Deaths, Cherry County, Nebraska

This listing shows the name of the county followed by the past and present cities for the county.  The county seat is enlarged.

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Cherry Co.       Arabia       Banner       Big Creek       Brownlee       Burge                  Calf Creek        Capwell         Cascade       Cashswan       Cherry        Chesterfield      Cody        Crookston        Curlew       Eli         Elsmere        Elizabeth      Enlow      Erik         Ethel        Fern         Gilaspie       Harmony     Hire      Irwin     Kennedy      Kilgore      King        Kinneyville      Lackey       Lake       Lavaca       Lewanna     Lund        Martindale        Merriman        Middle Prong        Nenzel        Newton       Oasis       Prentice       Pullman       Reeves      Riege         Rita Park        Rolf       Roxby      Simeon        Soudan     Sparks     Survey      Thatcher      Trouble      Valentine     Vian         Wood Lake       Wells

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Death and Funeral Notices in the Norfolk Daily News  Norfolk, NE.

The format will be Name, City, Date of Paper, Page Number


Betty Kime, Valentine, NE., Apr. 6, 2007, page 9

Marianne Beel, Valentine, NE., Jul. 19, 2007, page 5


Eleanor E. (Detgen) Porath, Valentine, NE., Crookston, NE., Apr, 11, 2011, page 15