Land, Township information


Various information on land and townships for Madison county, Nebraska.


This is how the sections are numbered within each township:

Top is north

6           5          4          3          2           1

7           8          9         10        11         12

18          17       16         15         14        13

19          20        21        22         23        24

30         29         28        27         26        25

31        32          33       34         35         36

Each section is 1 square mile in size. Each section contains 640 acres.
Each section can be divided into one-fourths (quarters).
This would be shown as NW 1/4 or NE 1/4 or SW 1/4 or SE 1/4.
This makes each quarter section of land 160 acres in size.
You can further breakdown the size by 1/4’s to obtain 40 acres.
This can be broken down further by 1/4’s to obtain 10 acres of land.

Madison county {precincts} townships

R – Range      W – West        T –  Township        N – North


R 4 W                         R 3 W                       R 2 W                   R 1 W

Jefferson                  Deer Creek                Valley                    Norfolk           T 24 N

Grove                      Highland                      Battle Creek         Warnerville     T 23 N

Emerick                   Schoolcraft                  Fairview                Union             T 22 N

Shell Creek              Kalamazoo                 Green Garden       Madison         T 21 N


1 Link = 7.92 Inches
1 Rod = 16 ½ Feet
5 ½ Yards = 25 Links
1 Chain = 66 Feet = 4 Rods = 100 Links
1 Furlong = 660 Feet = 40 Rods
1 Mile = 8 Furlongs = 320 Rods = 80 Chains = 5280 Feet
1 Square Rod = 272 º Sq. Feet = 30 º Sq. Yards
1 Acre = 43,560 Square Feet
1 Acre = 160 Square Rods
1 Acre is approximately 208 æ Feet Square
1 Acre is 8 Rods x 20 Rods
(Or any two numbers of Rods whose product is 160)


                 Terms used in Register of Deeds office

Abutting Owner: One whose land is contiguous to (abuts) a public right of way.

Access Right
: A right to ingress and egress to and from one’s property. May be
expressed or implied.

Administrator’s Deed
: A Deed issued by the Administrator of an estate.

Adverse Possession
: A method of acquiring title by possession under certain
conditions. Generally, possession must be actual, under claim of right, open,
continuous, notorious, exclusive and hostile (knowingly against the rights of the owner)
in Nebraska.

Cloud of Title
: An Invalid encumbrance on real property, which if valid, would affect the rights of the owner. For example: Tim sells Lot 1, Block B to Bob. The deed is
mistakenly drawn up to read Lot 1, Block A. A cloud is created on Lot 1, Block A by the
recording of the erroneous deed. The cloud may be removed by Quitclaim Deed or, if
necessary, by Court action.

: The taking of private property for public use without the consent of the owner, but only upon payment of just compensation.

Conservator’s Deed
: Deed issued by a court appointed Conservator (Guardian) of an estate. (May involve an incompetent person or a person under age [minor]).

Construction Lien
: See Mechanic’s Lien.

Corporation Warranty Deed
: Deed used when property is sold out of a Corporation.

Corrective Deed:
The recording of a Deed for a second time to correct an error made in the deed when originally recorded.

: Instrument used to convey interest in real property.

Deed of Distribution
: Deed issued by Personal Representative of an estate.

Deed of Trust
: Instrument used in place of a mortgage. Property is transferred to a
Trustee by Borrower in favor of the lender. Released by Deed of Reconveyance by

Defective Title
: Title to real property which lacks some of the elements necessary to
transfer good title.

: A right created by grant, reservation, agreement, prescription, or necessary implication, which one has in the land of another. Either for the benefit or access, or public utility, etc.

: Generally, construction onto the property of another, as of a wall,
fence, building, etc.

: A claim, lien, charge, or liability attached to and binding real property.
Any right to or interest in, land which may exist in one other than the owner, but will not
prevent the transfer of the title.

Equitable Interest
: Interest by one who does not have legal title, such as a vendee
under a land contract.

: The market value of real property, less the amount of existing liens.

Evidence of Title
: A document establishing ownership to property. Most commonly, a

Executor’s Deed
: Deed issued by the executor of an estate.

Federal Tax Lien
: A lien attaching to the property for nonpayment of a federal tax.

Fee Simple
: An estate under which the owner is entitled to unrestricted powers to
dispose of the property, and which can be left by will or inherited. Commonly, a
synonym for ownership.

: Recorded

Filing Information
: Information stamped on the original document received by the
Register of Deeds showing date and time or recording, as well as Book and page,
Instrument No. or Microfilm location of instrument. All recorded instruments contain filing information.

Final Decree
: A decree completely deciding all pending matters before a court.
Financing Statement: Document having a Debtor/Creditor relationship. If filed against
the real estate, it is considered a lien upon the real estate.

: A proceeding in or out of court, to extinguish all rights, title, and interest,
of the owners of property in order to sell the property to satisfy a lien against it.

Free and Clear
: Real property against which there are no liens, especially voluntary

: One to whom a Grant is made, generally the buyer.

: One who grants property, or property rights.

Inheritance Tax Lien
: A Tax on the transfer of property from a deceased person.

: That which cannot be revoked or recalled, such as certain trusts, contracts or other legal relationships.

: Without leaving a will. Property of the estate passes by the laws of
succession rather than by the direction of the deceased.
Involuntary Lien: A lien such as a tax lien, judgment lien, etc., which attaches to
property without the consent of the owner, rather than a mortgage lien in which the
owner agrees.

Joint Tenancy
: An undivided interest in property, taken by two or more joint tenants.
The interests must be equal. Upon the death of a joint tenant, the interest passes to the
surviving joint tenants, rather than to the heirs of the deceased.

Joint Tenancy Warranty Deed
: Deed conveying interest to 2 or more people (usually husband & wife) where upon the death of one of the parties, the deceased person’s interest passes to the surviving joint tenants. (If Deed does not recite “as joint tenants” then grantees hold title as Tenants In Common).

: The decision of a court of law. Money judgments, when recorded, become
a lien on real property of the defendant.

Judgment Lien
: A lien against the property of a judgment debtor. An involuntary lien.

Land Contract
: An Installment Contract for the sale of land. The seller has legal title until paid in full. The buyer has equitable title during the contract term.

: An agreement by which the owner of real property (lessor) gives the right of
possession to another (lessee) for a specified period of time (term) and for a specified
consideration (rent).

: An encumbrance against property for money, either voluntary

Life Estate
: An estate in real property for the life of a living person. The estate then
reverts back to the grantor or on to a remainderman.

Lis Pendens
: A legal notice recorded to show pending litigation relating to real property, and giving notice to anyone acquiring an interest in said property subsequent to the date of the notice may be bound by the outcome of the litigation.

Mechanicís Lien
: A lien created for the purpose of securing priority of payment for the price of value of work performed or materials furnished in construction or repair of
improvements to land, and attaches to land as well as the improvements.

: Instrument by which real estate is used as collateral to borrow money.

Notice of Default
: Notice filed to show that the borrower under a Mortgage or Deed of Trust is in default.

Party Wall
: A wall erected on a property boundary as a common support to structures
on both sides, which are under different ownerships.

Patent Deed
: Conveyance from the government, issued to homesteaders who have
made final payment as evidenced by the Final Receipt.

: Continuing forever. Legally, pertaining to real property, any condition
extending the inalienability of property beyond the time of a life or lives in being plus 21

: The boundary lines of a parcel of land.

Personal Representative’s Deed
: Deed issued by the Personal Representative of an estate.

: A map dividing a parcel of land into lots, as in a subdivision.

Power of Attorney
: An authority by which one person (principal) enables another
(attorney in fact) to act for him.

Prescriptive Easement
: The granting of an Easement by a court, based on the
presumption that a written easement was given, (although none existed), after a period
of open and continuous use of the land.

: Originally, the proving that a will was valid. Modernly, an action over which
probate court has jurisdiction.

Property Line
: The boundary line of a parcel of land.

Public Dominion Land
: Lands belonging to the federal government, not reserved for
government use, but subject to sale or other disposal.

Quarter Section
: One quarter of a section, containing 160 acres.

Quiet Title
: Court Action to establish ownership of real property.

Quitclaim Deed
: Deed operating as a release, intended to pass any interest in a real
property, but not containing any warranty. May be used to clear up clouded title.

: Filing documents affecting the real property as a matter of public record.
Recorded Documents must be witnessed and notarized.

: The one entitled to the remainder. (Ex: Sam deeds to Jim, Lot 1, but
Sam retains a life estate in the property. When Sam dies, Jim, the remainderman owns
the property exclusively).

: Capable of being revoked.

Right of Way
: A strip of land which is used as a roadbed, either for a street, or railway. The land is set aside as an easement for fee, either by agreement or condemnation. May also describe the right itself to pass over the land of another.

Security Agreement
: Document having a Debtor/Creditor relationship. May be Chattel Mortgages, Financing Statements, inventory Liens, etc. If filed against the real estate, it is considered a lien upon the real estate.

Sheriff’s Deed
: Deed give at a Sheriffís Sale in foreclosure of mortgage.

Special Warranty Deed
: See Warranty Deed.

State Tax Lien
: A lien attaching to the property for nonpayment of a state tax.
Subordination Agreement: An agreement by which an encumbrance is made subject
(junior) to a junior encumbrance.

Substitution of Trustee
: A document which is recorded to change the trustee under a Deed of Trust.

Survivorship Warranty Deed
: Deed in which the surviving grantee receives interest of deceased grantees (See also Joint Tenancy Warranty Deed).

Tax Deed
: Deed from tax collector to governmental body after a period of non-payment of taxes according to statute.

Tenancy in Common
: An undivided ownership in real estate by two or more persons. The interest need not be equal, and, in the event of the death of one of the owners, no right of survivorship in the other owner exists.

Treasurer’s Deed
: Deed conveyed by the County Treasurer in lieu of Tax Foreclosure.

Trustee’s Deed
: Deed used when property is sold out of a Trust (must be signed by

Trustee’s Deed
: Deed by a Trustee under a Deed of Trust, issued to a purchaser at
auction, in pursuant to foreclosure.

: Purchaser or buyer, especially on a land contract.

: The person who transfers property by sale. Another word for “seller”.
Commonly used in land contract sales.

: Present ownership rights, absolute and fixed. Modernly, ownership rights,
even though on a land contract or subject to a mortgage or deed of trust.

Voluntary Lien
: A lien placed against real property by the voluntary act of the owner.
Most commonly, a mortgage or deed of trust.

Warranty Deed
: Deed to convey title in a real property containing warranties.









Pioneer Farm Family awards

The following names come the newspaper “Norfolk Daily News”, Saturday, June 3, 2000 on page 2. These are the ones who were given the award in 2000 and are the area recipients for 19 counties. “In order to qualify, a parcel of land must have been owned consecutively by members of the same family for at least 100 years.” This list will be as listed in the newspaper by county then by name and city.

Antelope — Allen & Janice Dozler, Elgin; Dale Johnson,  Brunswick; Lehr Farms,                               Omaha; Willie Shrader, Ewing; Robert Scott, Tilden; Bill & Nancy Wylie,                           Elgin

Boone — CK Farms Incorporated, Albion; Mildred Greitens, Petersburg;                                         Mrs. Warren Wilton, Petersburg

Boyd — Donald & Joan Hoffman, Omaha; Thomas & Joanne Langan, O’Neill;                               Walter & Lucille Motacek, Spencer; Alberta Sieler, Lynch

Burt — Virginia Follstad, Whitewater, Wisconsin

Cedar — Kathleen Brodersen, Yanton, South Dakota; Dalton Gillilan, Wausa;                                Claire & Norma Janssen, Coleridge; John and Norbert Leise, Wynot;                                David & Marlene Pick, Coleridge; Larry & JoAnn Rathgeber, Coleridge

Cherry — Claude & Bruce Reyman, Wood Lake; Mary Carr Swendener, Mullen

Colfax — Emil & H. Nadine Beran, Howells; Eugene & Jerane Figgner, Fremont;                             Duane Horn, Schuyler; Leonard Shonka, Schuyler

Cuming — Mark Harstick, West Point; Brian & Doreen Fischer, West Point;                                       Marcella Schlecht, West Point; Amos & Laverne Schulzkump, West Point

Dixon — Walter & Dorothy Hale, Allen; Lavern & Opal Harder, Wayne;                                            Leroy & Helen  Hoesing, Newecastle; Edwin & Esther Schwarten, Emerson;                    Jerry & Karma Thomas, Newcastle

Dodge — Ronald Dames, Scribner; Anna Mae Elkmeier, Dodge; Lou Kroenke, Dodge;                   Robert & Louella Larsen, Fremont

Holt — Kenneth Coolidge, Lincoln;  Edward & Margretha Kaczor, O”Neill;                                     Walter Kollman, Atkinson; Albert Thoendel, Ewing;                                                             Norman & Genelle Trowbridge, Page; Widtfeldt Trust, O”Neill

Keya Paha –Denis Palmer, Springview; Gerald & Lois Titus, Springview;                                               Brad Weston, Boyne City, Michigan

Knox — Roger & Cindy Effle, Orchard; Merle Milne, Creighton;                                                      Brandon Novak, Yankton, South Dakota; Robert & Norma Morrill, Creighton;                   Janice Peed, Verdigre

Madison — Janet Heath, Cedar Bluffs; Donald Koenig, Newman Grove;                                              Danny & Peggy Patzel, Newman Grove

Pierce — Scott & Constance Bloomquist, McLean; Arvid & Sharon Monson, Wausa;                       Dennis Wacker, Osmond

Platte — Dennis & Norene Kuhr, Creston; Jerry & Darlene Herchenbach, Humphrey;                     Marilyn Theilen Vrana, Aurora

Rock — Allen Sybrant, Bassett

Stanton — Mardelle Gnirk, Hoskins; Esther Roker Wantlin, Stanton;                                                   Margaret Schellpeper, Stanton

Wayne — Dennis & Gloria Evans, Winside; Norman Haglund, Wayne;                                             Zita Jenkins, Wayne; Kathleen Karr Caughenour, Cheyenne, Wyoming;                           Dallas & Marcella Schellenberg, Winside





Madison County School Map

The date of the map shown below is unknown.  Below the map is a listing (if known) of the school district number, name of school, and the township it was located in at the time of the map.  Consolidations of schools, district number changes, and locations of the schools have changed over the years.  Use this only as a reference until date of the map can be established.

Madison County Schools2

District No. School Name Township
2 Norfolk Norfolk
3 Sunny Meadow Norfolk
4 Valley View Jefferson
5 Battle Creek Battle Creek
6 Union Valley Madison
7 Union Creek Green Garden
8 Born Valley
10 Deer Creek Highland
11 Pleasant Valley Union
12 Meadow Grove Meadow Grove
13 Newman Grove Shell Creek
14 Sunny Dale Valley
15 Red House Fairview
16 Stange Warnerville
17 Stirk Battle Creek
18 Meadow Grove
20 Norfolk
21 Sullivan Deer Creek
22 Cunningham Battle Creek
23 Hughes Deer Creek
24 Dederman Valley
25 Warnerville Warnerville
27 Mt. Hope Grove
28 Schoolcraft Schoolcraft
29 Bell Emerick
31 Happy Hollow Deer Creek
33 Honeysett Grove
34 Buffalo Creek Grove
36 Jenkins Kalamazoo
37 Reiche Warnerville
38 Whitehouse Highland
40 Iowa Valley Kalamazoo
42 Muller Green Garden
43 Norfolk
44 East Emerick Emerick
45 Shell Creek
46 Dover Union
47 Enola Union
48 Good cheer Union
49 Solso Kalamazoo
50 West Emerick Emerick
52 Hoffmann Grove
54 Rose Hill Emerick
55 Chloe Shell Creek
56 Pleasant view Fairview
58 Pleasant Hill Shell Creek
61 Blakeley Highland
62 Harbottle Shell Creek
64 Alberry Battle Creek
66 Roman Star Fairview
67 Schmidt Emerick
68 Simonson Shell Creek
69 Tannehill Warnerville
71 Enterprise Meadow Grove
75 Simpson Battle Creek
76 Rolling Prairie Emerick
77 Pleasant Hill Deer Creek
79 Sobotka Highland
80 Tilden Jefferson
82 Valley
83 Liberty Consolidated Madison
85 Upland Schoolcraft
86 Brookside Schoolcraft
87 Norfolk
88 Fairview Fairview
94 King Olson Schoolcraft
Pleasant Valley Grove
Horn Battle Creek
Plainview Union
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo

Jefferson township 1918

JEFFERSON PRECINCT, Township 24 North, Range 4 West of the 6th P.M.  Madison County, Nebraska.  Names of persons living on or owning land in Jefferson Precinct extracted from the STANDARD ATLAS OF MADISON COUNTY OF 1918.  Extracted by J. R.

Abel., W. L., Sec 33

Alkenburg, E., Sec 18

Ashcroft, Emerson, Sec 18

Baker, B. H., Est, Black Loam Stock Farm, Sec 4, 9

Baker, F. E., residence, Sec 4

Baker, W., Sec 32

Baker, Wm., Sec 28

Bartdoll, L. A., Sec 18, 19

Beatty, C. H., Sec 19

Beebe, O. W., Sec 19

Bliss, D. W., River Side Sheep Ranch, Sec 7

Bliven, Chas, Sec 18

Bohlsen, J. J., Sec 19

Carlisle, J. A., Evergreen Stock Farm, Sec 31

Carlisle, J. A., Sec 31

Cemetery, E. L. E. G.,  (Immanual Lutheran), Sec 19

Cemetery, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Sec 19

Cemetery, McCoy, Sec 33

Cemetery, Warren, Sec 9

Clausen, Fritz, Sec 19

Dahnke, Wm., Upland View Stock Farm, Sec 5

Dales, Rob’t, Sec 18

Danes, F. L., Valley View Stock Farm, Sec 5

DeLong, Elvie B., Sec 19

Denny, Chas., Sec 19

Denny, John, Sec 19

Dodge, Elmer, Sec 19

Donald, N., Sec 19

Erskine, J. F., Sec 32

Fleming, J. L., Sec 31

Fox, Chas E., Res., Sec 29

Gallagher, J., Sec 18

Gallagher, Jas., Sec 18

Hansen, L., Sec 19

Hansen, Lorenz, Sec 19

Harlow, Wm. S., Sec 17

Harris, J., Sec 21

Harris, P., Sec 16

Hawkins, C., Sec 6, 7

Heckman, Sam’l, Sec 19

Heggemeyer, Chas., Sec 32

Heller, A. J., Sec 9

Hoepfinger, Adolph, Swastika Stock Farm., Sec 6

Hoepfinger, Aug., Sec 6

Hoepfinger, F., Sec 6

Holdridge, Nellie, Sec 28

Holton, B., Sec 19

Jenkins, J. F., Sec 19

Johnson, H. B., Sec 19

Jones, A. M., Sec 20

Kielty, P., Sec 16, 17

King, W. H., Sec 7

Kirkcheffer, W., Sec 19

Krumm, Louis, Sec 17

Laudermilk, R., Sec 18

Liveringhouse, S. G., Sec 29

Mack, D. S., Sec 18

Mack, Fred, Sec 18

Mack, Geo., Sec 18

Mack, Jos., Sec 19

McCann, B. L., Sec 6

Michaelson, Peter, Sec 18, 33

Mickaelson, P., Sec 19

Miller, I. C., Sec 31

Mock, Mrs. Geo., Sec 19

Moriarty, T., Sec 8

Muller, P., Sec 30

Nelson, Alice, Sec 8

Niles, George, Sec 9, 16

Niles, Kenyon, Sec 9, 16

Olin, Cynthia, Sec 19

Osborn, T. C., Sec 21

Osborn, W. H., Sec 19

Ott, Theo, Hereford Stock Farm, Sec 9, 16

Patterson, L. C., Sec 19

Petersen, M. J., Hillside Stock Farm, Sec 6

Peterson, N., Sec 19

Phillips, A. J., Sec 19

Phillips, W. N., Sec 4

Pierce, Isaac, Sec 5, 6

Reikafski, August, Sec 20

Roewert, Albert, Sec 18

Roseborough, D., Sec 32

Roseborough, Jas., Sec 32

Saffell, Mrs. Thos., Sec 19

Saltz, E. F., Sec 8, 17

Sanne, August S. F., Sec 20

Sanne, Chas., River View Stock Farm, Sec 7

Saxton, Mary, Sec 19

Schlact, A. W., Sec 29

Schlact, Ben C., Etal., Sec 20

Schlact, Emil J., Sec 29

School, Sec 8, 32

Scofield, A. E., Est., Sec 19

Scofield, A. E., Est., Sec 4

Shippee, G. W., Sec 19

Soulier, M., Sec 19

Stanton, P., Section 30

Steinbeck, Henry, Sec 29

Steunkel, Emil, Sec 18

Stevens, A., Sec 21

Stewart, J. T., Sec 17

Stewart, S. E., Sec 17

Tassemeyer, Henry, Sec 5, 18

Terry, Frank, Sec 16, 28

Terry, R. M., Orchard View Dairy Farm, Sec 8

Thomsen, B. P., Sec 18

Thomsen, M. L., Sec 8

Utry, L. C., Sec 19

Walters, Chas.,, Sec 18

Warnick, John W., Sec 28

Wauer, John, Sec 21

Westervelt, Jeffery, River Side Stock Farm., Sec 8, 17

Whitiver, R. G., Sec 5, 19

Whitwer, B., Sec 19

Wohlfeil, Herman, Sec 30




Kalamazoo township 1918

KALAMAZOO PRECINCT, Township 21 North, Range 3 West of the 6th P.M. Madison County, Nebraska. Names of persons living on or owning land in Kalamazoo Precinct extracted from the STANDARD ATLAS OF MADISON COUNTY OF 1918. Extracted by J. R.

Please watch for the different spellings of last names and different initials for Jr. & Sr. Are these different people or an error made by the recorder in 1918?


Albrecht, Frank, Sec 34

Anderson, A. D., Sec 19

Beller, J. C., Sec 33

Beltz, Minnie, Sec 20

Blank, H., Sec 26

Boysen, Broder, Sec 25

Brand, Agnes, Sec 10

Brand, Celia, Sec 10

Broberg, C. C., Hope Field Farm, Sec 18

Brosch, Jos., Sec 5

Carson, R. S., Sec 7

Choutka, Jos J. Jr., res, Sec 10

Choutka, Jos., Pleasant View Farm, Sec 10

Choutka, Joseph Sr., Sec 9

Choutka, Mrs. Rose, Sec 3

Christensen, Regine, Sec 2

Christiansen, Anna, Sec 4

Classen, M., Sec 28

Classen, Peter, Sec 10

Cook, J. M., Sec 36

Dittberner, Otto, Sec 11, 15

Dohman C., Sec 35

Dohman, Cris., Sec 36

Dohman, N., Sec 36

Dvorak, A. J., Iowa Valley Farm, Sec 3

Dvorak, Frank, Sec 16

Engelbertz, J. & H., Sec 12, 13

Engelke, Kate, Sec 27

Eucker, A. C., Sec 29

Eucker, L., Sec 29

Eucker, Otto, Sec 32

Filsinger, Wm., Sec 8

Fitsinger, Wm., Sec 6, 7

Frisch, Carl, res., Sec 24

Frisch, John, Sec 24

Frischt, John, Sec 2

Gabelman, Alfred, Sec 13

Gabelman, Fred, Sec 9

Gobelman, Jacob P., Valley Grove Farm, Sec 5

Gross, A., Sec 9

Gross, Dan’l, Sec 4

Gross, Jakob, Sec 25

Gross, P., Sec 13

Hall (building) Sec 9

Hasselbrook, John, Sec 9

Hoages, Mary, Sec 19

Hopp, Theo, Sec 30

Huseman, John, Sec 22, 33

Iowa Valley Cemetery, Sec. 4

Jasper, Jos., Sec 36

Jenkins, C.D., Sec 11, 14

Jenkins, Elizabeth A., Sec 14, 15

Jenkins, L. A., res., Sec 14

Johnson, Esa, Sec 6, 7

Johnson, Herman, Fairview Farm, Sec 20

Johnson, J. H., Sec 32

Kalmer, Andrew, Sec 1

Kamrath, Albert, Sec 18

Kamrath, Caroline, Sec 1

Kamrath, Charles., Sec 1, 28, 29

Kamrath, Ferdinand, Sec 17

Kamrath, Herman, Sec 17, 32

Kamrath, Otto, Sec 7, 8, 17

Kamrath, P. Est., Sec 12, 17

Kasic, Anton, Sec 3

Kaufman, H., Sec 6

Kirchen, G. Geilen, Sec 31

Knapp, Gerhardt, Sec 6

Knapp, John, Sec 2, 11, 12

Knapp, Julius, Sec 12

Kohl Cemetery & Church Sec 24

Kohl, Chas F. W., Sec 24

Kohl, Edward, Sec 24

Kohl, H. C., Sec 23

Kucera, F., Sec 9

Larson, A. P., Sec 18

Levijohn, Anna, Sec 19

Levijohn, W. Jr., Sec 19

Loeffler, Fred., Sec 28

Maurer, P. J., Sec 11

Meier, Emma, Sec 8

Moseke, John, Sec 34

Muck, Adolph, Sec 10, 15

Muck, John, Sec 10, 15

Naber, Mrs. Henry, Sec 20

Nathan, A. & E., Sec 30

Nathan, Ernest, Sec 22, 36

Nathan, H. F., Sec 23

Nathan, H., Sec 26

Nathan, Julian, Sec 26

Nathan, Julius, Sec 35

Nathan, Minnie, Sec 26, 35, 36

Nathan, Otto H., Sec 25

Oberhauser, Wm., Sec 31, 32

Panek, Jos. Jr., Sec 9

Pase, Frank, Sec 23

Pose, Mrs. Louise, Sec 35

Pospisel, F., Sec 7

Pospisil, F., Sec 5

Ramacher, J. W., Sec 34

Reiche, Henry, Sec 20

Reiche, Kate, Sec 19

Robertson, Anna F., Sec 21

Rottler, Wm. H., Sec 16

Roufs, W., Sec 31

Ruffing, Peter, Sec 25

Samuelson, Sol., Sec 29

Scheer, Dorothea, Sec 11

Scheer, John P., Sec 2

Schlender, Bertha K., Sec 2

Schmidt, Gladys J., Sec 15

Schmidt. F. P., Sec 16

Schmitt, Wm., Sec 13

School, Sec 4, 14, 25, 30

Seip, Adam, Sec 8

Solso, C. M., Sec 30

Stenger, F. A., Sec 35

Stibley, Joseph, Sec 23

Storek, Frank, Sec 7

Stuart, Lillie A., Sec 6

Super, Frank, Sec 27

Super, Fred., Sec 22

Super, H. L., Sec 21

Super, Jos., Jr., Sec 22

Waldeen, C. A., Sec 20

Waldin, Mrs. A. S., Sec 18

Weaver, Aug., Sec 28

Wedekind, Henry, Sec 4

Weinberger, V. A., Sec 11

White H., Sec 13

White, F. H. Sr., Sec 24

White, F. P. Jr., res, Sec 24

Whitney, M. S., Sec 33

Widhalm, Jos., Sec 21

Wiese, B., Sec 30

Wilhelm, John, Sec 27, 34

Young, John, Sec 1

Zarek, M., Sec 3

Zessin, Anna K., Sec 12

Zion Lutheran (Wedekind) Church & Cemetery Sec. 28



Madison township 1918

MADISON PRECINCT, Township 21 North, Range 1 West of the 6th P.M.  Madison County, Nebraska.  Names of persons living on or owning land in Madison Precinct extracted from the STANDARD ATLAS OF MADISON COUNTY OF 1918.  Extracted by J. R.


Adams, J. J., Sec 5                

Adams, Jos. J., Jersey Park Stock Farm, Sec 33              

Adelman, Annie V., Sec 28               

Albert, A. E., Sec 26              

Alderson, T. E., Sec 25, 26, 36                     

Alstadt, Fred, Sec 5              

Ambroz, Jacob & Thos., Sec 30                  

Ambroz, Thos & Jacob,  Sec 30                   

Arnett, A., Sec 5                    

Attachuler Bros., Sec 10                  

Attschuler, A. A., Sec 10                   

Attschuler, H., Sec 10                       

Attschuller, Chas, Sec 10                

 Barnes, C. A., Sec 3              

Barnes, J., Sec 5                   

Barney, Rebecca, Sec 5                  

Bender, F. J., Sec 3, 4                      

Beuttner, August, Sec 17                

Bohm, C. H. R., Sec 7                       

Buettner, Anna, Sec 9                      

Buettner, Frank Est., and  Buettner, Fred, Sec 4             

Buettner, Frank, Est, Sec 4             

Buettner, Fred and Buettner, Frank, Est, Sec 4              

Buettner, Martin, Sec 8                   

Carrahel, Kath., Sec 5                      

Chantry, M. A., Sec 26                      

Chittenden, Ira, Sec 22                    

Christiansen, K., Sec 3                    

Clausen, H., Sec 4, 5                 

Crown Hill Cemetery, Sec 4                        

Davies, S. O., Sec 21                        

Dickey, Dora A., Sec 8                      

Dickey, J. W., Res, Sec 8                 

Diers, Fred, Sec 5                 

Dieter, Adam, Sec 14                         

Dittberner, Fred, Sec 9, 22, 23                    

Dittberner, Otto, Sec 21                  

Dorr, John H., Sec 7             

Douglas, J. E., Sec 5                        

Feeling, Eliz. et al, Sec 6                 

Frankle, R., Sec 10               

Freericks, A., Sec 13                        

Froehlick, Emma Elizabeth, Sec 6              

Glen, Alva, Sec 20                

Glenn, C. H., Sec 18, 19, 31             

Gottschalk, L. F., Sec 4                    

Gross, L., Sec 35                  

Gross, Morris, Sec 24, 36                

Hahn, C., Sec 6                     

Harris, C. H., Sec 8               

Hock, Mary E., Sec 25                      

Hosley, Sam, Sec 36             

Imhoff, A., Sec 6                    

Jacobi, Benno, Sec 24                     

Jacobi, Theo, Sec 14                        

Jefferson, Agnes, R., Sec 19                       

Kalmer, Andrew, Sec 16                   

Kamrath, Fritz, Sec 5, 23                   

Kamrath, Otto, Sec 16                      

Kelner, H., Sec 10                 

Killinger, J. A., Sec 32                      

Kilmer, J. C., Sec 18             

Krebs, J., Sec 32                   

Kreitman, George, Sec 6                  

Kurpgeweit, Sam’l, Sec 5                

LaFleur, Wm A., Sec 2                      

Lewis, Geo. M., Sec 20                    

Lich, Jacob, Sec 6                

Lintner, F. J., Sec 13, 24                  

Littke, Geo. H., Sec 20                      

Long, F. A., Long Acres Farm, Sec 11                    

Madison National Bank Brick Yard, Sec 6            

Madison National Bank, Sec 30                  

Mahlin, Jos., Sec 11             

Makelin, W., Sec 20, 28                    

Martin, Jos, Sec 1                 

Martin, Sarah E., Sec 1                    

Mattison, J. J., Sec 7                        

Mavis, A. W., Sec 21             

McDermott, Jas., Sec 33                  

McGhee, E. T., Sec 6, 15, 28, 29                 

Meitenz, Franz, Sec 31                    

Melcher, P., Sec 10              

Meyer, H., Sec 14, 23                        

Mielenz, Emma, Sec 31                    

Miller, Wm. H., Sec 1, 11                   

Moehnert, August, Sec 17               

Moehnert, Emil, Sec 17                    

Moran, A., Sec 35                  

Moran, K., Sec 35                 

Moran, Mary, Sec 13             

Nichols, R.E., Res., Sec 35              

Nichols, Rosilla, Orchard Grove Farm., Sec 35                

O’Shea, Thos, Sec 5                        

Otterpohl, B., Sec 3, 15                    

Owen, Chas E., Sec 34                     

Owen, Chas. E., Sec 27                    

Pavlis, J., Sec 12                   

Pleier, Marie, Sec 28                        

Plugge, Adolph, Sec 23                    

Polenske, Robt., Sec 19                  

Polenski, Clara, Sec 2                      

Polenski, Martha, Sec 3                    

Purdy, Watson L., Oak Bluff Stock Farm, Sec 2                

Reed, A. M., Sec 5                

Reed, W. E, Sec 5                 

Regan, Mary, Sec 27                        

Regan, P. J., Sec 27             

Regan, R. J., Sec 27              

Reinhart, F. J., Sec 34                      

Reissinger, Katherina, Mrs., Sec 33                       

Remender, A. E., Sec 4, 5                

Remender, Otto, G., Sec 32                        

Rief, F. C., Clay Hill Stock Farm and res, Sec 24              

Rief, J., Sec 14                      

Rowlette, Edwin, Sec 5                    

Sachtjen, William F., Sec 27                        

Scheffler, Carl., Sec 33                    

Schmedecke, H., Sec 31                  

Schmidt, E. F., Sec 20                      

Schmidt, Henry, Meridian Valley Farm and Res., Sec 12             

School, Sec 3, 20, 35                        

Schumacher, A., Sec 2                     

Schumacher, Aug., Sec 10               

Schure, J. F., Sec 31                        

Setteje, J. F., Sec 14                        

Sherlock, Chas., Sec 26                   

Smith, C. S., Sec 22              

Sprout, C. W., Sec 5             

Stracke, Geo., Sec 18                      

Stuart, L. A., Sec 5, 34, 36                

Stuart, Lillie A., Sec 2                       

Stuart, M. B., Sec 32             

Sutter, Louis, Jr., Sec 16                 

Teske, Gustave, Sec 30, 31                        

Thatch, M. L., Sec 5               

Upton, James, Sec 5                        

Wallace, P., Sec 7                 

Wardenberg, Gerhard, Sec 15                    

Warrick, F. K., Sec 8             

Warrick, Nannie E., Sec 5                

Warrick, W. S., Sec 4                         

Wehenkle, H., Sec 5             

Weiland, A., Sec 12               

Weinberger, Anna, Sec 5                 

Weiss, August, Sec 30                      

Wells, A. E., Sec 7, 8             

Wells, Owen, Sec 5               

Wells, W. T., Sec 8, 27                      

Young, John, Sec 9              

Zellar, A. J., Sec 36               

Zessin, Albert, Sec 18, 19                


Meadow Grove township 1918

MEADOW GROVE PRECINCT, Township 24 North, Range 4 West of the 6th P.M.  Madison County, Nebraska.  Names of persons living on or owning land in Meadow Grove Precinct extracted from the STANDARD ATLAS OF MADISON COUNTY OF 1918.  Extracted by J. R.


Anderson, A. R., Sec 23

Apfel, A. C., Sec 2

Baker, Byron H., Ash Grove Stock Farm, Sec 3

Beech, C. R., Sec 25

Beech, R., Sec 25 

Beed, G. H., Sec 26

Beed, Geo H., Sec 12

Beed, Lester L., Sec 12

Bohlsen, W. F., Sec 35

Bosse, W. H., Sec 13

Brewer, E. H., Sec 26

Brown, I., Sec 26

Brown, LeRoy, Sec 1

Bunnell Bros., Sec 34

Church, W. A., Sec 25

Collins, A. J., Sec 11

Cunning, Sec 26

Densen, A. R., Sec 12

Dodge, E. E., Sec 35

Dow, S., Sec 10, 11, 15

Edwards, John R., Sec 25

Evans, Isabella, Sec 26

Fry, L., Sec 14, 23

Hannen, Chas F., Sec 12

Hannen, Frank, Sec 26

Harding, C. H., Sec 27

Heller, A. J., Sec 10

Hines, Celia, Sec 24

Hines, L. W., Sec 24

Hull, F. M., Sec 2

Hunt, C. E., Sec 26

Hutchins, C. H., Sec 25

Johnson, C. S., Sec 10

Kase, P., Sec. 2

Krivonek, R., Sec 35

Larson, Casper, Sec 11

Larson, Clarence, Sec 1

Lewis S., Sec 13

Lewis, F. E., Sec 26

Lewis, Frank, Sec 14, 22, 23

Lewis, P. V., Sec 22, 25, 26, 36

Lewis, S., Sec 23. 36

Lewis, W. W., Sec 26

Malloy, Almeda, Sec 36

Mann, Edw. B., Sec 34

McCallum J. W., Sec 22

McIntosh, E. L., Sec 35

Mewes, F. W., Sec 11

Mills, W. W., Sec 25

Moore, A. L., Sec 27

Nelson, G. A., Sec 35

Niles, A., Sec 15

Peterson, A., Sec 34

Phillips, D., Sec 26

Phillips, W. N., Sec 3

Preuss, H., Sec 36

Real, Mary, Sec 22

Real, Maud M. Sec 35

Rouse, R., E., Sec 25

Ruegge, L. C., Sec 26

Ryan, Jos E., Sec 1

Schelling, G., Sec 36

Schenk, J., Sec 26

Schlueter, Augusta, Sec 35

Schlueter, G., Sec 36

School, Sec 10, 11, 22

Scott, Ira J., Sec 27

Steward, Jos T., Sec 15

Storey, O. W., Sec 27

Sullivan, P., Sec 36

Sullivan, Peter F., Sec 2

Sutley, S. W., Sec 34

Terry, T. N., Sec 10, 15

Thietje, F. & Kase, P., Sec 2

Tradovec, O., Sec 26

Volk, Wm., Jr., Sec 35

Walters, Chas., Sec 27

Warrick, J. W., Sec 14, 36

Warrick, John W., Sec 26

Werner, F. C., Sec 24, 26

White, C.R., Sec 25

White, J. W., Sec 25

Wieting, H., Sec 11, 14

Williams, A. C., Sec 26


Young, F. M., Sec 13



Norfolk township 1918

NORFOLK PRECINCT, Township 24 North, Range 1 West of the 6th P.M.  Madison County, Nebraska.  Names of persons living on or owning land in Norfolk Precinct extracted from the STANDARD ATLAS OF MADISON COUNTY OF 1918.  Extracted by J. R.

Altstadt, Fred, Sec 26

Anderson, G., Sec 35

Baker, Charles, Sec 28

Bell, Almeda Martin, Sec 30

Bell, G. W., Sec 24

Blair, Mary A., Sec 36

Blakeman, F. A., Sec 34

Bleigh, R & E, Sec 21

Boldt, R., Sec 1

Brandenburg, F., Sec 8

Brown, J. A., Sec 20, 21

Brummond, P., Sec 25

Brummond, W., Sec 25

Buettlow, H., Sec 19

Buntrock, F, Sec 1

Buntrock, F., Sec 12

Carter, J. Roy, Sec 26

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and Round House, Sec 34

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Sec 22 

Clark, Edwin D., Sec 15,

Cornell, Howard, Sec 11

Craig, A., Sec 30

Crane, J. A., Sec 24, Sec 25

Davis, Geo, Sec 23

Dederman, F. L., Sec 18

Dederman, O., Sec 28

Defke, C., Sec 21

Dodge, Jr., N. P., Sec 34

Dommer, L., Sec 8, 16

Dommer, S. E., Sec 29

Donner, Frank, Sec 2, 11

Duhring, Arnold, Sec 19

Duhring, Maria, Sec 30

Ertzner, Henry, Sec 13

Eucker, E., Sec 31

Eucker, H., Sec 6

Fabriz, J., Sec 25

Farrar, C. J., Sec 21

Felger, A. H., Sec 36

Flint, W. G., Sec 32

Folk, Frank, Sec 23

Fuhrman, C.J., Sec 13

Fuhrman, W., Sec 32, 33

Gehm, H. G., Sec 29

Gehm, Martin, Sec 29

Gilmore, Lillie, Sec 17

Gray, Christine, Sec 35

Gray, L. A., Sec 35

Haase, A., est., Sec 28

Haase, August Est., Sec 9, 10

Haase, E., Sec 3, 4, 9

Haase, Henry, Sec 16

Haase, Wm., Sec 8, 9, 20, 28

Hagel, Ida, Sec 10

Hagel, Robert, Sec 10, 15

Hammond, E. D., Sec 24

Haskell, J., D., Sec 21, 22

Heckman, J., Sec 6

Heckman, Julius, Sec 15

Henderson, Lucy, Sec 5

Hennesy, Bridget, Sec 2

Hepperly, L. C., Sec 23, 24

Hille, Adolph, Sec 14, 15

Hille, Aug, Sec 36

Hille, H., Sec 17

Hille, Wm, Sec 21

Holmes, A. H., Sec 35

Illgen Brothers, Sec 7

Jouroulk, Rosa, Sec 35

Kaun, Aug, Sec 3

Kellogg, D. A., Sec 33

Kines, S & M, Sec 32

Klug, F., Sec 23

Koenigstein, J., Sec 28

Koepsel, W., Sec 23, 24

Kohloff, A., Sec 35

Kohloff, H., Sec 35

Korth, H., Blue Lake Stock Farm, Sec 33

Korth, Herman, Sec 22

Kortje, Henry, Sec 17, 20

Kost, Wm.. et al, Sec 30, 31

Krammer, K., Sec 23

Kranz, John, Sec 33

Krueger, J., Sec 30

Kruse, Henry, Sec 26

Lampe, Jos., Sec 24

Lehman, Dora, Sec 23

Lenz, B., Sec 25, 26, 36

Lettlow, Louisa, Sec 18

Leu, W., Sec 30

Litzke, Edw & Elda, Sec 20

Luttmann, F. C., (Fred), Sec 11, 14

Machmueller, J. M., Sec 8

Mapes, Burt, Sec 2, 14

Maple, W. G., Sec 21

Marguardt, Henry, Sec 10

Marquardt, A. & H., Sec 30

Marquardt, Albert & Henry,  Sec 11

Marquardt, W., Sec 6

Mathewson, J. S., Sec 28

McCormick, H. L, Sec 22

Michaelson, John, Sec 35

Moldenhauer, E., Sec 20

Molowdower, A., Sec 10

Mullen, J. A., Sec 23

Netzke, B., (Burt), Sec 14

Nielson, Rasmus, Sec 33, 34

Niewokner, Carl, Sec 25

Norfolk Packing Co., Sec 15, 16

Odiorne, T. E., Sec 21

Olson, A. R., Sec 25

Ommerman, D. A., Sec 17

Osborn, M. H., et al., Sec 24

Ostreich, C, Sec 22

Parker, Sarah E., Sec 35

Parker, Sarah, Sec 35

Parriott, E. A., Sec 24

Pasewalk, A., et al., Sec 19, 20

Penhotlow, J., Sec 33

Perry, E. D., Sec 31

Perry, Frank, Res., Sec 31

Peterson, T. M., Sec 23

Pilger, A., Sec 23

Pinnt, J. B., Sec 28

Platt, Geo, Sec 20

Pofohl, J., Sec 30

Porter, J. A., Sec 16

Powell, A. C., Sec 33

Price, Mary C., Sec 35

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Sec 21

Raasch, Aug, Sec 29

Raasch, Darius Sunny Meadow Farm, Sec 20, 29

Raasch, Derius, Sec 30

Raasch, E., Sec 21

Raasch, Ernest, Sec 17

Raasch, H., Sec 9, 10, 29

Raasch, Henry, Sec 8, 16

Raasch, Hugo, Pleasant View Farm, Sec 20, 29

Raasch, Hugo, Sec 20, 31

Raasch, Obed, Elkhorn View Stock and Dairy Farm, Sec 20, 21

Raasch, Obed, Sec 28, 29

Raasch, W. A., Sec 31

Raasch, Wm. A., Sec 18

Rautenberg, B., Sec 17

Rautenberg, F., Sec 35

Reynolds, E. L., Sec 12

Riggert, W., Sec 15

Riggert, Wm., Sec 22

Riordan, Sam L., Sec 20

Rix, E. J., et al, Sec 12

Rottler, Emil, Sec 9

Rutler, Emil, Sec 29

Sattler, H. C., Sec 21, 34

Schelly, R., et al, Sec 24

Schlack, Edw., Sec 7

Schoenfeldt, Anna, Sec 17

Schoenfeldt, G., Sec 17

School, Sec 8, 10, 19, 32

Schramm, Chas., Sec 35

Schultz, R., Sec 29

Section House, Sec 31

Seidschlag, F., Sec 26

Seidschlag, M., Sec 26

Sellin, Mina, et al., Sec 19

Smith, C. S., Sec 35

Smith, Fred, Sec 31, 32

Speerman, A., Sec 30

Spengler, C. H., Sec 35

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church,  School and Cemetery, Sec 22

State of NE Insane Asylum and Cemetery, Sec 13

State of Nebraska, Sec 23

Steinmetz, G., Sec 25

Stengel, F., Sec 5, 6

Stortz, F. S., est., Sec 24

Taft, Burr, Sec 21

Thiem, Susan G., Sec 25, 26

Uecker, L., Sec 4, 5, 29

Underwood, P. V., Sec 28

Wachter Jr., H., Sec 3, 4

Wachter, F., Sec 3, 4, 29

Wachter, Frank, Sec 7

Wachter, Geo., Sec 5, 6, 7, 8

Wachter, H., Sec 29

Wachter, Henry, Sec 5

Wachter, L., Sec 18

Wachter, R., Sec 4

Wacker, C., Sec 32

Wade, J. F., Sec 32

Wade, Owen, Sec 32

Wagner, F., Sec 36

Wagner, Fred, Sec 36

Wallace, Eugene, Sec 29

Wichert, J., Jr., Sec 35

Williams, Geo., Sec 7, 20

Williams, Wana, Sec 24

Wingate, Daniel., Sec 35

Winter, C. F., Sec 1, 10, 22

Winter, F., Sec 10

Winter, Frank, Sec 1

Winter, R., Sec 1

Winter, W. F., Sec 3

Withert, Frank, Sec 22

Zimmerman, Jos P., Sec 25, 26

Zutz, E. W., Sec 3

Zutz, M., Sec 14

Zutz, W., Sec 10

Zutz, W., Sec 14, 15

Zutz., M. F., Sec 11


Warnerville township 1918

WARNERVILLE PRECINCT, Township 23 North, Range 1 West of the 6th P.M.  Madison County, Nebraska.  Names of persons living on or owning land in Warnerville Precinct extracted from the STANDARD ATLAS OF MADISON COUNTY OF 1918.  Extracted by J. R.


Ahern, R. R., Sec 22    

Avery, Wm., Catalpa Grove Grain & Poultry Farm, Sec 26  

Barney, H. F., Sec 32   

Barry, John, Sec 9    

Behmer, Aug, Sec 9    

Benish, Sarah H., Sec 22  

Benstrauch, Aug, Sec 23, 24 

Bergman, A., Est., Sec 11, 12

Best, Viola, Sec 20    

Bick, C. G., Sec 13    

Bick, J. C., Sec 13    

Bickley, L. V., etal., Sec 29  

Blakeman, F. A., Sec 3

Bleyhl. Albert, Sec 8    

Boche, W. R. Sec 7    

Burke, F. D., Sec 10    

Carson, H., A., Sec 31  

Christopher, Geo., Sec 21  

City of Norfolk, Sec 2    

Coleman, G. M., Sec 13, 24,  28    

Connolly, Wm., Sec 23  

Cropper, E. H., Sec 7   

Davis, J. L., Sec 33, 34  

Deitz, W., Res., Sec 33  

Doxstader, F., Sec 11   

Droescher, A., Sec 9    

Evans, Geo., Sec 8    

Gibbs, Chas L., Sec 6, 7  

Gibbs, H., Sec 5    

Graham, W. E., Sec 30  

Grossman, F., Sec 22   

Heath, F. D., Sec 10    

Herrington, H. I., Sec 17  

Hershiser, I. L., Sec 2   

Hoffman, K., Sec 14    

Hoffman, K., Sec 15, 23  

Hopley, Peter, Sec 19   

Horner, J. D., Locust Grove Stock Farm, Sec 30, 31  

Horner, M. U., Sec 18   

Horner, Monroe, Sec 29  

Hoyt, Hannah, Sec 1, 2  

Huntz, Paul, Sec 3    

Husenetter, J. A., Sec 4, 5  

Johnston, Margaret, Sec 7  

Kellogg, D. A., Sec 4    

Kent, Nick, Sec 5, 6    

Kent, Peter, Sec 21    

Kent, S., Sec 6    

Klentz, Aug.,  Sec 3    

Kneble, Wm., Sec 10    

Knebol, Wm, Sec 2 (spelling)  

Knull, Chas., Sec 19, 32  

Kohlhof, C., Sec 24    

Krantz, John L. Sec 4, 5    

Lehman, F. G., Sec 1, 12  

Linstadt, H., Sec 11    

Linstadt, Otto, Sec 14   

Lodge, Chas., Est., Sec 34  

Luebcke, E. O., Meadow Brook Dairy and Stock Farm, Sec 8   

Lunstadt, Wm., Sec 12  

Lyon, Jane, Sec 36    

Machmuller, Wm., Sec 11  

Maher, Edw, Sec 33    

McGinnis, A. N., Sec 22, 27  

McGinnis, B. B., Sec 27, 28  

McGrail, M., Sec 28    

Miller, Israel., Sec 29, 30  

Moderou, A. G., Sec 26  

Morris, H. J., Sec 18    

Nelson., J. M., Sec 25  

Nicholson, Dan, Sec 32  

Oetler, Margaret, Sec 14  

Ommerman, D. A., Sec 3, 8  

Parriott, R. P., Sec 13, 24  

Pettit, F. E., Sec 8, 17   

Pettit, M. B., Sec 20

Pettitt, Maude R., Sec 29  

Phillips, Rosa B., Sec 30  

Pofahl, Theo, Sec 1, 2  

Pojar, Thos., Sec 31    

Porriott, R. P., Sec 13   

Powell, A. C., Sec 4    

Pribbnow, C., Sec 12    

Pribbnow, G., Sec 12   

Pribenow, Robert L. H., Sec 33    

Radney, Gustav, Sec 12  

Radnez, Edith, Sec 24  

Rakowsky, Albert, Sec 35  

Rakowsky, E., Sec 35   

Ranney, J. F., Sec 28   

Reed, B. E., Sec 4, 5    

Reed, Wm., Sec 15    

Reiche, Carl, Sec 10    

Reiche, O., Sec 11    

Reimers, H., Sec 20    

Renner, John, Sec 21   

Rice, W. B., Sec 20    

Richards, Howard, Sec 17  

Roberts, J. M., Sec 8, 17  

Rowlett, N. P., Sec 33  

Rowlett, W. P., Sec 30  

Rowlett, Walter P., Sec 19  

Schilling, Adolph, Sec 34  

Schoenfeldt, Robert, Sec 14  

School, Sec 7, 11, 16, 35  

Schram C., Sec 2    

Scott, O. L. & Zora, Sec 4  

Scribner, F. W., Sec 24, 25  

Sellin M., etal., Sec 21  

Sewell, Geo. W., Sec 18  

Shaw, Dick, Sec 29    

Shumway, H. P., Sec 10  

Simkins, S. J., Sec 34   

Skiff, Wm., Res., Sec 36  

Sleeper, F. R., Sec 17  

Sleeper, O. A., Sec 17  

Spengler, C. H. Sec 2   

Stilson & O’Brien, Sec 36  

Stork, Geo. B., Sec 36  

Tannehill, A. F., Sec 22  

Tannehill, Chas., Sec 26  

Tannehill, F., Sec 26    

Tannehill, Geo., Sec 14, 25

Tannehill. Geo. B., Sec 26

Tannehill, H. N., Sec 26, 27, 35    

Tannehill, Harry, Sec 26  

Tannehill, J. W., Sec 27

Tannehill, W. F., Sec 25, 35, 36    

Terry, Fred, Sec 17    

Timperly, John L., Sec 15  

Verqutz, Marie, Sec 21  

Villnow. A., Sec 5    

Vilnow, Anton, Sec 3, 10    

Wacker, C., Sec 4, 5    

Wagner, E. W., Sec 1   

Wagner, W. F., Sec 5   

Warner, City of, Sec 17  

Wells, A. E. & Lida, Sec 32  

Wheeler, Sarah, Sec 22  

Whittemore & Fisher, Sec 16 

Willems, R. V., Sec 3    

Williams, Ira C., Sec 19  

Williams, M. W., Sec 11  

Wright, F. M., Sec 32    

Zutz, M. Sec 6