“The Scout”

Please contact the Boone-Nance Genealogical Society,   P. O. Box 231,  Belgrade, NE. 68623-0231 if you find anything on your family from the listing of information below.

This information comes from their publication “The Scout” in their Oct. 2013 publication.     Mrs. David F. Carnahan   { Maggie Jane (Scullen) Carnahan                                             David F. Carnahan                                                                                                                Volmer, Frank, Lucille, and Edna Galitz                                                                                   M. M. Hazel                                                                                                                              Eric Matison                                                                                                                       Richard Sexty                                                                                                                    Hope Compton                                                                                                                  Marsh Flinn                                                                                                                            Fred H. Young                                                                                                                            Mrs. John Maxwell  { Anna Dobson }                                                                                        Mrs. R. M. Everett  { Christian Larsen}                                                                                  Omar Gunderson                                                                                                                   Martin Zoucha                                                                                                                        Mrs. Mattie Vogt { Mattie Barch }                                                                                       Ernest Pickering                                                                                                                Ralph E. Pickering                                                                                                                  E. E. Hall                                                                                                                                  Mr. R. Warn                                                                                                                         James Good                                                                                                                     Sever Paulson                                                                                                                         Mrs. Mundshank                                                                                                                     E. L. Sargent                                                                                                                             Mrs. Fannie Brown { Fannie Long }                                                                                      Fid and Gwinnie Long                                                                                                            E. T. Long                                                                                                                             Mrs. M. E. Phelps                                                                                                                      Mrs. J. W. Reynoldson                                                                                                              A. C. Thompson                                                                                                                        Mrs. Geo. Strawn                                                                                                                    Mrs. Cleda Roberts

Names of School Districts and a map of Boone County School Districts

The following list is of weddings and anniversary in the paper:                                            Miss Fern A. Hill and Mr. Charles W. Martin                                                                       Miss Clara Kock and Sabastian Getzfreit                                                                            Miss Maurine Aldea Barber and Harry Edw. Hart                                                                    Miss Inga Nore and Mr. Christian Nelson                                                                            Miss Alma Nelson and Mr. Iver Nore                                                                                      Miss Carrie Barnock and Chas. Zonna                                                                                Betsey Caroline Haaver and Alvin David Freeburg                                                           Sophia Minnie Goehry and Arthur Vincent Swanson                                                          Cecilia Bessie Nerly and Peter Sandquist                                                                               Miss Maude Wagman and Louis Schoenhen                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James McKinsie 25th anniversary                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Bruhman 25th anniversary                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. George Bowman 60th anniversary                                                                       Miss Amalia A. Reinwand and Vern E. Garten

The Lone Grave on the Hillside for Bill Delmar





Boone-Nance Co. Genealogical Society

The Boone-Nance County Genealogical Society meets on the second Monday from April through October at 7 p.m. at the Boone County Courthouse in Albion, NE.,  From November through March they meet on the second Saturday of the month at 1 p.m. at the Boone County Courthouse. Their fiscal year is  May 1st to April 30th.  The dues are $10.00 for the year. The mailing address is Boone-Nance County Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 231, Belgrade, NE. 68623-0231.

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