The Madison Chronicle

“The Madison Chronicle”  has changed hands.  Mr. Bauch on account of poor health retires and Mr. Theron M. Blakely, a journalist of much ability, and a former proprietor of the same office becomes the new proprietor.  While The Journal regrets the cause that leads to the retirement of Mr. Bauch, from the field of active journalism, in which he has for the past five years successfully operated, it is at the same time pleased to note that his place will be filled by so able and agreeable a gentleman as Mr. Blakely.  Source: “Norfolk Journal”,  Friday Aug. 3, 1883, page 3.

Norfolk Mill Company

The Norfolk Mill Company has decided to put the new roller machinery into their mill. Mr. Cotton informs us that it will consist of four sets of rollers. They will also put in new purifiers, new bolting arrangements, new elevators and make it the best mill in Northern Nebraska. They will begin the work about the middle of July and expect to have it completed by the 1st of September. The probable cost of the improvements will be in the neighborhood of $7,000.

Source: Norfolk Journal, Friday June 8, 1883, page 3.