Diederichs, Frank P.

Jurors Decide Fatal Stabbing Accidental

A corner’s jury called to investigate the death of Frank P. Diederichs, 31, of Norfolk, found the accident unavoidable and without felonious intent.  Diederichs, it will be recalled died instantly when a knife held by his wife pierced his heart at the family home last Friday evening.  The dead man, an automobile repair man, came home to dinner at the usual hour Friday evening. He found his wife in the kitchen preparing some radishes and almost instantly after placing his arms around her, slumped to the floor as if in a faint. Mrs. Diederichs, not realizing what had actually happened and thinking him only ill, called a physician who after a hurried examination found the man dead. An examination revealed a knife wound about a half inch long directly over the heart.

Diederichs is survived by his wife, two small sons, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Diederichs and one brother, Henry of Norfolk.  Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at St. John’s Lutheran church.   Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, March 12, 1931, page 1.