Deaths, Burt County, Nebraska

This listing shows the name of the county followed by the past and present cities for the county.  The county seat is enlarged.

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Burt Co.    Argo    Basford    Bertha   Craig   Decatur      Golden Spring       Lyons  Oakland      Peak     Tekamah      Zion

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Death and Funeral Notices in the Norfolk Daily News  Norfolk, NE.

The format will be Name, City, Date of Paper, Page Number


Elton C. Anderson, Lyons, NE., Mar. 13, 2010, page 5


Chris Strong, Tekamah, NE., Norfolk, NE., Feb. 23, 2011, page 7

Tom Hanna, Oakland, NE., Norfolk, NE., Jun. 18, 2011, page 16; Jun. 16, 2011, page 7