The Dead Members

The deceased members of Mathewson Post No. 109, G. A. R., are:

William Isham, First Michigan battery;
Maj. Joseph Mathewson, Eighteenth Connecticut;
James Pheasant, One Hundred ninety-first Pennsylvania;
John P. Sullivan, General Grant’s cipher clerk;
Daniel Desmond, New York Cavalry;
William Bishop, Illinois volunteer;
John Kyner, Seventy-third Ohio;
George Brady, company and regiment unknown;
Uriah Gregory, Forty-third Wisconsin;
W. H. Roberts, physician Twentieth Ohio;
John Bondurant, Fifty-first Missouri;
D. A. Amerine, Twenty-first Iowa;
Captain Plummer, Sixteenth Ohio;
Captain Hall, unknown;
John Geiger, Mexican war veteran;
George Gordon, company cook;
George Davenport, First Ohio light artillery;
I. W. Smith, Forty-second Ohio;
William Winter, unknown;
William H. Lowe, unknown;
Thomas J. Harter, Forty-first Illinois;
W. M. Robertson, Forty-second Illinois;
J. Romine, Seventy-third Indiana;
C. W. Braasch, Twenty-sixth Wisconsin;
August Bergmann, Twenty-sixth Wisconsin;
Fred Dedermann, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin;
W. S. Beels, Fifteenth Indiana;
O. P. Hirsch, company G, Ninth Pennsylvania infantry.

Charter members and the first officers were:

W. H. Widaman, commander;      A. N. McGinnis, senior vice commander;

F. W. Richardson, junior vice commander;      Al Bigelow, quartermaster;

L. C. Washburn, chaplain;      A. L. Macomber, surgeon;

Henry E. Davis, officer of the day;      Herman Gerecke, adjutant;

James Clark, officer of the guard;      Peter Schwenk, sergeant major;

E. R. Perry, sentinel;

J. A. Light, Walter Powell,      George Vinson,      W. H. Lowe,

C. W. Braasch,      D. W. Dean,      A. N. Yost,      H. Rightmeier,

J. B. Flemingan,      B. E. Reed,      J. S. McClary

Records of the adjutant of Charles Mathewson Post No. 109, G. A. R.
show the following members:

Iowa: J. A. Light, “H” Twelfth infantry
H. H. Miller, “E” Second cavalry
E. Ladhoff, “G” Eighth infantry
R. W. Mills, “B” Forty-sixth infantry
E. P. Weatherby, “C” Forty-fourth infantry
Charles Long, “B” Fifteenth infantry.

Illinois: J. S. McClary, “B” Thirteenth infantry
Dr. W. H. H. Hagey, “B” Thirteenth infantry
H. Warner, “A” One Hundred and Eighth infantry
W. J. Bovee, “E” Seventh infantry
C. P. Byerly, “A” Thirty-seventh infantry
J. E. Rouse, “K” One Hundred and Fifty-seventh infantry
W. R. Beswick, “G” Seventeenth infantry.

Wisconsin: Herman Gerecke, “C” Sixteenth infantry
H. C. Matrau, “G” Sixth infantry
Frank Krieger, “F” Second cavalry
J. H. Van Horn, “B” Forty-eighth infantry
H. M. Roberts, “F” Thirty-ninth infantry.

Pennsylvania: B. E. Reed, “I” Fifteenth infantry
Sam Park, “E” Eleventh infantry
M. J. Kennedy, “C” Fifty-second cavalry.

Ohio: W. H. Widaman, “C” First infantry, “B” Second infantry
A. N. McGinnis, “H” Eighty-second infantry
J. S. Morrow, “E” Sixtieth infantry
J. B. Barnes, “E” First light artillery.

Indiana:  Peter Schwenk, surgeon
N. A. Rainbolt, “H” Seventh infantry
George Dudley, “F” Seventh cavalry.

Michigan: A. L. Macomber, sergeant major, Tenth cavalry.

Nebraska: C. F. Eisely, “A” Second cavalry.