Pastors, Railroad, and Post Office 1919 – 1920

Where were they in 1919-1920 in Norfolk, Nebraska

A list of pastors, leaders and the church they served as found in the Norfolk City
Directory 1919-1920.
Rev. Ernest T. Ahrens at St. Johannes German Lutheran Church.
Rev. Jno. H. Andress at First Congregational Church.
Rev. F. Wilmer Benjamin at First Baptist Church
Miss Annie Bowers was First Reader at First Church of Christ, Scientist                                                                                                        (Christian Science).
Rev. Fred C. Brandhorst at Grace Lutheran Church.
Rev. Edw. J. T. Connely at First Methodist Episcopal Church.
C. A. Dailey in charge at Good Samaritan Army Church.
Rev. Jno. E. Flockhart at Trinity Episcopal Church.
Pastor, Edw. L. Loew at First Presbyterian Church.
Mrs. Trinka Merriam was Second Reader at First Church of                                                    Christ, Scientist  (Christian Science).
Rev. Daniel W. Moriarity at Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Rev. J. Paul Mueller at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Rev. Henry Treise at Evangelical Lutheran Zion Congregational Church.
Rev. Adolph Wichman at Emanuel Evangelical Association Church.
Rev. Jno. Witt at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.
No resident pastor was listed for Church of Christ (Christian).
No resident pastor was listed for Second Congregational Church.
No resident rabbi listed for Jewish Congregation.

Post Office and Railroads People 
as found in the Norfolk City Directory 1919-1920.
W. D. Beck, Div. Supt. for Chicago & Northwestern Railroad.
F. N. Byerly, Rural Route 4 Carrier.
H. E. Dickinson, Gen. Supt. for Chicago & Northwestern Railroad.
T. J. Dolly, Pass. And Freight Agent for Chicago & Northwestern Railroad.
F. W. Freeland, Post Office Clerk
B. C. Gentle, Acting Postmaster
A. C. Hirsch, Letter Carrier
E. F. Hoefs, Letter Carrier
M. R. Keleher, Substitute carrier
J. C. Kimble, Rural Route 1 Carrier.
R. R. King, Rural Route 2 Carrier.
C. W. Landers, Agent for Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad.
C. W. Landers, Agent for Union Pacific Railroad Co.
Ferd Miller, Letter Carrier
R. E. Musselman, Letter Carrier
T. E. Odiorne,Jr., Letter Carrier
J. H. Oxnam, Post Office Clerk
J. H. Penhollow, Rural Route 3 Carrier.
C. A Richey, Post Office Clerk
L. C. Rouse, Post Office Clerk
R. E. Truex, Post Office Clerk
E. P. Whitwer, Rural Route 5 Carrier.
H. L. Wichman, Post Office Clerk
F. H. Witters, Substitute carrier