1899 People and Businesses Norfolk Township

1899      Norfolk Township


The following comes from the “Plat Book of Madison County, Nebraska” published in 1899. The pages inside said, Patron’s Directory of Madison County, Nebraska.

Name                Business                                   Post Office                         Sec.

Buettow, H.       Farmer and Stock Raiser          Norfolk                              19

Carter, A. L.      Farmer and Stock Raiser          Norfolk                              26

Duhring, Wm.    Farmer and Stock Raiser         Norfolk                             30

Harter, T. J.       Farmer and Fruit Grower           Norfolk                           21

Henderson, J. W.     Farmer and Stock Raiser      Norfolk                        31

Hille, Adolph        Farmer and Stock Raiser          Norfolk                        14

Kaun, Aug.         Farmer and Stock Raiser           Norfolk                          3

Kidder, J. W., Jr.     Farmer and Stock Raiser      Norfolk                         20

Klug, Fred            Farmer and Stock Raiser        Norfolk                         23

Krantz, Fred. D.   Farmer and Breeder Red Polled Cattle      Norfolk          33

Machmuller, J. M.   Farmer and Stock Raiser     Norfolk                       20

Pratt, A. D.        Proprietor of Norfolk Dairy         Norfolk                      27

Raasch, Aug.      Farmer and Stock Raiser         Norfolk                    20

Rix, E. J.           Farmer and Stock Raiser           Norfolk                   12

Rogers, L.        Farmer and Stock Raiser           Norfolk                    34

Smith, Geo. D.       Farmer and Stock Raiser         Norfolk                 8

Stengel, Frank       Farmer and Stock Raiser         Norfolk                 6

Taft, B.              Farmer, Stock Raiser, and Feeder       Norfolk         33

Winter, W. F. F.       Farmer and Stock Raiser          Norfolk               3


City of Norfolk

Name                       Business

Asmus, Carl       Dealer in Groceries, Notions, Woodenware, Stoneware.                                                    Fine Coffees a Specialty. Tobaccos and Cigars.

Barnes & Tyler    Lawyers

Bear, A.      Physician and Surgeon

Braasch & Rees    Dealers in Grain, Hard and Soft Coal

Buchholz, W. H.    Cashier Norfolk National Bank.                                                                                           General Banking business transacted.

Davenport, Geo.  Proprietor Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.

Edwards & Bradford Lumber Co.   Dealers in Lumber and Building Materials.

Fuller, Chester A.    Proprietor Madison County Abstract Office.

Harding Creamery Co.  Manufacturers of Fancy Separator Creamery Butter.                                                         Twenty Creameries and Separator Stations in operation.                                                   Annual Output, Two Million Pounds of Butter.

Hills, N.      Proprietor Elkhorn Valley Land Office. Dealer in Improved Farms,                                     Timber Claims, Wild Lands, Ranches, and City Property.

Holden, H. T.     Homoeopathic Physician and Surgeon.

Huse, W. N.      Editor and Publisher “Norfolk Daily News.”

Iles, Geo. L.      Loans, Insurance and Real Estate.

Koenigstein, Dan J.     Attorney-at-Law.

Koenigstein, Jack    Attorney-at-Law. Collections a Specialty.

Latimer, Geo. A.    Attorney-at-Law. Collections a Specialty.

Lemont, C. W.    Real Estate, Loans and Insurance.

Luikart, G. A.    President Citizens’ National Bank.                                                                                      General Banking business transacted.

Mathewson, J. S.    Farmer and Dealer in Stock Cattle.

Mittelstadt, Louis C.  Lumber Dealer. A complete Stock of all Kinds of Building Material                                     constantly on hand. Your Patronage Solicited.

Norfolk Beet Sugar Co.  Manufacturers of Beet Sugar.

Pasewalk, H. A.    Dealer in Agricultural Implements, Wagons, Carriages, Threshers,                                  Windmills, Pumps and Sewing Machines. The Oldest and most                                        Reliable House in the West.

Reynolds, C. H.  Superintendent Eastern Division Fremont, Elkhorn and                                                    Missouri Valley Railroad.

Rish, W. H.      Plumber and Steam Fitter.

Salter, G. B.     Dealer in Grain, Coal and Live Stock.

Salter, P. H.   Physician and Surgeon.

Schelly, Fred     Wholesale Dealer in Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association,                                               St. Louis Beer. Manufacturer of Mineral Water, Champagne, Cider, etc.

Schwenk, Geo. W.   Proprietor of the Norfolk Ice Business.

Seiler, G. R.     Proprietor of Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. Also, Dealer in Real Estate.

Sprague, F. W.    Editor of the Norfolk Times-Tribune, Daily and Weekly.
|                          Complete Job Office in connection.

Sprecher, P. F.    Postmaster.

Stitt, James C.    Architect. Also, City Clerk.

Taylor, N. L.     Real Estate, Loans and Insurance.

The Chicago Lumber Co.      Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber and Material.

The Durland Trust Co.  Dealers in School and Municipal Bonds, and                                                                      Conservative Loan Agents.

Uhle, Oscar      Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Woodenware,                                                        Queensware, Flour and Feed.

Walsh, Thos.    Catholic Priest.

Wegener, Ed.    Proprietor of Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.

Zwight, John    Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.