The Norfolk Daily News obits 1982

The obits and other information from the newspaper “The Norfolk Daily News” in Norfolk, Nebraska. The format will be: name of person, date of paper, city mentioned for them which may be city of birth, living, death, or burial location.

Maiden name in ( ) when found in the obituary.
Egger, Walter, Apr. 9, 1982 O’Neill

Harper, Jacob F., Apr. 9, 1982 Coleridge

Ross, Ruth, Apr, 9, 1982 Wayne / Wakefield

Schlueter, Rose M., Apr. 9, 1982 Omaha
Schulz, Earl, Apr. 9, 1982 Beemer
Starman, Vincent J., Apr. 9, 1982 Raeville
Steinkraus, Elton R., Apr. 9, 1982  Pierce
Svatos, Leonard L., Apr. 9, 1982 Chambers

Tejral, Camilla M. (McAllister), Apr. 9, 1982 Spencer

Zurcher, Janice L., Apr. 9, 1982 Crofton