Remembering those who have served in the Military Service during World War ll, Korean Conflict/War, and the Vietnam Conflict/War

The sources used in this surname index are: 1. “They Called It Meadow Grove”, 2. “Do You Remember”, Meadow Grove, NE. Centennial 1886 — 1986, 3. “Tilden’s Centennial Journey 1880 — 1980” Tilden, NE. 4. “Newman Grove, NE. Centennial 1888 — 1988”. As in the sources, if a veteran was missed, it was not intentional.  Some of the names are listed more than once. In these cases it could be due to more than one person in the county over the years with that name. It may also be due to the fact that a person served in more than one war. The Madison County Genealogical Society has the complete list compiled from the above sources showing which war each served in.

Some of the names may be from outside of Madison County. The area covered by the Newman Grove book covers part of Platte and Boone counties as well as Madison County. The area covered by the Tilden book covers a part of Antelope County as well as Madison County.

The men and women who have served and those currently serving in our military to help protect and defend the United States of America and the citizens of the       U. S. A. deserve our biggest Thank You.

The listing that follows is in 3 columns and is listed by Last Name, First Name, and middle name or initial if it is known.

Arlt, David L.                       Adams, Reuben          Adams, Reuben LeRoy

Albracht, Clarence          Allen, Richard              Anderson, Aner R.

Anderson, Clark W.       Anderson, Donald K.       Anderson, E. C.

Anderson, Glynn        Anderson, Kyle                 Anderson, Layton

Anderson, R. F.        Anderson, Tom                Andreasen, Greger

Anson, Irvin             Anstine, Pat                    Anstine, Perry

Apfel, Reuben        Asbby, Larry                    Ashburn, Bob

Ashburn, Bobbie D.         Ashburn, Jack         Ashburn, Richie

Ashby, Larry           Ashcraft, Betty             Askwith, Harold

Babel, Lyle A.         Bagger, Richard           Baker, Layton

Barnes, Thomas      Barr, Robert (M.D.)           Barry, Louis

Bartee, Vera           Bartels, Archie                 Bartels, Frank

Bartels, Stanley          Bartels, Stanley          Barton, A. C.

Bauer, Bernard         Bauer, George            Beal, Charles E., Jr.

Becher, Albert W.     Bechtold, Harry        Becker, George

Beckerbauer, Ruth        Beckley, Leo J.        Beckman, Larry D.

Beech, Bill             Beech, Bob                   Beech, Winton

Beed, Jack H.       Beed, Kenneth             Beed, Milton

Beed, Milton         Beed, Milton                Beed, Roger L.

Belgum, Burdette C.        Bellar, Raymond A         Bender, Gary R.

Bender, Howard J.       Bender, Leonard N.         Bennett, Arnold R.

Bennett, Rollen         Benning, Donald              Benson, Byron

Benson, Owen         Berg, Irving                     Bernhardt, Harold

Berry, Lewis            Biermann, John N.          Bilau, Edwin W.

Blaha, Richard A.     Blair, Doyle                  Boettcher, Erhardt

Borer, Don            Borg, Charles               Borgelt, George

Borgelt, LeRoy O.       Born, Ellard            Born, Ellard

Born, Ellard           Bossard, Bruno Carl        Bossard, Dallas E.

Bosse, Jack         Botsford, Arthur           Botsford, Donald S.

Boyer, Bill          Boyer, Earl K.            Boyer, Eugene

Boyer, Gerald        Boyer, Jack           Boyer, John

Bradford, James     Brandl, Kenneth E.         Brandstetter, Raymond F.

Braun, Darrell        Breckenfeld, Nick            Bredehoft, Don

Bredehoft, Don        Briard, James              Bridge, Merle D.

Brinell, Herbert        Broberg Dean              Broberg, Elliott

Broberg, Gerald     Broberg, Robert           Brogan, Florence

Brogan, Jim         Brogan, Tom               Brown, Lloyd E.

Brown, Manus, E.      Brown, Raymond H.         Brown, Roger Ray

Brozek, Leo        Brozek, Sylvan            Bucklin, John

Budde, Enno        Budde, Paul T.          Buhl, Dale

Buhl, Uffe           Buhl, Vern                  Bush, C. E., Dr.

Bushall, Robert W.     Butler, John L.        Carlisle, Robert C.

Carlson, Floyd T.        Carlson, Harold W.         Carpenter, Gerald

Carpenter, Gordon L.     Carter, Donald          Carter, Douglas

Carter, James D.          Catron, Robert          Catron, Robert

Catron, Robert          Catron, Robert          Cederlind, Marlin

Chatham, Ernest L.      Cheyney, Donald F.       Childs, Dewey

Childs, James           Childs, Ralph E.             Childs, Walter

Chilson, Duane L.     Christensen, Raymond F.      Christiansen, Donald P.

Clark, Lyle              Classen, Jack                  Cloyd, Jerry

Cloyd, Richard         Colhouer, James L.       Colhouer, James L.

Collins, Donald       Collins, Everett              Collins, Irvin

Collins, Robert       Cordes, Michael            Corkle, Robert

Cornett, Harold      Cornett, Kyle                 Costello, James

Costello, John J.      Cram, Edwin J.          Crantz, Martin

Croxen, Dale          Croxen, Karen            Cuffe, Kenneth O.

Cuffe, Larry G.       Curtis, Arnold             Dales, Wm. K.

Dallmann, Donald W.      Daly, Daniel         Damme, Marvin W.

Damme, Wm.        Daniel, Jack            Dauphin, Lyle

Dearmin, Delbert         DeCamp, Charles M.          Decker, Malvin E.

Deckert, DeWitt       Deckert, Dorothy             Deckert, Ronald E.

Denny, Loren          Denson, John L.             Dewey, Douglas G.

Dewey, Robert D.       Dillman, Burel           Dittrich, Florian W.

Dittrich, Jerome H.      Dittrich, Paul           Dittrick, John

Dogan, Howard         Dohmen, Ervin J.         Dohmen, Jerome

Dohmen, Michael      Dolesh, Emil            Dolesh, Emil F.

Dow, Russell            Dowd, Andrew         Dowd, Patricia

Downs, Peter W.       Dragoo, Earl S.       Duhachek, Eugene

Duhachek, Roger       Dunivan, Vance       Dupsky, Rick E.

Dye, Claire             Dye, H. Claire             Dye, Reed

Eastburg, Norris        Eberard, Roland        Eggers, Michael

Eggers, Robert        Eggers, Robert          Eickhoff, Clifford W.

Eisenmenger, Paul       Ekstrom, Robert, Jr.        Elder, Paul

Eloge, Harvey P.         Elznic, Alvin W.              Eng, Loren

Etjen, Sylvester          Etling, Marvin                 Evans, Lewis W.

Evans, William O.       Evers, Joseph F.         Eymann, Stanley

Falleson, Chris          Falleson, Chris            Falleson, Melvin

Fehringer, Fredrick G.        Felber, Kenneth            Fields, Lennah

Filsinger, Vernon              Findley, Thomas            Fisher, Carl N., Jr.

Fisher, Chester             Fisher, Chester              Fisher, Chester

Fisher, Fonda              Fisher, Fonda B.             Fisher, Jack

Fisher, Jack               Fisher, Wayne                 Fleharty, Orville

Fleming, Milan          Flood, Charles                 Flood, Donald

Flood, Raymond      Flood, Robert                 Foss, Lois

Foss, Norman         Fowlkes, Dennis           Fox, George

Fox, George Eschol         Fox, Ira              Fox, James

Frauendorfer, Duane K.        Freeman, John L.             Freeman, Melvin

Freudenburg, Richard         Freudenburg, Wayne       Friedrich, Robert

Frisch, David J.             Froistad, Earl                   Fudge, Duane K.

Furstenau, Verlon         Gabelman, Roger D.        Gabelman, Warren H.

Galyen, Dean             Galyen, Wayne                  Garner, Chas.

Garrison, Kenneth        Gerhart, H. L., Jr.            Geyer, Kenneth F.

Giehler, Frank              Gillespie, Charles          Gillespie, Francis

Gillespie, James E.       Gilsdorf, Marvin J.         Gilsforf, Harvey E.

Gladem, Edward         Gladem, Vernon           Goulding, Harold

Grabowski, Stanley       Graff, Neil F.              Grant, Phil

Green, Kenneth           Green, Wm. K.          Griel, George

Groninger, Norman W.        Grosserode, Paul        Grosserode, Steve

Grubb, Neal A.          Gustafson, Llewellyn        Hales, Jerry L.

Hales, Lee W.         Hallgren, Keith                Halsey, Dean L.

Halsey, Duane Lee     Halsey, Fred             Halsey, Tommy

Halsey, Walter J.        Hamilton, Robert E.     Hamilton, Robert E.

Hamley, Ben          Hamley, Ben               Hamley, Stuart

Hamley, Stuart        Hankla, Walter L., Jr.        Hansen, Beata

Hansen, Bernard       Hansen, Gretchen          Hansen, Harriet

Hansen, Henry          Hansen, Herman           Hansen, James A.

Hansen, Karl           Hansen, Kenneth L.         Hansen, Margaretha

Hansen, Marjorie       Hansen, Walter F.        Hansen, Wm. B.

Hardin, Albert          Harding, Gene              Harms, Ewald E.

Hart, James Donald        Hart, Phillip Ray         Hart, Richard L.

Hart, Wm.              Hash, Bayne                 Hash, Kent

Hash, Phleet         Hawkins, Dennis C.         Hawkins, Myron D.

Hecht, Frank J.       Hegemann, James         Heggemeyer, Russell K.

Heller, Marvin         Heller, Marvin                 Helmer, Randall L.

Hendrickson, Elgin        Hepfinger, Elnora         Herchenbach, Ivan

Herfel, Alan L.         Herfel, Francis D.          Hichs, Norman

Hicks, Eugene          Hicks, Eugene           Hicks, Eugene R.

Higbee, Gordon        Higbee, Ralph          Hodges, Wallace

Hoelscher, Lester         Hofacker, Robert        Hofer, Hans

Hoffman, Denton      Hogsett, Donroe          Holise, James E.

Holton, Lyle            Holton, Orvis               Holy, Jack

Hopkins, Edward       Hopkins, John           Hopkins, John

Hoppe, William L.         Horrocks, Max          Horrocks, Merle

House, James         House, Roland             Huelle, Arnold

Huelle, Donald O.        Huelle, James D.         Huettner, Terry L.

Hunt, Quentin           Huxford, Wm.           Ike, John

Imhof, Milton W.         Ives, Jack W.          Ives, Milan

Ives, Wayne           Jacobs, Melbourne C.           Jacobsen, Ralph E.

Jacobson, Gale          Jacobson, Gale            Jacobson, Harold

Jacobson, Keith        Jacobson, Keith            James, Cecil T.

James, Henry P.         James, Howard           James, Jackson Q.

James, James         James, John W.           James, Richard

James, William         Jarosz, Alfred A.           Jenkins, Lee

Jenkins, Richard        Jensen, Ernest D.         Jockens, Fredrick

Johannsen, Henry H.       Johnson, Arthur        Johnson, Carl

Johnson, Chester L.    Johnson, Clarence Sherman   Johnson, Dale E.

Johnson, David L.       Johnson, Dee Dale      Johnson, DeForrest

Johnson, Donald D.     Johnson, Donald J.      Johnson, Donis

Johnson, Edwin A.       Johnson, Elden D.        Johnson, Gerhart

Johnson, Harris C.       Johnson, Howard        Johnson, Howard C.

Johnson, John            Johnson, John H.         Johnson, Rudolph

Johnson, Stan          Johnson, Stanley M.       Johnson, Virgil C.

Johnston, Gary         Juelson, Donavon         Kahland, C. A.

Kahland, James D.     Kahler, Hatty Ann       Kahler, Ralph L.

Kamrath, Obed        Karabel, Gary R.         Kaufman, Alvin

Kaufman, Bernard      Kaufman, Dale         Kaufman, John T.

Kaufman, Robert         Keimig, Wilfred J.       Kenny, Lester

Kerstine, Wayne        Kezlan, Joe             Kielty, Jack F.

Kielty, John             Kielty, Robert            Kielty, Wm. B.

Kilmer, Conrad       King, Duane          King, Lloyd

King, Robert          Klein, Oscar         Klein, Oscar

Kleveland, Calvin       Kleveland, Harold         Kleveland, Randall

Klitzke, John       Klopper, Ivan L.            Knudson, Leslie

Koehler, Graham          Koenig, Glenn            Koenig, Larry F.

Koetter, Edmond       Kohl, Emery, Jr.          Kohl, Irvin

Kohl, Kenneth          Kohl, Lyndal            Koopman, Leon

Kopecky, George      Korth, Harold J.        Kortman, Chris R.

Korus, John F.       Kraft, Marvin            Kralik, William L., Jr.

Kramer, Alan         Krupicka, Norman          Kuchar, Jerry L

Kuchar, Leonard        Kuchar, Willis          Kuchar, Wm.

Kummerfeld, Fred         Kummerfeld, Fred H.        Kuntze, Herbert

Kuntze, Norman         Kuntze, Raymond             Kurtenbach, James

Kvam, Louis             Kvam, Louis                     Labenz, Nickolas

Lahners, Thomas H.         Landreth, Wm.           Lang, Fred J.

Larson, Dale           Larson, Donald            Larson, Glen D.

Larson, John         Larson, John P.             Larson, LeRoy

Larson, Lester      Larson, Orville              Lee, Roger

Lee, Ronald         Leeson, Vaden             Lefavor, Willis

Lenneman, Joseph F.         Lenser, Irvin            Lenz, Loren

Letterman, Ernest           Levos, Wm. R.          Lewis, Robert

Lewis, Tom               Lewis, Tommy J.           Lewis, Tommy J.

Lewis, Wendell        Lewis, Willard            Lichtenberg, Marvin W. E.

Liekhus, Carroll J.       Lieswald, Duane          Lilja, Rodney

Lilja, Wayne           Lilja, Wayne                Lincke, Alvin

Lincke, Lyle          Lindahl, Douglas          Lindahl, Gerald D.

Lindahl, Virgil        Lindbo, Ernest J.        Lindbo, Louis O.

Linstadt, Delbert D.       Liveringhouse, Bill L.       Liveringhouse, Bob S.

Loken, Alfred           London, David C.           Lorenzen, Carsten

Louis, Richard A.       Luetkenhaus, Ed E.      Lulow, Walden

Luttman, Marion D.      Lyall, James             Lyall, Roy

Lyon, Gerald K.         MacBerg, Carl          Machal, Godfrey A., Jr.

Madsen, Robert        Magwire, John          Magwire, Milan

Magwire, Ray          Mahood, Robert         Mahood, Robert A.

Malone, Thomas F.        Marks, Alfred H.           Marks, Arvid D.

Marquardt, Lester         Marquardt, Martin         Marrs, W. L.

Marsh, Douglas L.        Marshall, Madelon       Martin, James

Martin, Robert          Martin, Robert              Masur, John L.

Matson, Randall         Maughan, Jerry T.        Maughan, Leo Dean

Maurer, George       Maurer, Robert C.         Mayer, Luverne H.

McCarroll, Gray       McCarthy, John T.        McClatchey, Dave

McClatchey, Jim, Jr.      McCloud, Jerry J.        McCurdy, Thomas

McDonald, Merle        McDonnell, John          McGill, Gaile

McGinty, William L.      McIntosh, Donavon E.     McIntosh, Larry L.

McIntosh, Lester L.       McIntosh, William         McKeever, Thomas E.

McKnight, Edwin         McKnight, Harry           McKnight, Harry

McKnight, Howard        McKnight, Milan          McKnight, Vernon F.

McMillan, Maurice        McMillan, Maurice D.       McMurray, William T.

Mead, Ralph             Means, Edward               Melis, Gerard

Melis, Mary W.         Meyer, Erwin                  Meyer, Frank

Meyer, Herman J.     Meyer, Milford               Meyers, Herman J.

Meyers, Raymond H.       Michaelson, Arnold H.        Miller, Harry I.

Miller, Melvin           Mindrup, Clarence            Moackler, Robert J.

Mock, Emil            Mohr, Clement D.             Mohr, Gerald H.

Mohr, Lawrence       Mohr, Lee                   Mollhoff, Ervin J.

Mollhoff, James         Mongerson, Alan       Moore, Al. Ed.

Moore, Bill            Moore, Earl                  Moore, Lee

Moore, Roy J.        Morris, Elwood             Morrison, Emory

Mostek, James       Muckey, Loren R.        Muckey, Loren R.

Mueller, August      Mueri, John                 Muffly, Charles

Mumm, Leroy G.     Mundt, Marlin W.        Munger, Donald

Munger, Donald C.      Munger, Ivan         Murdock, Albert R.

Murphy, Donald         Murphy, Mark          Murphy, Maurice

Murphy, Morris E.      Myhre, Harold T.         Myhre, Stanley

Nathan, Everett       Neely, David C.           Neely, David W.

Neely, Homer         Neely, John L., Dr.       Neely, Merle

Negus, David L.      Nelson, Donovan T.        Nelson, Homer

Nelson, Kenneth      Nelson, Leon              Nelson, Lordell

Nelson, Louis A.     Nelson, Martin           Nelson, Marvin

Nelson, Merlin        Nelson, Myron E.         Nelson, Ray

Nelson, Raymond      Nelson, Richard W.      Nelson, Robert

Nelson, Virgil           Nelson, Virgil             Nelson, Willis

Nenow, Herbert        Nenow, Marvin        Neujahr, Delbert A.

Niebuhr, Harry        Niehbur, Harry          Nienaber, Les

Novotney, LeRoy F.       Novotny, Arlie       Novotny, LeRoy

Nygren, Carroll          O’Banion, Leo D.         O’Brien, Wm. E.

O’Dey, Russell         Oelsligle, Irven E.        Olin, Chester Ray

Olin, Donald D.      Oliver, Wm.              Olson, Lawrence M.

Oppliger, Harvey       Oppliger, John A.          Oppliger, Rudolph

Osborn, Burnham         Osborn, Harold         Osborn, Harold

Osborn, Herb            Osborn, Hoyt, Jr.          Osborn, Kenneth

Osborn, Kenneth G.     Osborn, Quentin        Osborn, Quentin

Osborn, Wayne E.        Otterpohl, Donald L.       Otto, Ivan

Panek, Myles             Parsons, James A.          Patrick, Milan E.

Patrick, Milan E., Sr.      Patzel, Gary              Patzel, Gene

Patzel, Russell A.       Paulsen, Arnold          Paulsen, Arthur

Paulsen, Edwin         Paulsen, Raymond      Petersen, Alvin G.

Petersen, Arnold C.       Petersen, Bobby D.        Petersen, Cecil

Petersen, Donovan      Petersen, Edwin        Petersen, Edwin Wm. LeRoy

Petersen, Elwin A.      Petersen, Keith S.       Petersen, Kenneth

Petersen, Lyle, (M.D.)     Petersen, Marlene S.       Petersen, Michael D.

Petersen, Ronald E.      Petersen, Theresa M.      Petersen, Wayne

Peterson, Arch          Peterson, Clifton              Peterson, Elwin

Peterson, Larry Lee      Peterson, Leonard       Peterson, Roy

Philamlee, Francis       Phillips, Arthur            Phillips, Clarence

Phillips, Gene             Phillips, Gene             Pieke, Ralph J.

Pittack, Cecil E.        Pittack, Clarence          Pittack, Fredrick H.

Pittack, Garold Wm.      Pittack, Raymond        Pittack, Raymond H. W.

Pojar, Alvin              Pollard, Clair              Pollard, Telfer

Polzin, Ralph M.      Potmesil, Don           Potts, Charles T.

Powell, Raymond      Prachar, Gordon      Preister, Gilbert J.

Preister, Jim           Preister, Kent E.        Preister, Virgil A.

Prevo, Virgil S.       Priestley, Charles W.        Priestley, Gale R.

Probert, Tom       Pruess, Terrance l.           Pugh, Forrest

Pugh, Lyle         Ramaeckers, Paul F.         Ramsier, Richard C.

Rasmussen, Larry      Rautneberg, Robert H.      Real, Charles W.

Real, James W.       Real, Jerry L.                Rees, Delbert

Reeves, Lloyd         Reeves, Richard          Reiche, Paul G.

Reiche, Wilbur R.      Reikofski, Daniel R.         Reikofski, Edward E.

Reinke, Albert F.         Reinke, Gilbert         Rethwisch, Thomas

Rezac, Leonard        Rhea, David            Rhode, Robert

Rice, Henry J.         Rice, Michael D.         Richardson, Bernard

Richardson, Harry       Richardson, Ralph         Rinkel, Leo E.

Ritter, Fredrick          Ritter, Roland                Rodgers, Clifton A.

Roewert, Clea         Roewert, Otto               Roger, Derald C.

Rood, Robert L.       Rood, Wm. Dale          Rotherham, Claire F.

Rotherham, Omar        Rudnick, Arnold      Rudnick, Emil

Rudnick, Karl W.        Rudnick, Norman       Rudnick, Norman R.

Ruegge, Arthur         Ruegge, Earl             Ruegge, Herbert

Ruegge, Louis        Rundquist, Russell, Dr.       Rutjen, Leo T.

Ryan, Donald         Ryan, Eugene              Ryan, Joseph Jr.

Ryan, Kenneth       Ryan, Ray R.            Ryan, Russell

Ryan, Troy            Ryan, Wm. F.            Saltz, Donald H.

Saltz, Lloyd L.        Salyers, Edward         Samuelson, J. L.

Sanderson, Francis G.       Sanne, Bob D.        Sanne, Murland

Sauler, Walter           Sawyer, Jerry               Schaecher, Donald A.

Schaecher, Orville W.    Schaecher, Samuel F.     Schaecher, Terrance

Schafer, Gale          Schapmann, Andrew H.       Schapmann, Stanley J.

Scheer, Lyle W.       Scheerger, Robert R.         Schinck, Jack

Schinckers, Henry     Schlecty, Clarence Fred       Schlotzhauer, Carl E.

Schlueter, Carroll       Schlueter, Dean                Schlueter, Leland

Schmid, Joe            Schmidt, Edwin M.              Schmidt, Elmer L.

Schmidt, Ernest        Schmidt, Ernest H.          Schmidt, Joseph

Schmidt, Otto V.        Schmidt, Thomas R.      Schmitt, Dallas

Schmitz, Anthony “Joe”        Schoenig, Neal H.         Schroeder, Carl

Schroeter, Paul           Schulze, Henry G., Jr.         Schulze, Maynard W.

Schumacher, Byron K.      Schumacher, Mary Jane      Schumacher, Ralph

Schumaker, Edwin O.              Schupe, Hurley             Schutt, Edward

Schutt, Edward                Schutt, Frank                  Schutt, Logan

Schutt, Marvin P.            Schutt, Wayne                Schutt, Wayne L.

Schwarting, Ervie         Schwartz, Ervin              Scott, Chauncey B.

Scott, Chauncey D.      Scott, James T.            Seevers, Ernest J.

Selander, Donald        Sellhorst, John             Sellin, Norman

Sessler, Bill             Sessler, Wm. K.            Sharples, Lester H.

Shell, Dayton         Shephard, Ray W.          Shermer, Gary

Sherriffs, Ervin       Sherwood, Jim             Shirreffs, Ervin L.

Shockey, Carroll     Shook, Robert            Shurts, Ted

Shurts, Ted          Shurts, W. H. “Ted”       Sievers, Royal A.

Sigerson, John L.       Simonson, Oliver        Skrivan, Albert W.

Skrivan, Gene T.         Skrivans, Thomas      Slizoski, Ronald

Slocum, Byron A.       Smith, Dale               Smith, Duard

Smith, Robert           Snadquist, Charles L.         Sorensen, Irving

Soulier, Leonard I.       Sparr, Kenneth            Speiche, DeLaine

Spencer, John          Spulak, Clarence          Spulak, Clarence

Spulak, Clarence      Spulak, Clarence        Stalder, Daniel C.

Stanley, Floyd C.       Starkey, Carl             Staub, Clarence

Staub, Marion          Steward, Byron          Steward, Byron

Stewart, Dell           Stewart, Duane          Stewart, Dwight

Stewart, Lyle         Stewart, Robert          Stichem, Hans

Stockland, Carl       Stockland, Genot      Stolle, William

Stone, Donald          Stone, Donald E.         Stone, Donald E.

Stone, Donald E.      Stone, Edwin          Stone, Kenneth

Stone, Loren E.       Stone, Merlin         Stork, John

Stout, Edward E.       Stout, George E.        Strahm, Hans

Strand, Clarence      Strong, Merle D.      Strong, Robert

Suckstorf, Arthur      Suckstorf, Donald       Sullivan, Gordon

Sullivan, Gordon F.      Sullivan, Gordon F.   Sullivan, Jack

Swanson, Clarence   Swanson, Leo E.      Swanson, Thomas

Swarm, George        Switzer, Dwayne       Switzer, Reed

Switzer, Reed         Tegeler, Irvin            Temperly, Lloyd

Ternus, Robert J.       Terry, Sherm         Terry, Tim

Terry, Wendell         Tharp, Fredrick      Thatch, William

Thavenet, Lonnie      Thayer, William       Thomas, Alvin

Thomas, Arnold H.      Thomas, Karen       Thomas, Lyle E.

Thompson, Elvin         Thompson, Enor T.        Thompson, Harold

Thompson, Larry E.    Thompson, Merlin O.       Thompson, Ole C.

Thrasher, Glenn        Thrasher, Irvin                Tiedgen, Harold

Tighe, John T.          Timm, Lester              Tisthammer, Joseph

Turmo, Rolf          Uecker, Donald D.        Uehling, Zola

Upton, Eugene       Vaage, Chester           Valentine, Milan

Van Ert, Bernard       Van Ert, Paul          Van Ostrand, Kenneth, Rev.

Van Oyen, Harold D.        Verplank, Ervin       Verplank, Wendell

Verplank, Willard          Voelker, Leo L.          Voss, Elmer

Wagner Kenneth H.      Wagner, Delbert        Wagner, Donald F.

Wagner, Jay H. B.         Wagner, Maurice       Wagner, Roy

Wakeley, Bruce          Walldeen, Clarence       Wallin, Lloyd

Wallin, Ralph          Wallin, Wayne               Walrod, Charles L.

Walters, Donald       Walters, Donavon        Ward, Michael J.

Warneke, LeRoy H.     Warneke, Lloyd M.      Warrick, Clarence

Warrick, Oliver         Watson, Luther           Weber, Theodore

Weiand, Mervin        Weinberger, Cletus      Weinberger, Cletus

Weiss, Horton        Welburn, Lloyd            Weldon, Gary

Weller, George       Wellman, Merlin         Werkmeister, Larry S.

Werkmeister, Marvin D.       Werner, David      Westphal, Robert

Wheeling, John H.         Whisman, Mitchell K.       Whisman, Roy

Whitcher, LeRoy       White, Ernest           Whitwer, Edward T.

Whitwer, Glen S.       Whitwer, Lou          Whitwer, Oscar W.

Whitwer, Ralph         Whitwer, Raymond      Whitwer, Robert M.

Whitwer, Roland      Whitwer, Roy             Whitwer, Weston

Whitwer, William Harold     Widhalm, Wilbert          Wiese, Keith

Wiese, Kenneth          Wiese, Roger            Wieting, George

Wilcox, Eugene E. “Gene”       Wilcox, Golden         Wilcox, Winnefred

Williams, Howard          Williams, Howard            Williams, Howard E.

Williamson, Ingvald       Wilson, Joy               Winder, Bruce E.

Winder, George          Winder, Harold          Wingate, Claude S.

Wingate, Munsey T.       Winsor, Grace        Winsor, Jack

Wisch, Waldo        Wobig, Dean              Wohfiel, Burdette

Wohlfeil, Elmer E.      Wolske, Duane        Wolske, Harold K.

Wondercheck, W. D., Jr.        Worre, Clarence        Woslager, John B.

Wright, Don          Wright, Dorian               Wright, James D.

Yager, Michael           Yenter, Phyllis           Zach, Eugene J.

Zauner, Anthony        Zauner, Anthony F.          Zila, Charles

Zimmer, Eugene D.        Zwingman, John A.


The following names were listed with the following descriptions: War or date of service unknown, served in peacetime, service veteran, or veteran buried.

Anderson, Gale                     Anderson, Gary                   Appel, John W.

Becker, Merlin                    Beed, Edward C.                  Bellar, Laurie

Bennett, Donald D.          Benson, Larry                       Bossard, Keith E.

Botsford, Leo J.              Brown, James C., Jr.           Daniel, Barry

Deckert, Gary Dean        Dittrich, Rudolph G.,Jr.       Dye, Claire

Edic, Norman W.           Fichter, Elden                    Fisher, Karolyn

Froistad, Arvid             Gabrielson, Clemmons        Goodman, Duane

Gotschall, Glen           Grubb, Jerry                      Grubb, Stanley

Halderson, Llewellyn         Hansen, James L.          Hansher, Fred

Hatterman, Wm. L.        Hladovcak, Ed F.              Hockemeier, LeRoy G.

Hummer, Charles         Johnson, Duane Lyle         Johnson, Dwayne

Knickerbocker, Eric     Kopecky, Frank               Kramer, Robert

Krueger, Roger          Letterman, Eugene H.      Lyall, Harold

Marshall, Lyal K.        Marten, Eugene G.          Nelson, Howard

Nelson, Marlin O.       Nierodzik, Leonard         Odland, Robert

Osborn, Quentin       Polzin, Ralph                 Real, Maurice E.

Rhea, Howard          Robert, Aldon A.            Rudnick, Cecil J.

Schinck, Frank       Schmadeke, Donald       Selander, Gustav E.

Short, Robert         Shurts, Ted                 Sivers, Arnold W.

Springer, Jack A.      Spulak, Clarence         Stewart, James L.

Strahm, Clifford M.      Switzer, Reed          Wagers, Harold

Wiese, Keith            Wright, Lawrence K.

Remembering those who have served in the Military Service during the Civil War, Spanish–American War, and World War l.

The following surnames are those who were listed as serving in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War I. The sources used in this surname index are: 1.” They Called It Meadow Grove”, 2. “Do You Remember”, 3. “Tilden, Nebraska centennial book”, 4. “Newman Grove, Nebraska centennial book”. In the sources used it was stated if a veteran was missed, it was not intentional.  Some of the names are listed more than once. In these cases it could be due to more than one person in the county over the years with that name. It may also be due to the fact that a person may be mention on several pages in a source. The Madison County Genealogical Society has the complete list complied from the above sources showing which war each served in the military.

Some of the names may be from outside of Madison County.  The area covered by the Newman Grove book covers part of Platte and Boone Counties as well as Madison County.  The area covered by the Tilden book covers a part of Antelope County as well as Madison County.

The listing below is in 3 columns with Last Name, First Name and middle initial or name if known.

The Veterans of the Civil War:

Allen, David                    Alyea, Robert                      Ames, David

Askwith, John               Balzer, August                   Brager, S. A.

Brinkman, Chris         Brown, Leonard                  Brown, Leonard

Carpenter, C. W.      Church, Ira                          Cloyd, W. W.

Collins, Mon             Coltman, William                 Coltman, William

Crook, John            Crook, John                         Cunningham, W. S.

Decker, Thomas     Deuel, S. W.                     Deuel, Squire

Dresser, Albert       Evans, Charles               Fagan, Owen

Flarity, J.               Grant, J. L.                       Grant, S. H.

Gray, Charles        Green, Charles R.         Griffin, William

Hale, M.             Hannen, Tobias               Higbee, Tyler

Holbrook, H. W.    Hurd, Reuben             Johnson, Otis

Kerle, R. J.         Kilmer, F. A.                Kilton, Grandville

Knudson, Ole     Lewis, V. B.              Mahin, John

Martin, James       McCartney, J.          McCormick, George

McCoy, C. H.        Miller, Thomas        Mock, Dan

Monson, H. A.      Moon, C. B.            Moon, K. G.

Muffly, C. T.        Muffly, C. T.              Muffly, Charles Timothy

Muffly, Joe        Muffly, Joe               Nye, Henry

Oleson, Oley      Olin, T. M.          Olson, Olof

Palmer, Francis       Peterson, Gustaf        Phillips, David

Phillips, John        Pryor, Rufus           Rouse, R. E.

Saare, Herman      Schlanbusch, F. L.         Scott, James

Sessler, Zed        Sheets, Jacob         Shippee, Geo. W.

Slocum, A. J.        Soderstrom, Andrew      Spangler, W. H.

Spohn Joseph       Stewart, George W.        Stone, William Nelson

Switzer James      Terry, T. N.                 Ulry, L. C.

Wells, D. D.         Wells, Eric G.          Wheeling, John

Whited, Harry         Worker, W. W.

The Veterans of the Spanish-American War:

Andrews, R. W.              Baker, M. D.                Bohlsen, Meno

Boss, Frank A.              Church, E. V.                Church, J. R.

Dales, C.                     Damon, H.                    Danes, C. W.

Dauphin, C. D.          Denney, H.                    Dredge, J.

Fields, Jesse            Foss, J. W.                 Goodrich, W.

Hart, O. A.               Heckman, Samuel        Henricksen, Carl C.

Holdrege, D. M.       Honeysett, G. W.         Ikenberg, A.

Jockins, George         Larson, Claus          Larson, Claus E.

Larson, Gustaf A.        Livingston, W. H.       Mayes, George

McGowan, _______         Mills, George S.        Newhoff, George

Nisonger, A.             Oelsligle, K. H.             Parker, W. P.

Rahder, Peter         Saare, Alfred              Snider, John L.

Thompson, Henry    Ward, A.

The Veterans of World War I :

Alyea, Lee                 Alyea, Lee                Anders, Warrick A.

Anderson, Carl        Anderson, Clark Cecil           Anderson, Ray Mitchell

Anderson, Vester M.        Andreasen, Andrew W.         Anson, Lyle

Anstine, Reed            Arland, Gus                     Arrison, Burton

Ayers, George        Ayers, Will                      Ayers, William

Ayes, George        Bayes, Walter              Beech, Edwin

Bellar, John H.      Berg, Oliver                   Bergstrom, Carl

Blecher, Guy       Broberg, Alfred N.          Broberg, Arthur J.

Brogan, Anne       Brogan, Charles          Brogan, Ellen

Brogan, Leo Francis      Brown, Carl           Busteed, W. C.

Butler, Ralph        Butler, Ralph                 Caparoon, Robert

Carlisle, Charles         Carlisle, Floyd        Carmody, Clifton

Carr, Clifford           Carr, Monte             Carrico, Leo

Church, George        Clausen, Karsten          Clausen, Peter

Cloyd, William         Cole, James              Corkle, Charles J. L.

Crook, Ralph        Cue, Roy C.              Dahlsten, Robert

Deuel, Alfred          Dogan, Johnson        Duel, Earl

Duhachek, John        Edwards, Conney        Edwards, Len

Edwards, Len        Eng, John                Eng, Russell

Fisher, Carl F.        Foltz, Elmer           Fowlkes, Walter, Sr.

Freeburg, Arthur           Freeburg, Arthur F.         Freeland, Lewis

Freudenburg, Ernest         Frink, F. L., Dr.          Gansser, Edward

Garrison, Alma            Garrison, Orville           Garrison, Orville S.

Gerhart, H. L., Sr.         Gibs, Cyrus                Graves, L. C.

Hackler, Garnold          Hale, Lawrence          Hansen, Henry A.

Hansen, Louis           Hansen, Walter F.        Harlan, Wm. B.

Harms, Rudolph       Harms, William, Jr.       Hauge, Emil

Havenstein, Anton       Hayden, Dewey        Hayden, Dwight

Hestekind, Timon        Hinman, Arthur         Hogsett, Jess

Housel, Harlan Verne     Hutt, Earl              Jacox, William G.

Jensen, Carl D.            Jensen, Sigurd       Johnson, Albert C.

Johnson, Anes C.       Johnson, C. J. G.       Johnson, Carl Fritz

Johnson, Ed             Johnson, Godfred        Johnson, John A.

Johnson, Lewis        Johnson, Stanley P.       Johnson, Victor E.

Jones, Evan           Jones, Floyd Elmer         Jones, Ralph Mitchell

Kaul, Charles A.        Kelley, Charles J.        Kernick, Everett

Kielty, Thomas F.        Kinne, Melvin            Kirkpatrick, Wilbur

Kirstine, Henry          Kleinsmidt, Guy         Kohl, Oscar

Kouba, John            Kralik, William, Sr.        Krause, ________

Kreger, Ernest        Larson, Arthur            Lee, Oscar

Lenz, Carl             Lenz, Carl                   Lewis, Guy

Lewis, Henry       Lindahl, Fred A.            Lundeen, Arthur

Lundquist, Niles      Luton, Perry            Lyons, Harry G.

Mahon, Hugh W., Dr.       Mann, William           Mararity, Bert

Martens, Otto Wm.       Mather, John         Maurstad, I. O.

McCartney, W. E.          McDaniel, Gilbert        McKnight, Albert C.

McKnight, John           Meidel, Frank             Mills, Clarence

Mitchell, Harvey A.        Mock, Dan              Moraavec, Frank R.

Moravec, Anton          Moravec, James        Morse, Charles M.

Nelson, Anton            Nelson, Elmer W.         Nelson, Hilding

Nelson, John          Newman, Ora                Nore, Selmer

Novotny, Joe          Novotny, Joe                 Novotny, John

Novotny, Ludwig       Oehring, Aaron          Olnes, Nels

Olson, Berndt          Olson, Harold G.           Olson, Louise A.

Otrodevic, Frank         Palmer, Harry Mere         Pearson, Wesley B.

Peterson, John          Peterson, Rueben           Peterson, Walter

Phillips, Walter        Radant, Oscar                Radke, Charles F.

Rajsky, August J.      Real, Charles              Real, George

Real, George W.      Rees, Delbert Lee        Reikofski, Wm. F. A.

Ross, Ray W.       Ryan, Wm. F.               Samuelson, F. Leonard

Sanderson, Elmer         Sanderson, Emmons          Sauler, Walter J.

Schinck, Frank J.        Schinck, Frank J.             Schleuter, Leonard

Scott, Robert P.         Sheets, Edward           Skrivan, Albert

Solso, Arthur           Stanton, Patrick H.            Sternberg, Fred Carl

Stewart, Gilbert          Stone, Maynard             Storek, Joseph

Strand, Clarence        Strand, Martin             Sukhol, Joe

Swanson, Leonard        Sweet, Hallie          Tesch, Ernest

Thomassen, Arthur        Thorin, Arthur       Tisthammer, Bent

Tisthammer, Carl N.       Vaage, Leonard        Velder, Albert A.

Wagelie, Everett          Wagner, Roy            Wallin, Detlof

Warrick, Clarence         Wells, William         Werner, Evald

White, Grant             Wiese, Harold           Wiesel, Fred

Wilson, Fern L.        Witt, Irving J.            Wondercheck, W. D.

Wright, Garland        Wright, George         Zavodsky, Joe

Zurcher, Gideon

The Dead Members

The deceased members of Mathewson Post No. 109, G. A. R., are:

William Isham, First Michigan battery;   Maj. Joseph Mathewson, Eighteenth Connecticut;     James Pheasant, One Hundred ninety-first Pennsylvania; John P. Sullivan, General Grant’s cipher clerk; Daniel Desmond, New York Cavalry; William Bishop, Illinois volunteer; John Kyner, Seventy-third Ohio; George Brady, company and regiment unknown; Uriah Gregory, Forty-third Wisconsin; W. H. Roberts, physician Twentieth Ohio; John Bondurant, Fifty-first Missouri;     D. A. Amerine, Twenty-first Iowa; Captain Plummer, Sixteenth Ohio; Captain Hall, unknown; John Geiger, Mexican war veteran; George Gordon, company cook; George Davenport, First Ohio light artillery; I. W. Smith, Forty-second Ohio; William Winter, unknown; William H. Lowe, unknown; Thomas J. Harter, Forty-first Illinois; W. M. Robertson, Forty-second Illinois; J. Romine, Seventy-third Indiana; C. W. Braasch, Twenty-sixth Wisconsin; August Bergmann, Twenty-sixth Wisconsin; Fred Dedermann, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin; W. S. Beels, Fifteenth Indiana; O. P. Hirsch, company G, Ninth Pennsylvania infantry.

Charter members and the first officers were:

W. H. Widaman, commander; A. N. McGinnis, senior vice commander;

F. W. Richardson, junior vice commander; Al Bigelow, quartermaster;

L. C. Washburn, chaplain; A. L. Macomber, surgeon;

Henry E. Davis, officer of the day; Herman Gerecke, adjutant;

James Clark, officer of the guard; Peter Schwenk, sergeant major;

E. R. Perry, sentinel;

J. A. Light, Walter Powell, George Vinson, W. H. Lowe,

C. W. Braasch, D. W. Dean, A. N. Yost, H. Rightmeier,

J. B. Flemingan, B. E. Reed, J. S. McClary

Records of the adjutant of Charles Mathewson Post No. 109, G. A. R.

show the following members:

Iowa: J. A. Light, “H” Twelfth infantry; H. H. Miller, “E” Second cavalry;

E. Ladhoff, “G” Eighth infantry; R. W. Mills, “B” Forty-sixth infantry;

E. P. Weatherby, “C” Forty-fourth infantry; Charles Long, “B” Fifteenth infantry.

Illinois: J. S. McClary, “B” Thirteenth infantry; Dr. W. H. H. Hagey, “B” Thirteenth infantry; H. Warner, “A” One Hundred and Eighth infantry; W. J. Bovee, “E” Seventh infantry; C. P. Byerly, “A” Thirty-seventh infantry; J. E. Rouse, “K” One Hundred and Fifty-seventh infantry; W. R. Beswick, “G” Seventeenth infantry.

Wisconsin: Herman Gerecke, “C” Sixteenth infantry; H. C. Matrau, “G” Sixth infantry; Frank Krieger, “F” Second cavalry; J. H. Van Horn, “B” Forty-eighth infantry; H. M. Roberts, “F” Thirty-ninth infantry.

Pennsylvania: B. E. Reed, “I” Fifteenth infantry; Sam Park, “E” Eleventh infantry; M. J. Kennedy, “C” Fifty-second cavalry.

Ohio: W. H. Widaman, “C” First infantry, “B” Second infantry; A. N. McGinnis, “H” Eighty-second infantry; J. S. Morrow, “E” Sixtieth infantry; J. B. Barnes, “E” First light artillery.

Indiana: Peter Schwenk, surgeon; N. A. Rainbolt, “H” Seventh infantry; George Dudley, “F” Seventh cavalry.

Michigan: A. L. Macomber, sergeant major, Tenth cavalry.

Nebraska: C. F. Eisely, “A” Second cavalry.

Approximate Ages of Ancestors Fighting in Wars in USA

1st column indicates if born between the years, 2nd column names the war, and 3rd column indicates dates of the war:

1600-1644 Dutch Indian War 1655-1664

1626-1656 Bacon.s Rebellion 1676

1639-1743 Inter-Colonial Wars 1689-1763

1713-1743 Pontiac.s Rebellion 1763-1766

1720-1750 Boston Massacre 1770

1715-1770 American Revolution 1775-1883

1740-1791 Indian Wars 1790-1811

1756-1802 War of 1812 1812-1815

1762-1812 Black Hawk War 1832

1780-1820 Texas War (Alamo) 1836

1796-1828 Mexican War 1846-1848

1806-1849 Civil War 1861-1865

1849-1880 Spanish-American War 1898

1870-1900 World War I 1914-1918

1900-1930 World War II 1939-1945

1910-1935 Korean War 1950-1953

1915-1957 Vietnam War 1956-1975

Military Veteran Burials

150 Veterans of Wars Are Buried in Cemeteries Here

Norfolk today paid tribute to its war dead, 150 of whom are buried in cemeteries in this vicinity. There are graves of ninety Civil War veterans, fifty-one World War veterans, eight Spanish.American War veterans and one Mexican War veteran.

Civil War Veterans buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery

D. C. Amarine, G. W. Beels, Levi Beemer, J. Bondurant, C. W. William Braasch, James Brady, Cyrus P. Byerly, Samuel S. Cotton, John S. Craig, Chauncey Cronk, Moses Daugherty, George Davenport, Daniel Desmond, Lathrop Doyle, Charles Eble, Charles Eisley, Jacob R. Ellis, Herman Gerecke, W. S. Glass, William Gleason, Daniel Goddard, John A. Green, Uriah Gregory, Alfred Groom, W. H. Hagey, Thomas J. Harter, L. K. Hill, W. O. Isham, Henry F. Kennedy, M. J. Kennedy, I. Wilson King, Thomas Knoll, John Koenigstein, Frank Kriger, Frederick J. Ladhoff, John Leitow, Charles Long, William H. Lowe, D. C. Lucas, Pardon Marshall, J. M. Mathewson, John S. McClary, John S. McGinnis, Franz Mielenz, Dudley Miller, Henry Miller, R. W. Mills, John Myner, Rasmus Nielson, Samuel Park, J. G. Pheasant, J. W. Plummer, George Priestly, N. A. Rainbolt, Burrel E. Reed, William Risor, H. M. Roberts, W. H. Roberts, W. M. Robertson, J. A. Romine, James S. Rouse, J. W. Smith, A. F. Tannehill, Charles Tracy, James H. VanHorn, Daniel Vaughn, K. L. Waters, Edmund Weatherby, J. C. Weills, Lucian Wells, William Widamon, Alexander Zike

Civil War Veterans buried at Best Cemetery

M. J. Best, Charles Fitch, John B. Flenniken, Francis Henderson, Joseph A. Light, William Low, Robert McKibbon, John T. Wollert

Civil War Veterans buried at St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery

August Bergman, August Braasch, Frederick Dedderman, Wilhelm Dommer, August Moldenhauer, August Raasch, Wilhelm Winter

Civil War Veterans buried at Christ Lutheran Cemetery

Otto Phillip Hirsch, August Lobnow, William Monk

World War Veterans buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery

George Banta, Walter Bennett, Archie Burgess, Alfred Burns, Wren Cranford, Frank Deaver, Robert T. Evans, George Fairbanks, James Finley, Christ George, Ralph M. Gottschall, Julius Graves, Goodlow Hansen, Lester Haverstein, Roy Herrington, Charles Hyde, John R. Johnston, Fred John Kane, Edward Kennedy, Frank Killoran, Irvin Klentz, Leo Long, Everet Roy McCaslin, Joseph Miller, Earl T. Nightingale, Forest Norton, Otto Oertwich, Charles Scheele, Claire Schultz, Harry Sclavos, Fred Smith, Albert C. Vrinders, James E. Vrinders, Frank Warner, Frank Weaver, Russell Welch, Elmer Wolfe, Frank P. Woock

World War Veterans buried at St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery

Alfred Hille, Oscar Machmueller

World War Veterans buried at Christ Lutheran Cemetery

George Berner, Charlie Carstensen, Henry Benning, John Flannagan, Herman M. Porter, Henry Schulz, W. Earl Shields

World War Veteran buried at Best Cemetery

William Moxley

World War Veteran buried at Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Otto Fuhrmann

Spanish–American War Veterans buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery

John Warren McClary, Alfred N. Gerecke, Fred G. Gerecke, Herbert King, Richard King, Edward Marquardt, John Thorburn

Spanish–American War Veteran buried at Christ Lutheran Cemetery

Alexander Pillar

Mexican War Veteran buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery

John Geiger

(Note: This is from an article in the newspaper. It does not include all veterans in Madison County and some of the names may be misspelled, but this is how it appeared in the newspaper.) (Abstracted by Richard Strenge)  Source:  The Norfolk Daily News,  Thursday, May 30, 1940, page 9.