Deaths, 2013 Brown County, Nebraska

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Death and Funeral Notices in the Norfolk Daily News, Norfolk, Nebraska

The format will be Name, City, Date of Paper, Page Number.

Helen D. Morgan, Long Pine, NE., Jan. 8, 2013, page 5

Marilyn Calver,  Ainsworth, NE., Jan. 29, 2013, page 5

Donald P.  Skillman, Ainsworth, NE., Feb. 18, 2013, page 9

Hazel V. Fry, Ainsworth, NE., Mar. 12, 2013, page 5

Maynard R. Bourn, Ainsworth, NE., Mar. 25, 2013, page 5

Audrey M. “Susie” Allen, Ainsworth, NE., April 9, 2013, page 5