Monument Carvings Meanings

Anchor                                 Ships Hope or Seafaring profession

Angel, Flying                      Rebirth, Resurrection

Angel, Trumpeting              Resurrection

Angel, Weeping                 Grief and Mourning

Arch                                       Victory in Death

Arches                                  Victory in Death

Bay leaves                           Mourning

Bird                                        Eternal Life

Bird, Flying                          Resurrection

Bouquets/Flowers             Condolences, grief, sorrow

Broken Column                   Loss of Head of Family

Broken Ring                        Family Circle Severed

Bugles                                   Resurrection and the Military

Butterfly                              Short-lived, Early Death

Cherub                               Angelic

Columns and Doors         Heavenly entrance

Corn                                      Ripe Old Age

Cross                                     Emblem of Faith

Crown                                   Glory of life after death

Cypress                                Mourning

Dove                                     Innocence, Gentleness, Affection, Purity

Dove                                     Purity, Devotion

Dove, Flying                       Resurrection

Drapes                                  Mourning, Mortality

Flower                                  Fragility of life

Flower, Severed Stem         Shortened life

Flying Birds                         Flight of the Soul

Fruits                                     Eternal plenty

Garland or Wreath               Victory in death

Garlands                              Victory in death

Hand of God Chopping        Sudden Death

Hand, Pointing up                Pathway to Heaven, Heavenly reward

Hands, Clapsed                    The goodbyes said at death

Handshakes                       Farewell

Harp                                      Praise to the Maker

Heart                                     Love, Love of God, Abode of the soul, Mortality

Hearts                                   Soul in Bliss or Love of Christ

Ivy                                          Friendship and Immortality

Ivy                                          To show conviviality (sociable)

Lamb                                     Innocence

Laurel                                    Fame or Victory

Laurel                                    A distinction in the arts

Lily or Lily of Valley          Emblem of Innocence and Purity

Morning Glory                   Beginning of Life

Oak                                        Strength

Oak Leaves & Acorn        Maturity, Ripe Old Age

Olive                                      Peace or victory

Open Book                         Bible Deceased Teacher, Minister, etc.

Pall                                         Mortality

Palm Branch                       Signifies Victory and Rejoicing

Poppy                                   Sleep

Portals                                  Passageway to eternal journey

Rod or Staff                        Comfort for the bereaved

Rooster                                Awakening, Resurrection

Roses                                    Brevity of earthly existence

Scythe                                  Death, The divine harvest

Severed Branch                Mortality

Sheaf of Wheat                 Ripe for Harvest, Divine Harvest, Time

Sun                                        Rising Renewed life

Sun Setting                         Death

Sun Shining                         Life everlasting

Thistle                                   Scottish descent

Tree                                       Life

Tree Sprouting                  Life everlasting

Tree Stump                        Life interrupted

Tree Stump with Ivy       Head of Family; Immortality

Tree Trunk                          Brevity of life

Tree Trunk Leaning         Short interrupted life

Trees                                     Life

Weeping Willow               Emblem of Sorrow

Weeping Willow Tree         Mourning, Grief, Nature’s lament

Wheat Strands or Sheaves           The divine harvest

Willow                                  Breavement

Willows                                Earthly Sorrow

Wreath                                 Victory

Yew                                       Immortality