Osborn—Halsey wedding

Fielden “Buster” Osborn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Osborn, was married last week to Miss Lucille Halsey of Fries, Virginia. Mr. Osborn went to Virginia on a visit a short time ago but it was not his expressed intention to return with a bride. It was a surprise even to his parents, it is said.

Source: Battle Creek Enterprise, Thursday, August 22, 1929 on page 1.


Married—Harmon Selah at the residence of M. S. Bartlett, West Point, Nebr., Tuesday morning 9:30, by Rev. J. L. St. Clair, of Albion, Frank Harmon, of Fremont, Nebr., to Miss Alice Selah, West Point.  Source: Norfolk Journal, Friday June 8, 1883, page 3.



Married—By the Rev. August Leuthaueser at his residence in Norfolk, May 17, 1883, George Hoffman to Kate Kuefner, both of Madison Co.  Source: Norfolk Journal, Friday May 18, 1883, page 3.