Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lowman

Observe 60th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lowman observed their 60th wedding anniversary quietly at their home here on Sunday.  That evening a group of neighbors and friends surprised them when they came for a social evening .  The evening hours were spent at cards.

The Lowmans were married here Dec. 31, 1901, at the Presbyterian parsonage, by the Rev. Theodore Morning.  They drove six miles with a team hitched to a top buggy, to get to town, on that occasion.  It was a spring-like day, with no snow, as they recalled.  Attendants were Mrs. Morning and Otto Remender, brother of the bride.  Mrs. Lowman was the former Lucy Jane Remender.  She was born Sept. 10, 1883, six miles south of Madison on a farm that her father Frederick Remender took as a tree claim.  Mr. Lowman, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lowman was born Sept. 5, 1878 in North Carolina.

The Lowmans have one daughter, Mrs. A. C. (Dorothy) Anderson of Washongal, Wash., eight grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.  Excerpts from The Madison Star-Mail, Thur. Jan. 4, 1962, page 1.