1880 07-13-1964     St. John’s, Battle Creek

Lucht, Mary A. (Fenske) 10-12-1885 02-05-1961     St. John’s, Battle Creek

McCole, James H. 03-27-1860       09-10-1942        St. Mary’s, Tilden

McKirahan, John 03-??-1829                08-21-1908        Jackson, Battle Creek

Reeker, Frederick W. 02-25-1873 12-16-1921        St. John’s, Battle Creek

Reeker, Rosina L. 12-10-1877       04-05-1967        St. John’s, Battle Creek

Saltz, Bertha N.          1879         1924                 McCoy, Meadow Grove

Saltz, Ernest I.   11-04-1872        01-18-1970        McCoy, Meadow Grove

Sheets, Maggie         1870         1950                 McCoy, Meadow Grove

Sheets, Philip             1867         1951                 McCoy, Meadow Grove

Sullivan, Laura H. 11-27-1894       12-08-1918     St. Patrick’s, Battle Creek

Sutley, Francis M. 02-23-1904                              McCoy, Meadow Grove

Tiedgen, Adolph E. 05-25-1876   12-05-1961 St. Mathew’s, Meadow Grove

Tiedgen, Mattie          1877    10-??-1958      St. Mathew’s, Meadow Grove

Williams, Cora M. (Boyles) 06-06-1885 03-10-1957  McCoy, Meadow Grove

Williams, William V. 09-01-1880 08-24-1960            McCoy, Meadow Grove


1899 & 1918 Burnett, Meadow Grove, Jefferson Townships People and Burials

Burnett, Meadow Grove, and Jefferson Township


The following is a partial list of people who lived in Burnett Township in 1899 and in Meadow Grove and Jefferson townships in 1918. Today the area covered by these townships is known as Jefferson Township. It is located in the northwest corner of Madison County, Nebraska.

Some of the names listed below may or may not be the same people from the 1899 and 1918 list. Sources: Cemeteries and Marked Graves of Madison County, Nebraska, Tilden’s Centennial Journey 1880- 1980, They Called It Meadow Grove, Do You Remember, The Norfolk Daily News newspaper.

Surname                   Birth Date                  Death Date        Cemetery, City

Baker, Clement G.       04-18-1886        07-26-1965        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Baker, Eva M.            07-24-1885        07-31-1978        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Beed, George             1861                 1948         Deer Creek, Meadow Grove

Beed, Rose                1885                 1945          Deer Creek, Meadow Grove

Bliss, David W.           08-22-1866        12-27-1927        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Carlisle, Jesse A.                 06-05-1868        04-22-1936        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Carlisle, Margaret J.    04-31-1867       05-28-1939        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Dahnke, Wilhelmina            1874         1941                 Immanual, Tilden

Dahnke, William F.              1868         1938                 Immanual, Tilden

Danes, Frank L.                  1865         1947                 I. O. O. F., Tilden

Fox, Charlie E.                    1886         1930                 I. O. O. F., Tilden

Heckman, Samuel       09-20-1835        01-16-1912        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Hoepfinger, Adolph J.          1889         1976                 Immanual, Tilden

Hoepfinger, Anna H.           1891         1978                 Immanual, Tilden

Hoepfinger, Friederika 12-11-1846        05-14-1936        Immanual, Tilden

Hoepfinger, Jacob F.    05-27-1841       06-10-1911        Immanual, Tilden

Kruger, August           06-07-1843        12-14-1928        St. Paul’s, Norfolk

Lewis, Adalade           11-12-1893

Lewis, Perry V.           06-06-1841        03-25-1930    Deer Creek, Meadow Grove

Lewis, Vandalia           04-03-1941

Mann, P. A.                05-26-1829        10-09-1912        McCoy, Meadow Grove

Marshall, Horace                 04-25-1861        03-20-1928        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Marshall, Sadie A.       10-15-1856        11-14-1936        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Minkler, Andrew                 1847                 1922                 I. O. O. F., Tilden

Minkler, Lydia             1856                 1937                 I. O. O. F., Tilden

Mossbarger, Fannie A.        04-17-1852        12-08-1941        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Mossbarger, William    02-02-1848        02-21-1931        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Nelson, Ole                10-23-1838        04-25-1903        McCoy, Meadow Grove

Nelson, Ole J.             02-12-1867        05-18-1950        Hope, Newman Grove

Nelson, Ole M.            1898                 1976                 Trinity #1, Newman Grove

Nelson, Olie N.      09-06-1883        02-14-1969        Shell Creek, Newman Grove

Ott, Theodore J.                 02-04-1881        05-18-1965        Immanual, Tilden

Petersen, Anna C.       01-28-1887       mid 1970’s                 I. O. O. F., Tilden

Petersen, Mathias J.    03-18-1884        03-29-1949        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Putney, Edith             1872                 1902                 I. O. O. F., Tilden

Putney, Forest L.        1857                 1944                 I. O. O. F., Tilden

Sanne, Charles           1880                 1958                 Immanual, Tilden

Sanne, Emma            1882                 1954                 Immanual, Tilden

Terry, Josephine                 09-06-1848        04-27-1919        I. O. O. F., Tilden

Terry, Timothy N.       03-13-1843        10-16-1922        I. O. O. F., Tilden


1918 Battle Creek Township People and Burials

The following is a partial list of the individuals living in Battle Creek Township in 1918. The list will have name, followed by birth date, month-day-year, and death date, month-day-year, information. Then the name of the cemetery where the individual is buried and the city where the cemetery is located.

Name               Birth –             Death                 Cemetery,       City

Aldag, John        1870 –          1958                  St. John’s, Battle Creek

Allberry, F. Belle 1893 –          1981                 Prospect Hill, Norfolk

Allberry, Fred L. 1891            1975                Prospect Hill, Norfolk

Baker, Walter L. 1884 –          1960                Union, Battle Creek

Bartee, Margaret A. 8-15-1859     11-13-1929         Union, Battle Creek

Bartee, John R. 5-2-1845 11-10-1937                     Union, Battle Creek

Bierman, Anna     1879 –         1974                            St. John’s, Battle Creek

Bierman, Fred      1875 –        1966                         St. John’s, Battle Creek

Bierman, Herman J.  1889 –     1964                      St. John’s, Battle Creek

Bierman, Minnie C.  1889 –        1972                   St. John’s, Battle Creek

Borchers, Carl 1-25-1884        8-14-1941            St. John’s, Battle Creek

Cunningham, Alex  4-13-1873        8-23-1963    Crown Hill, Madison

Flesner, Frank H.  1886 –      1953                    St. John’s, Battle Creek

Green, Charles A. 5-11-1866     4-23-1947        Prospect Hill, Norfolk

Green, Tillie F. 3-21-1872       6-22-1957          Prospect Hill, Norfolk

Heggemeyer, John H.    1880 – 1971                   St. John’s, Battle Creek

Heggemeyer, Minnie H. 1882 – 1972                  St. John’s, Battle Creek

Klein, Emma A. 1887 – 1974                           St. John’s, Battle Creek

Klein, J. Leonard 1880 – 1969                        St. John’s, Battle Creek

Marr, Clifford C. 1879 –         1943                 Crown Hill, Madison

Marr, Emma J. 1882 –         1944                   Crown Hill, Madison

Nicolay, Anna W.      1892 –    1949              St. John’s, Battle Creek

Nicolay, William J. 1888 –        1956                St. John’s, Battle Creek

Otjen, Augusta W. 1880 –     1955                 St. John’s, Battle Creek

Otjen, J. Henry 1872 –        1927                  St. John’s, Battle Creek

Peterson, Alma M. 1882 –       1956            Crown Hill, Madison

Peterson, Oscar F.  1873 –       1939          Crown Hill, Madison

Renner, Emil         1882 –         1950            St. John’s, Battle Creek

Renner, Fred  1888 –            1972              Fairview, Madison

Renner, Luella        1892        1979          Fairview,Madison

Renner, Polly 1892 –      1960                  St. John’s, Battle Creek

Stange, Chris H. 1894 –        1968              Hillcrest, Norfolk

Stange, John C. 5-11-1886        5-30-1963          New Lutheran, Norfolk

Stirk, Laura W. 1876 –       1959                Union, Battle Creek

Stirk, Willis I.  1871 –        1971                  Union, Battle Creek


1918 Highland Township People and Burials

1918 Highland Township

Surname Birth Date — Death Date Cemetery, Town

Brozek, John 1868 — 1953 St. Patrick’s, Battle Creek

Brozek, Mary 1866 — 1937 Iowa Valley,

Brozek, Mary 1871 — 1943 St. Patrick’s, Battle Creek

Brozek, Mary H. 1896 — 1973 Hillcrest, Norfolk

Daniel, Carl J. 1882 — 1944 Union, Battle Creek

Daniel, Willa 1884 — 1974 Union, Battle Creek

Eyl, Carl 1890 — 1970 St. John’s, Battle Creek

Eyl, Hulda 1893 — 1969 St. John’s, Battle Creek

Heuston, Kenneth R. ? — 1930 Union, Battle Creek

Johnson, Fred Mar. 2, 1869 — Feb. 27, 1951 Hope, Newman Grove

Kahler, Elisa A. 1889 — ? Hillcrest, Norfolk

Kahler, John H. 1887 — 1972 Hillcrest, Norfolk

Knapp, Jacob F. 1877 — 1959 St. John’s, Battle Creek

Knapp, Mary A. 1883 — 1971 St. John’s, Battle Creek

Marty, John E. 1888 — 1931 Prospect Hill, Norfolk

Marty, Mona L. 1891 — 1968 Prospect Hill, Norfolk

Massman, Frank G. 1878 — 1949 Union, Battle Creek

Miller, Verne L. 1891 — 1951 Union, Battle Creek

Scheerger, Fred Sept. 5, 1880 — Nov. 26, 1962 Immanuel, Tilden

Seckel, Emilie 1873 — 1934 St. Mathew’s, Meadow Grove

Seckel, John 1873 — 1955 St. Mathew’s, Meadow Grove

Tiegden, W. Hobart Mar. 14, 1897 — Jan. 20, 1965 Union, Battle Creek

Memorial Flag Folding Ceremony

Meaning of the Folds

The flag is folded from the stripes toward the stars, for whereas the stripes represent the 13 original colonies that founded our republic and they are now embodied in the 50 sovereign states, represented by the stars so that the stars cover the stripes.

The first fold of our Flag is the symbol of life.

The second fold is a symbol of our belief in eternal life.

The third fold is made in honor and remembrances of the Veteran departing the ranks, who gave a portion of his life for the defense of our country to attain peace throughout the world, not to have been in vain and shall never be forgotten.

The fourth fold represents our weaker nature, for as American citizens trusting in God, in times of peace as well as in times of war, it is to Him we return, for His divine guidance.

The fifth fold is a tribute to our country, for in the words of the immortal Stephen Decatur, “Our country, in dealing with other countries, may she always be right, but it is still our country, right or wrong.””

The sixth fold is for where our hearts lie. It is with our hearts that we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands , one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The seventh fold is a tribute to our Armed Forces, for it is through the Armed Forces that we protect our country and our flag against all her ememies, whether they be found within or without the boundaries of our republic.

The eighth fold is a tribute to the one who entered into the valley of the shadow of death, that we might see the light of day, and to honor our mother, for whom it flies on Mother’s Day.

The ninth fold is a tribute to womanhood, for it has been through their faith, love, loyalty, and devotion that the character of the men and women who have made this country great has been molded.

The tenth fold is a tribute to father, for he, too, has given his sons and daughters for the defense of our country since they were first born.

The eleventh fold, in the eyes of a Hebrew citizen, represents the lower portion of the seal of King David and King Solomon and glorifies, in their eyes, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The twelfth fold, in the eyes of a Christian citizen, represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in their eyes, God the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost.

When the flag is completely folded, the stars are uppermost, reminding us of our national motto, “In God We Trust.””

After the flag is completely folded and tucked in, it takes on the appearance of a cocked hat, ever reminding us of the soldiers who served under General George Washington and the sailors and marines who served under Captain John Paul Jones who were followed by their comrades and shipmates in the Armed Forces of the United States, preserving for us the rights, privileges, and freedoms we enjoy today.

This explanation of the folded flag can take on a meaning for you when we honor veterans on Memorial Day along with family and friends who are no longer with us. To extend our thoughts further, “If God be for us, who can be against us.””

On Memorial Day let these words be a comforting reminiscence for you!

Source: Original  is unknown.  Excerpts from Prairie Pioneer Genealogical Society, Inc. Grand Island, NE.  October 1999 and internet site

Nebraska Counties and Towns

The following list shows the COUNTY with the towns in each county listed.  All of the towns listed may not be in existence today.  The county seat is in CAPITAL letters for each county..

ADAMS Co.     Ayr     Brickton     Hansen     HASTINGS     Holstein     Ingleside   Juniata  Kenesaw     Pauline    Prosser      Roseland

ANTELOPE Co.    Brunswick    Burnett    Clearwater     Copenhagen     Elgin   Frenchtown     Glenalpine      Hord Siding     Jessup     NELIGH     Oakdale   Orchard  Royal     Saint Clair     Tilden      Vim

ARTHUR Co.    ARTHUR    Braden   Carman   Collins   Cullinan   Lena   Read   Rice

BANNER Co.  Ashford   Bighorn    Epworth    Flowerfield    Freeport     Gary HARRISBURG     Heath    Hillside    Hull     Kirk       Loraine     Van

BLAINE Co.    BREWSTER     Cooper    Dunning    Edith   Lucy   Purdum   Scheding

BOONE Co.    ALBION    Boone      Bradish     Cedar Rapids    Loretto             Petersburg          Primrose          Raeville          Saint Edward

BOX BUTTE Co.     ALLIANCE    Berea    Birdsell     Burbank     Burns    Carpenter           Girard     Hashman   Hemingford     Letan     Nonpareil     Nye      Willey   Yale

BOYD Co.     Alford    Anoka    Baker    Bristow     BUTTE     Gross   Lynch    Mankat  Marple     Monowi       Naper     Rosedale      Spencer

BROWN Co.    AINSWORTH    Alkali    Altai    Beardwell    Enderslake    Giles   Huffman    Johnstown     Lakewood      Long Pine      Mary   Midvale     Pike      Raven     Sunnyside   Spragg     Winfield

BUFFALO Co.     Amherst     Buda     Denman    Elm Creek     Gibbon                  Glenwood Park      KEARNEY    Luce     Majors    Miller     Nantasket    Odessa       Optic     Peak     Pleasanton    Poole     Ravenna     Riverdale     Saint Michael     Sartoria       Shelton     Sweetwater     Watertown

BURT Co.      Argo    Basford    Bertha   Craig   Decatur      Golden Spring       Lyons  Oakland      Peak     TEKAMAH      Zion

BUTLER Co.    Abie    Bellwood    Brainard     Bruno     DAVID CITY     Dwight     Garrison      Linwood     Loma     Millerton      Octavia     Rising City      Surprise    Ulysses

CASS Co.     Alvo     Avoca     Cedar Creek     Eagle     Elmwood    Greenwood    Louisville      Manley    Murdock     Murray    Mynard    Nehawka    PLATTSMOUTH   Rockbluff      South Bend     Union      Wabash     Weeping Water

CEDAR Co.        Aten       Belden       Bow Valley      Coleridge      Constance  Fordyce         HARTINGTON       Laurel        Magnet       Menominee      Obert          Randolph      Saint James          Saint Peter           St. Helena          Wareham            Wynot

CHASE Co.     Best      Champion     Chase    Enders   IMPERIAL    Lamar    Wauneta

CHERRY Co.       Arabia       Banner       Big Creek       Brownlee       Burge                  Calf Creek        Capwell         Cascade       Cashswan       Cherry        Chesterfield      Cody        Crookston        Curlew       Eli         Elsmere        Elizabeth      Enlow      Erik         Ethel        Fern         Gilaspie       Harmony     Hire      Irwin     Kennedy      Kilgore      King        Kinneyville      Lackey       Lake       Lavaca       Lewanna     Lund        Martindale        Merriman        Middle Prong        Nenzel        Newton       Oasis       Prentice       Pullman       Reeves      Riege         Rita Park        Rolf       Roxby      Simeon        Soudan     Sparks     Survey      Thatcher      Trouble      VALENTINE     Vian         Wood Lake       Wells

CHEYENNE Co.     Brownson     Clara     Colton     Dalton     Dye      Henry     Herndon  Higgins   Ickes    Leafdale     Lodgepole    Lorenzo    Margate   Potter     Sextorp  SIDNEY  Sunol     Weyerts

CLAY Co.     CLAY CENTER     Deweese      Edgar     Eldorado     Fairfield        Glenvil     Harvard     Inland      Ong      Saronville     Springranch     Sutton   Trumbull      Verona

COLFAX Co.   Clarkson   Howell     Leigh    Praha    Richland    Rogers   SCHUYLER

CUMING Co.    Aloys    Bancroft    Beemer     Bismarck    Cuming     Germanville  Monterey     WEST POINT     Wisner

CUSTER Co.     Anselmo      Ansley     Arnold      Berwyn     BROKEN BOW        Callaway      Climax     Comstock       Cumro       Dale      Elton     Etna       Gates     Huxley      Lillian      Lodi     Lomax     Mason City      Merna     Milburn     Milldale     Oconto     Ortello      Sargent    Walworth     Weissert      Westerville      Yucahill

DAKOTA Co.        Covington     DAKOTA CITY     Goodwin     Homer       Hubbard    Jackson       Nacora        Sioux

DAWES Co.     Antelope     Belmont     Bordeaux    CHADRON     Crawford          Dakota Junction        Dunlap        Esther      Fort Robinson      Hough      Ida      Manchester      Marsland      Pine Ridge      Vista      Wayside       Whitney

DAWSON Co.      Buffalo      Buzzards Roost        Cozad       Darr     Doss       Eddyville      Farnam      Gothenburg      Josselyn     LEXINGTON      Overton     Simonds     Sumner      Willow Island

DEUEL Co.     Barton      Bigspring    CHAPPELL     Day     Froid     Perdu      Ralton

DIXON Co.       Allen       Concord         Dixon      Emerson       Ionia        Limegrove        Martinsburg      Maskell        Newcastle        PONCA        Wakefield        Waterbury

DODGE Co.       Ames        Crowell       Dodge        Everett      FREMONT       Hooper      Ihno        Leavitt        Mapleville        Nickerson        North Bend                  Pleasant Valley     Rawhide        Ridgeley      Scribner        Snyder         Uehling              Winslow

DOUGLAS Co.        Bennington        Benson       Dodge        Elk City         Elkhorn      Florence           Irvington          Lane         Mercer         Millard        OMAHA       Ralston       Sarpy          Seymour        Valley         Waterloo

DUNDY Co.    BENKELMAN     Calvert    Haigler    Hiawatha     Max     Parks    Sanborn

FILLMORE Co.    Burress     Carlisle    Exeter     Fairmont      GENEVA      Grafton  Milligan     Ohiowa      Sawyer      Schickley      Strang

FRANKLIN Co.     Bloomington     Campbell      FRANKLIN     Hildreth     Macon  Naponee     Riverton     Upland

FRONTIER Co.    Centerpoint       Colebank      Curtis     Earl      Eustis      Freedom  Havana      Hunt      Maywood       Moorefield       Orafino     Osborn     Quick     Saint Ann    Stevens     STOCKVILLE

FURNAS Co.     Arapahoe     BEAVER CITY     Cambridge      Edison     Hendley Holbrook      Hollinger       Oxford        Wilsonville

GAGE Co.        Adams       Barneston       BEATRICE       Blue Springs     Clatonia    Cortland      Cropsey       Ellis       Filley         Freeman       Grandview       Hanover      Hoag       Holmesville         Kinney       Krider        Lanham      Liberty      Odell      Pickrell      Rockford      Townsend       Virginia       Wymore

GARDEN Co.        Hartman      Hutchinson      Kowanda        Lewellen        Lisco     Lutherville      Moffitt       Mumper      Orlando      OSHKOSH      Pawlett         Rackett

GARFIELD Co.      Ballagh       Blake      BURWELL       Deverre       Dumas             Erina       Gables         Rosevale         Sheridan

GOSPER Co.       Ceryl      ELWOOD      Gosper       Smithfield

GRANT Co.   Ashby    Duluth    Elva     HYANNIS    Lucky    Valley      Whitman

GREELEY Co.    Belfast      Brayton     GREELEY CENTER      Homestead      Horace    Parnell      Scotia     Spalding      Wolbach

HALL Co.      Abbott      Alda      Cairo     Doniphan    GRAND ISLAND     Spencer  Schauppsville      Underwood      Wood River

HAMILTON Co.     AURORA      Giltner      Hampton     Hordville     Marquette            Orville City         Phillips         Stockham

HARLAN Co.      ALMA       Carter        Huntley       Mascot        Orleans                       Oxford Junction         Republican City          Stamford

HAYES Co.       Hamlet     HAYES CENTER    Marengo      Norris     Rain      Robert  Strickland      Thornburg        White

HITCHCOCK Co.     Beverly     Cornell     Culbertson      Meeker     Palisade     Poe  Rupert       Stratton      TRENTON

HOLT Co.        Agee        Amelia        Anncar        Atkinson       Badger        Biscuit     Blackbird        Bliss        Brodie        Catalpa       Celia        Chambers         Chelsea    Cleveland         Deloit        Dorsey      Doty        Dustin       Emmet        Emporia       Ewing       Grand Rapids       Gravel Pit         Greenvalley      Hainesville       Harold         Hay Point         Inez         Inglis        Inman       Josie       Joy       Kola        Laura      Lavinia        Leonie        Little        Lucerne        Maple Grove          Martha         Meek      Middlebranch        Mineola        O’NEILL       Opportunity       Paddock        Page        Phoenix        Ray       Redbird       Saratoga        Scottville        Stafford         Star      Stuart         Swan        Tonawanda       Tonic      Turner

HOOKER Co.     Donald      Dunwell     Eclipse     Hecla     Kelso       Moore         MULLEN         Weir

HOWARD Co.      Boelus       Coatesfield       Cushing        Dannebrog        Elba      Farwell        Nysted         Saint Libory         SAINT PAUL

JEFFERSON Co.       Daykin       Diller       Endicott        FAIRBURY         Gladstone    Harbine      Helvey        Jansen       Kesterson       Meridian       Plymouth      Powell       Reynolds         Steele City       Thompson

JOHNSON Co.      Cook      Crab Orchard       Elk Creek       Graf     Saint Mary      Sterling      TECUMSEH      Vesta

JOHNSON Co.      Cook      Crab Orchard       Elk Creek       Graf     Saint Mary      Sterling      TECUMSEH      Vesta

KEITH Co.      Belmar      Bertha       Brule      Keystone      Lemoyne     OGALLALA    Oren        Paxton      Roscoe      Sarben

KEYA PAHA Co.        Brocksburg        Burton        Carns         Eclipse         Enterprise    Jamison       Marlbank         Meadville        Mills         Norden        Pinecamp        Riverview       Simpson         SPRINGVIEW

KIMBALL Co.      Beacon      Bethel       Bushnell     Crossbar      Dix      Gifford    Hodges          Kauffman      KIMBALL     Oliver     Owasco     Parker   Smeed     Troy

KNOX Co.         Bazile Mills        Bloomfield        Blyville         CENTER         Creighton       Crofton        Jelen       Knoxville        Le Blanc         Millerboro       Niobrara         Pishelville         Reidsville         Santee        Sparta          Venus            Verdel     Verdigre        Walnut        Wausa         Winnetoon

LANCASTER Co.       Agnew        Arbor       Belmont       Bennett       Berks        Bethany      Burnham       Cheney        Cobb         College View       Cushman        Davey       Denton      Emerald        Firth        Hallam        Havelock       Hickman        Holland         Jamaica      Kramer       Lancaster       LINCOLN      Malcolm      Martel         Normal        Panama     Prairie Home        Pecks Grove        Pella       Princeton        Raymond         Roca       Rokeby         Saltillo          Sprague          Summit          University Place         Walton      Waverly       West Lincoln

LINCOLN Co.       Arna        Bignell        Birdwood        Brady       Denmark      Dexter     Dickens       Echo       Gannett        Garfield        Hershey       Hindrey        Ingham     Maxwell       Myrtle       Nichols       NORTH PLATTE      O’Fallons           Somerset      Spannuth        Spear        Sutherland      Vroman        Wallace       Wellfleet       Whittier       Willard

LOGAN Co.       Ford      Gandy      Gem    Hoagland      Kirsch      Logan      STAPLETON         Wagner

LOUP Co.     Almeria     Calamus      Ferguson      Gracie      Moulton      Ovitt       TAYLOR       Valleyview

MADISON Co.     Battle Creek     Burnett     Emerick    Enola    Hope    Kalamazoo       Kent Siding     MADISON     Meadow Grove      Newman Grove    Norfolk               South Norfolk        Tilden       Warnerville

MC PHERSON Co.        Brighton     Chandler    Flats     Forks      Lemley       Lilac  Mayflower      Nesbit       Ney      Omega     Ringgold    Summit    TRYON      Valyrang

MERRICK Co.       Archer      CENTRAL CITY      Chapman      Clarks      Elvira     Palmer      Silver Creek         Sunrise        Worms

MORRILL Co.       Angora         Atkins      Bayard       Bonner         BRIDGEPORT     Broadwater      Chimney Rock      Cleman         Colyer          Goodstreak        Guthrie        Lynn         Northport       Redington       Silverthorn         Simla

NANCE Co.    Belgrade    FULLERTON    Genoa     Kent    Merchiston    Northstar

NEMAHA Co.       Aspinwall       AUBURN      Brock      Brownville      Glen Rock       Howe       Johnson       Julian        Nemaha        Peru        Saint Deroin

NUCKOLLS Co.      Abdal      Angus     Bostwick      Cadams      Hardy     Lawrence      Mount Clare      NELSON      Nora     Oak       Ruskin     Sedan     Smyrna     Superior

OTOE Co.        Burr        Douglas        Dunbar        Lorton        Minersville         NEBRASKA CITY        Otoe         Palmyra         Paul         Syracuse        Talmage         Unadilla            Wyoming

PAWNEE Co.      Armour     Bookwalter      Burchard       Du Bois       Lewiston      Mayberry        PAWNEE CITY     Steinauer      Table Rock      Tate       Violet

PERKINS Co.      Brandon    Elsie    GRANT     Madrid     Pearl     Phebe     Venango

PHELPS Co.      Atlanta     Bertrand      Funk     Haydon     Holcomb       HOLDREGE    Loomis      Sacramento    Westmark        Williamsburg

PIERCE Co.     Breslau     Hadar     Lucas Siding     McLean    Osmond     PIERCE    Plainview

PLATTE Co.    COLUMBUS     Cornlea    Creston     Duncan     Humphrey   Lindsay  Monroe      Oconee     Platte Center      Tarnov

POLK Co.     OSCEOLA       Polk      Shelby      Stromsburg        Swedehome

RED WILLOW Co.      Banksville      Bartley      Boxelder      Danbury      Indianola  Lebanon      Marion      MCCOOK      Perry      Red Willow        Shippee

RICHARDSON Co.        Arago        Archer      Barada         Dawson                       FALLS CITY      Fargo      Humboldt           Middleburg       Nims        Preston       Rulo        Salem      Shubert       Stella       Straussville         Verdon

ROCK Co.       BASSETT         Buell         Butka        Cuba       Duff         Hammond      Horsefoot            Kirkwood           Malvern      Mariaville       Newport        Perch             Pony Lake       Rock         Rose        Selden          Shebesta         Sybrant        Thurman

SALINE Co.      Crete     DeWitt      Dorchester      Friend      Plato      Pleasanthill  Shestak       Swanton       Tobias        Western        WILBER

SARPY Co.      Bellevue     Chalco    Fort Crook     Gilmore    Gretna     La Platte  Meadow      Melia      PAPILLION     Richfield       Springfield

SAUNDERS Co.         Ashland        Cedar Bluffs       Ceresco        Colon        Ithaca     Leshara         Malmo       Mead        Memphis         Morse Bluff             Plasi                  Platte River           Pohocco         Prague       Rescue          Sand Creek     Swedeburg     Touhy        Valparaiso         WAHOO       Wann         Weston       Woodcliff         Yutan

SCOTTS BLUFF Co.        Bradley        Brockhoff        Caldwell       Covert       Dorrington        GERING         Haig          Henry         Heyward          Hope        Larissa        McGrew       Melbeta       Minatare         Mitchell         Morrill          Roubedeau          Scottsbluff       Sedan          Snell        Toohey         Woodrow

SEWARD Co.       Beaver Crossing        Bee        Cordova       Garland        Goehner    Milford      Pleasant Dale      SEWARD        Staplehurst         Tamora         Utica

SHERIDAN Co.         Adaton        Albany        Antioch        Bingham        Clinton      Ellsworth      Gordon     Grayson       Hay Springs       Hilton        Hunter      Lakeside     Long Lake       Marple       Mirage         Moomaw       Peters     RUSHVILLE      Schill    Spade       Strasburger       Whiteclay

SHERMAN Co.        Ashton        Austin       Hazard        Litchfield         LOUP CITY      Rockville        Schaupps

SIOUX Co.           Agate          Andrews          Ashbrook           Bodarc                         Coffee Siding           Curly           Glen           HARRISON            Kelley                  Malinda            Montrose           Mud Springs       Orella           Story           Unit

STANTON Co.     Bega     Haymow     Pilger      STANTON

THAYER Co.     Alexandria    Belvidere     Bruning     Byron     Carleton    Chester Davenport     Deshler      Friedensau      Gilead    HEBRON      Hubbell     Kiowa  Stoddard       Williams

THOMAS Co.       Halsey     Natic     Norway     Seneca      THEDFORD

THURSTON Co.     Macy    PENDER    Rosalie    Thurston     Walthill      Winnebago

VALLEY Co.     Alta      Arcadia     Elyria      Geranium     Lee Park     Miracreek            North Loup      ORD

WASHINGTON Co.       Admah        BLAIR         Bowen        Coffman                  Cuming City          Dale        De Soto        Fontanelle        Fort Calhoun     Herman       Kennard          Washington

WAYNE Co.    Altona     Apex     Carroll     Hoskins    Sholes     WAYNE     Winside

WEBSTER Co.     Bladen      Bluehill      Cowles     Guide Rock      Inavale                    RED CLOUD         Rosemont

WHEELER Co.     Arden     BARTLETT     Cumminsville     Ericson      Francis  Headquarters      Lisle       Newboro      Pibel        Sheridan        Wheeler

YORK Co.      Arborville     Benedict     Bradshaw     Charlestown     Gresham   Henderson       Houston     Lushton      McCool Junction      Thayer     Waco    YORK












Searching for a Nebraska location

If you are searching for a location in Nebraska you may want to check out this website.  It has locations by name that cover the state.  However, not all locations in Nebraska are listed.  So this is a resource that can be used but remember that some locations may have been left out.  Example is Norfolk, NE., is not on the list and others may have also  been left out.