Herman Tappert

Herman Tappert Badly Hurt in Crash with Auto                                                       Owner of Messesnger Service Riding Motorcycle Run Down by E. C. Rains      Blood Clot Disappears Following Bleeding from the Ear, but Fears Entertained of Infection—Base of Skull Fractured in Fall

Herman Tappert, owner of a local messenger service, is in the General hospital with the base of his skull fractured and his life hanging in the balance as the result of being hit by an automobile driven by Elmer Rains on South Fifth street near the Philip avenue intersection shortly after 4 o’clock Monday afternoon.  Rains was detained temporarily by the police who are investigating the case.  Rains says he did not see Tappert until the car struck him.  Tappert was riding a motorcycle from which he was thrown by the impact, his head striking the payment of Fifth street.

Say Both Were Speeding                                                                                              Police say their investigation shows that both men were speeding.    Tappert, according to the police theory, was driving east on Philip avenue and turned suddenly south on Fifth street when he reached the intersection.  Rains was driving south and was about in the middle of Fifth street, probably a little to the right of the street.  Tappert’s motorcycle was hit on the left side and was apparently a trifle ahead of the automobile.  Further investigations are being made into the case.  On advise of the county attorney, Rains was released.  He told the police he did not know just how the accident happened and did not see Tappert until the crash came.  His car ran ahead about 100 yards before it was stopped and with help of people in the neighborhood Rains put Tappert into his car and rushed him to the hospital.

Condition is Serious                                                                                                   Dr. P. H. Salter late Monday night gave out little hope for Tappert’s recovery, due to a blood clot, but this had apparently disappeared early Tuesday morning as a result of profuse bleeding from the ear.

The bleeding, Dr. Salter believed, may result in saving Tappert’s life.  The second and present danger is from infection but if this can be avoided, Tappert has a chance of recovery.  The injured man was showing some signs of consciousness late Tuesday morning.             Source: The Norfolk Daily News, Tues. Dec. 12, 1922, page 2

Herman Tappert Dies After Auto Acccident                                                                Did not regain counsciousness to tell his side of the story

Herman Tappert died in a local hospital at 9:45 this morning from injuries which he received last week when he was thrown from his motorcycle on South Fifth street and sustained fracture of the base of the skull.

Tappert was riding south when his motorcycle was hit by an automobile driven by Elmer Rains.  Police were of the opinion that both men were driving fast, and that Tappert who had come into Fifth street from the east had turned south in order to avoid running into Rains car which was going south.  Tappert never regained consciousness to tell his side of the story.

Tappert has been in the hospital about a week.  At times physicians believed they saw signs of improvement, at one time they believed he was regaining consciousness and tht he understood what those about him were saying.  A blood clot disappeared where there was profuse bleeding from the ear.  Attending physicians, however, feared infection and this probably caused his death.  His condition became worse Saturday and members of the family were called to the hospital this morning.

Tappert was 31 years old and is survived by his widow and two children at Detroit, Mich.  He is the son of Mrs. Emma Tappert of 1212 Philip avenue.                                Source: The Norfolk Daily News, Mon. Dec. 18, 1922, page 5

Hold Services for Tappert on next Thursday                                                              Wife and Two Children who live in Detroit are Expected Here   

Rains is prostrated                                                                                                       Driver of Car which ran into Messenger’s Motorcycle has been                      Frequent Visitor at Bedside of Injured Man—No charges filed

Funeral services will be held at 2 o’clock Thursday afternoon for Herman Tapper tint he home of his mother, Mrs. Emma Tappert, 1212 Philip avenue, and at 2:30 in Trinity Episcopal church.  Tappert, 33 years old, proprietor of a messenger service which he established only a few weeks ago, was thrown from his motorcycle on Dec. 11 when a car driven by Elmer Rains, crashed into him.  His head struck the pavement, causing fracture of the base of the skull.  Death came Monday morning.

Rains is Prostrated                                                                                                       Rains who has been at Tappert’s bedside frequently is almost prostrated with grief over the accident.  He declares he did not see Tappert until the accident occurred.  He took the injured man to the hospital.  Rains was held temporarily by the police but released latter No charges have been filed against him.  The theory in police circles is that both men were driving fast.

Tappert’s wife and two children are expected here from Detroit, Mich., to attend the funeral services.  A week before the accident occurred Tappert took out automobile accident insurance.

Police Warn Autoists                                                                                                       This accident is one of several which have occurred in Norfolk recently.  A short time ago Henry Fishbach, veteran Nebraska produce man was run down on Norfolk avenue by Luther Tefft.  Fishbach is still in the hospital where for a time his life was despaired of.  He is recovering very slowly from a double fracture of his leg.

Police Tuesday issued warnings to automobile drivers to cooperate with them in their endeavors to eliminate speeding.  They declare that they have special trouble from speeders at intersections.

Drivers speed over the paved sections at thirty to forty miles an hour, the police say, and never give thought of the grave danger which lurks at every intersection where most of the accidents are occurring.

The Rev. Herbert M. Peck, rector of Trinity Episcopal church, will have charge of the services Thursday afternoon.  Burial will be made in Prospect Hill cemetery.  The body will lie in state at Wolt’s Funeral home on Wednesday.                                         Source: The Norfolk Daily News, Tues. Dec. 19, 1922, page 2

Herman Tappert

Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon for Herman Tappert who died as a result of injuries received when he was run down by an automobile on South Fifth street.  Brief services were held in the family home at 2 o’clock and at 2:30 the Rev. H. M. Peck conducted services in Trinity Episcopal church.  Burial was made in Prospect Hill cemetery.  Tappert’s widow and two children arrived here from Detroit, Mich., in time to attend the services.  The pallbearers were: H. H. Tracy. L. H. Buckendor, L. A. Novak, Ray Musselman, Clyde Cochran and Ara Nelson.                   Source: The Norfolk Daily News, Fri. Dec. 22, 1922, page 5