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John Hoaglund                           Frank Jensen
Reuben A. Johnson                  George Edward Kennedy
Clyde Lauren Krause               Orlando Bidwell Manville
Harry D. Miller                           Frederick Homer Price
Hardin Sherman Tennant         Edwin Carlos Warner
Frank Austin Warner                John Wesley Warrick
Marie O’Donnell Weeks           Bernard Whitwer


John Hoaglund

In the Spring of 1868, John M. Hoaglund and Sara (Vastling) Hoaglund, his wife, with their two children emigrated from Sweden to America. John M. Hoaglund, was born at Noravi, Ostergotland, Sweden, April 1, 1831, while his wife was born at Tiderssum, Ostergotlund, April 12, 1824. John Hoaglund, the son, was born in Noravi, September 15, 1861,

Upon reaching Gottenborg, where he was to purchase tickets for the family’s passage to America, John Hoaglund was informed that he had not sufficient passage money to get to Burlington, Iowa, his destination, but that he could reach Jamestown, New York, where there was a Swedish settlement. The sea voyage was sixteen days, and later the mother became so ill that she was unconscious when the emmigrant train reached Jamestown. The family had just two dollars and a half in American money, and the railroad agent, being desirous of getting them off his hands, halted a one-horse dray and had the driver go after the Swedish Methodist minister.

When the minister was informed that the family had no relatives in that part of the country, he resolved to do his best for them and securing a dray, put the mother and children and their home made trunk into it and drove them up to the edge of town where there was an old vacant house. The mother continued ill part of the summer, and the father went to work on the railroad for $2.00 a day. John Hoaglund, the subject of this sketch, then seven years old, was a water boy for the men, while his mother, when she recovered, cooked for twenty-eight of them. Due to the fact that the contractor ran away with the pay roll, Mr. Hoaglund received no wages for his last two month’s work. When winter weather made railroad work impossible, the father secured a job of wood cutting, while the mother took in boarders.

The following summer all worked for the railroad again, and in the fall the father had $300.00 saved. Going eighteen miles out of Jamestown he found a cheap farm which he purchased, making a down payment of $300.00. There they farmed until the Spring of 1878, when they sold out and came to what is known as the Looking Glass, Nebraska. There mail was received twice a week, and Columbus was the nearest railroad town, forty-five miles away.

John Hoaglund, Senior, purchased railroad land, a half section a year before the family moved to Nebraska, at $2.75 an acre. In spite of the low price, however, they were forced to sell the only cow they had to make the small payment on a quarter section and to allow the railroad company to take back one quarter. Mr. Hoagland recalls selling eggs for four cents, butter for three cents, and doing without coffee entirely. Until he reached 20 Mr. Hoagland wore split leather boots. At that time he purchased his first pair of overshoes.

At first, in Nebraska, the family lived in a sod house, and built a sod barn. Drinking water was carried from the home of a neighbor eighty rods away. There was bad luck with the horses, and one of the best was lost when helping a neighbor thresh. The first seven years in Nebraska $1400 was used for the purchase of horses.

The baby sister died on May 5, 1883, while they still lived in the sod house, but finally things improved and at the present time Mr. Hoaglund lives in one of the most comfortable homes in Newman Grove, and is the owner of 700 acres of Nebraska land. His father died at Newman Grove, on January 7, 1921, and his mother also died at Newman Grove, November 4, 1917.

On June 6, 1894, Mr. Hoaglund was married to Hilda Augusta Peterson at Looking Glass, Nebraska. She was a native of Kastlosa, Oland, Sweden, daughter of Jonas and Johanna Peterson. Her brother, Chancy A., was a prominent farmer in Platte County until his death on December 18, 1924. To them were born five children, four of whom are living: Edith, born November 3, 1894, married Victor Larson; Alice, born February 25, 1896, married Dr. Lloyd C. Blockman; Ethel, born September 5, 1897; Ada, born March 21, 1900, who died April 29, 1913; and John C., born September 15, 1903. The two oldest girls received a high school education, while the other two living children were graduated from the University of Nebraska. Ethel is a successful commercial teacher. John served two years as assistant secretary of a Young Men’s Christian Association, was four and a half years in the Newman Grove Post Office, and is now deputy treasurer of Madison County.

During the World War period Mr. Hoaglund’s quota for Liberty bonds was placed, perhaps unjustly, at $5,000.00, and although he had to borrow the money, he purchased that amount. Educating his children also depleted his working capital, and his taxes became larger than his income. However, through the sale of two farms one at $100 and the other at $93 per acre, he readjusted himself. He believes now that in a few more years he will have his land entirely free from indebtedness.

Recently Mr. Hoaglund was elected to life membership in the Nebraskana Society in recognition of his work for the advancement of his community and state. Residence: Newman Grove. (Photograph in Album).


Frank  Jensen

A physician at Newman Grove, Nebraska since 1903, Frank Jensen was born at Council Bluffs, Iowa, July 22, 1880, the son of Lars and Mary (Sandstrom) Jensen. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Denmark in 1851 and died at El Reno, Oklahoma, July 10, 1915; he served as justice of the peace for years. His mother was born in Denmark and died at El Reno, Oklahoma, October 1, 1902.

Dr. Jensen attended  rural school and was a student at Western Iowa College, Council Bluffs, for two years. In 1903 he received the M. D. degree at the University of Nebraska. He is past president of the Madison County Medical Society, and the Elkhorn Valley Medical society, and is a member of the medical firm Jensen & Morris at Newman Grove, Nebraska. He served as first mayor of the city and has been active in civic affairs there for several years.

He is a member of the American Medical Association, and the Nebraska State Medical Society. His fraternal organizations include: Odd Fellows; Modern Woodmen of America; Royal Neighbors of America; and Rebekahs. He has been a member of the Red Cross for many years He is a Scottish Rite Mason and Shriner.

His marriage to Rose Emoline Batten was solemnized at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, October 6, 1906. Mrs. Jensen, who was a milliner, was born at Plattsmouth, June 1, 1884, and died at Newman Grove, December 10, 1912. One son was born to them, Russell J., born November 23, 1909, who is a musician and instructor of piano at Norfolk, Nebraska. On February 15, 1928, Dr. Jensen was married to Inger Engelsgjerd at Newman Grove. They have a daughter, Frances Joan, born August 26, 1930. Residence: Newman Grove.


Reuben A. Johnson

Born in Moody County, South Dakota, June 26, 1896, Reuben A. Johnson is the son of Rudolph Andrew and Alice (Aaker) Johnson. His father, who is a retired farmer, was born at Drammen, Norway, December 28, 1863; he came to this country in 1880. His mother, whose grandparents came from Norway, was born at Ridgeway, Iowa, September 23, 1874.

Mr. Johnson received the LL. B. degree at the University of Nebraska, in 1923; he attended the high school at Flandreau, South Dakota, where he was graduated in 1917, and in 1918 he was a student at the University of Washington, in Officer’s Training School. He received letters in football, basketball, and track at Flandreau High School, and in 1922, served as steward of Phi Alpha Delta. From June 1, 1917, to June 1, 1918, he was deputy county treasurer of Moody County, South Dakota.

Since 1923, Mr. Johnson has been engaged in the practice of law at Newman Grove, Nebraska, where he is city attorney; a candidate for county attorney in 1930, he was defeated by a close vote. He has been a member of the school board of Newman Grove for three years, is town chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, and holds membership in the Tri Community Club. He is a member of the Red Cross, the District Bar Association, and the Nebraskana Society.

During the World War he served as ensign in the United States Naval Reserve Force, commissioned in 1919. He has served as adjutant of the American Legion for six years, and is a service officer in Post Number 73 in Madison County; he is also county commander of that organization. Mr. Johnson is affiliated with Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.

On December 28, 1922, he was married to Vera Dale Selway at Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Johnson, who was born at Belle Fourche, South Dakota, August 18, 1903, of Welch and English parentage, is descended from Admiral Foote. She is the only child of Richard A. and Josephine (Reynolds) Selway. Their children are: Leon, born February 27, 1925; and Hartrice, born November 3, 1928. Residence: Newman Grove. (Photograph in Album).


George Edward Kennedy

Born at Oakland, California, October 19, 1881, George Edward Kennedy has been a resident of Nebraska for the past 48 years. He has three brothers, four half brothers and two sisters, of which two brothers and both sisters are living. His father, Charles Johnston Kennedy, was born at South Bend, Indiana, November 29, 1834, and died at Saint Edward, Nebraska, December 29, 1896. He served as manager of the Plasa Gold Mine in California, and was later a funeral director and retail furniture merchant. His ancestry was Scotch-Irish. His mother, Martha Jane (Kyle) Kennedy, was born in New York, November 25, 1851, and died at Saint Edward, Nebraska, November 30, 1906. She was also of Scotch-Irish descent.

Mr. Kennedy attended high school at Saint Edward for two years and upon the death of his father left school and began caring for the family. He is now the owner and operator of two service stations and a silver fox farm at Newman Grove. He is also the owner of two quarter sections of fine farming land. Mr. Kennedy is a member of the Odd Fellows and the Masons, is chairman of the Newman Grove Relief Committee, and is secretary of the Free Fair Board. He is affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is serving as steward at this time. He is a director of the Co-operative Creamery Association of Newman Grove also.

He was married to Lillian Victoria Cain in Platte County, Nebraska, September 14, 1904. Mrs. Kennedy was born at Lindsay, Nebraska, August 9, 1886, and died at Newman Grove, July 12, 1924. She was the daughter of pioneer Nebraskans. Five children were born to them, Helen M., born September 26, 1905; George Edward, Jr., born January 16, 1911; Vivian L., born November 29, 1912; Thomas Cain, born October 12, 1914; and Margaret Lillian, born March 7, 1920.

On May 27, 1927, Mr. Kennedy married Esther L. Baker, the daughter of Charles and Ella (Hart) Baker who came to Nebraska in 1860. Mrs. Kennedy is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and was a teacher of mathematics for a period of ten years. She also served as principal of the Newman Grove High School from 1924 until 1927. They have a daughter, Ruth Marilyn, born June 14, 1931. George and Vivian manage their father’s fox farm. Residence: Newman Grove. (Photograph in Album)


Clyde Lauren Krause

Clyde Lauren Krause was born at Albion, Nebraska, July 2, 1893, and has been a resident of this state all his life. His father, Paul Athenial Krause, who was born in Wisconsin, February 26, 1860, has been a tinner, and implement and hardware dealer at Albion, for the past 52 years; his German parents immigrated to this country in 1852, where they settled in Wisconsin, later homesteading in Nebraska. His mother, Carrie Faulkner, who was born in Wisconsin, October 14, 1866, and died at Wahoo, Nebraska, February 14, 1927, was actively interested in nature study and club work. Her parents, who were of Scotch-Irish descent, were settlers in Wisconsin in the early days, and later moved to Nebraska where they were pioneer homesteaders.

Mr. Krause was graduated from the Albion High School in 1911, and was a student at the University of Nebraska, 1911-15, where he was a member of Kappa Sigma. He received letters in basketball and baseball, in high school and was actively identified with athletics during his university career. He also engaged in semi-professional baseball for a time. From 1919 to 1930, he was a partner in the hardware firm P. A. Krause & Sons, at Fullerton, Nebraska. At this time he is secretary-treasurer and a partner in the firm of P. A. Krause & Sons at Albion, acting as director in this organization.

He is a member of the Red Cross, was a member of the Lions Club at Fullerton, from 1927 to 1929, and holds membership in the Masons. He is affiliated with the Congregational Church of Albion, is a member of the Newman Grove Golf Club, and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. His sports include hunting; fishing; golfing; volleyball; and basketball. His hobby is reading. During the late war Mr. Krause was a sergeant in the medical department of the United States Army, and at this time is a past commander of the American Legion.

He was united in marriage with Eleanor Marie Keenan, at Junction City, Kansas, May 10, 1919. Mrs. Krause, who is a registered nurse, was born at Peoria, Illinois, August 22, 1895, of Irish parentage. During the World War she was an active member of the United States Army Nurses’ Corps, and as a member of the American Legion and its auxiliary, she is very active. Two children were born to this marriage: Margaret Louise, born January 19, 1920; and Janet Marion, born September 7, 1923.

Mr. Krause is a Republican, and served as a member of the Fullerton city council from 1924 to 1930. Residence: Newman Grove.


Orlando Bidwell Manville

Orlando Bidwell Manville, real estate and investment executive, was born at Watertown, Wisconsin, September 29, 1867. He is the son of Hiram Sage and Helen Frances (Nute) Manville, the former an importer of dry goods and notions until 1876, and general manager of the Converse Cattle Company until 1903. Hiram Sage Manville was born at Great Barrington, Massachusetts on June 13, 1829, of old New England ancestry. He died at Oakdale, Nebraska, December 6, 1911.

Helen Frances Nute, his wife, was born at Farmington, New Hampshire, June 20, 1836, and died at Boston, March 17, 1927, She was also of old New England stock.

Orlando B. Manville attended Markham’s Academy at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one year; the public schools of Washington, D. C. two years; the public schools of Manchester, New Hampshire, three years; Chauncy Hall at Boston seven months; and Dartmouth College one year. He is a member of Beta Theta Pi.

On May 29, 1888, he was married to Alice E. Bittenger at Tilden, Nebraska. Two children were born to them, Richard B., December 25, 1889, who is unmarried. Hiram Sage, born October 21, 1891, was married in June, 1916, to Vera Regina Hudson of Omaha. To them were born three children, Betty Larie, born August 18, 1920; Barbara Lorraine, born March 2, 1923; and Beatrice Lucille, born November 2, 1925. Their youngest child, Florence was born July 7, 1905, and has completed a secretarial course at Stephens College. She is a stenographer. Divorced in 1900, Mr. Manville was married to Nora E. Nelson on May 3, 1902, at Neligh, Nebraska. She was born December 1, 1872.

Mr. Manville resided in South Dakota from 1890 until 1892, in Nebraska the summers 1882 to 1885, and became a permanent resident of Nebraska in 1885. The years 1904-06 he spent in California. Until 1906 he was engaged in the cattle business, and since that date has engaged in the real estate and investment business at Oakdale and Norfolk, Nebraska.

He is affiliated with the Congregational Church, is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Ancient Order of United Workmen and is a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Norfolk. (Photograph in Album).


Harry D. Miller

Harry Daniel Miller, banker and executive, was born at Marengo, Iowa, October 9, 1869, son of Levi and Lucretia (Tutweiler) Miller. Levi Miller, who was born at Columbus, Ohio, October 28, 1938, was admitted to the bar of Nebraska in 1881, and served as county attorney and mayor of Stanton. He was president of the First National Bank from 1883 to the time of his death on February 18, 1920. During the Civil War he served 1862-65 as a captain of the 2nd Missouri Cavalry. His grandfather, Michael Miller, was a fifer in Peter Grubbs Junior Company and saw active service in the Battle of Long Island, in the Revolution, and at Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. Lucretia Miller, wife of Levi, was born in New Lexington, Ohio, August 15, 1845. She is active in church work and has served as president of the Sorosis Club. Her father and grandfather served in the War of 1812, and came from the Green and Tutweiler families of Roekingham County, Virginia.

Harry D. Miller attended Stanton High School, and Eastman’s College at Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1901, he was one of the organizers of the Stanton Electric Light Company, and upon the death of his father he became president of the First National Bank. He is secretary-treasurer of the Stanton Telephone Company, and a director of the Mountain Timber Company of Oregon, and treasurer of that organization. He is treasurer and director of the Stanton County Fair Association and secretary and director of the Odd Fellows Cemetery Association of Stanton.

A Democrat, Mr. Miller is active in party politics and has several times been chairman of the county central committee and a member of the Democratic State Committee. During the World War he was chairman of the Stanton County War Savings Stamps committee, and a member of the Nebraska Council of Defense.

A member of the Red Cross, the Commercial Club and the Volunteer Fire Department, he was president of the Bankers Association of the Third District in 1917, and for fourteen years was a member of the board of the Stanton Public Library. His fraternal organizations include the Elks, Eagles, Knights of Pythias, Sons of Herman, Ben Hur, Modern Brotherhood of America, Ancient Order of United Workmen and the Royal Highlanders. His social club is the Stanton Country Club. Residence: Stanton. (Photograph in Album).


Frederick Homer Price

Frederick Homer Price, an educator and school executive for many years, and at this time an editor and publisher at Newman Grove, Nebraska, has lived in this state for nearly half a century. He was born at Avoca, Iowa, March 13, 1878, the son of Margaret Ann (Amerine) and Fletcher Price. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Franklin County, Indiana, October 27, 1837, and died at York, Nebraska, July 14, 1923. His mother was born at Piqua, Ohio, March 23, 1845, and died at York, September 1, 1921.

Mr. Price received his early education in rural schools, was a student at Nebraska Wesleyan University, the University of Nebraska, and Peru State Teachers College, and in 1908 was graduated from Fremont College, Fremont, Nebraska. He was elected to membership in Phi Delta Kappa and the Schoolmasters Club.

He engaged in public school work for 18 years, and in 1918 resigned the superintendency of the Newman Grove schools to take charge of the Newman Grove Reporter, a weekly newspaper, of which he is editor and publisher. He served as president of the Nebraska State Press Association in 1930, was a member of the executive committee of the Nebraska State Historical Society, 1930, and acted as president of the Northeast Nebraska Teachers Association in 1914.

Mr. Price holds membership in the National Editorial Association, the Nebraskana Society, and the Methodist Episcopal Church of Newman Grove. He is a Mason, and during his years of teaching was active in all state educational societies. A Republican, he served as a member of the Board of Education for two terms and was city clerk of Newman Grove for 10 years.

Of his marriage to Matilda A. Miller, in 1905, the following children were born: Warren Miller, born December 15, 1906, who married Dolene Wills;. Marvin Frederick, born May 26, 1908, who married Amy Louise Martin; Marian, born May 27, 1910; and Frances, born December 19, 1911. Mrs. Price died in 1913.

On August 18, 1915, he married Myrtle Faye Scott, at Pawnee City, Nebraska; she was born at Adrian, Missouri, daughter of Robert and Ida Scott, and was a public school teacher prior to her marriage. They have one daughter: Amy Annabel, born December 13. 1922. Residence: Newman Grove. (Photograph in Album)


Hardin Sherman Tennant

Hardin Sherman Tennant, physician and surgeon, was born at Tuskeego, Iowa, April 23, 1895, son of Henry Stuart and Clara Naomi (Cash) Tennant. Henry Tennant, a native of Wisconsin, born November 9, 1864, is a merchant and former railroad dispatcher. His father was born in Toronto, Canada, of Scotch and English descent, and his mother was born in Sterling, Scotland, of the Stuart family. Clara Naomi Cash, who was born at Tuskeego, March 31, 1869, was a teacher in early life, and is active in civic, educational and club work. Her father was born in Kentucky, and was descended from early English settlers, and her mother, who belonged to the Edwards family of Wales and England, was born in Waverly, Illinois.

Educated in the public and high school at Pawnee City, Hardin Sherman Tennant was graduated from the latter in 1914, and attended the university. He received his B. Sc. degree in 1924, and his M. D. in 1926, and is a member of Omega Beta Pi (president 1921) and Phi Rho Sigma (house manager and steward, 1925).

On December 1, 1926, Dr. Tennant was united in marriage to Zira Van Pelt, at Omaha. Mrs. Tennant was born at Endicott, Nebraska, January 18, 1891, and prior to her marriage was a teacher. Her father is of Dutch and Irish extraction and her mother Welch and German.

A Republican, Dr. Tennant has been a member of the city council of Stanton, since 1929. He served as a radio operator in the United States Navy during the World War, and in 1930 was commander of Stanton Post No. 88 of the American Legion. During 1930-31, he was president of the Chamber of Commerce, and in 1931 was elected president of the Five County Medical Society. He is a member of the Nebraska State Medical Society, the Stanton Congregational Church, the Masons, Modern Woodmen of America, and The Nebraskana Society. Dr. Tennant enjoys baseball, golf and tennis. Residence. Stanton. (Photograph in Album).


Edwin Carlos Warner

Edwin Carlos Warner was born at Tremont, Illinois, May 8, 1863, the son of pioneer settlers of Madison County, Nebraska. His father, Hiram Warner, who was prominent in the early history of his community, was born at Canton, New York, August 4, 1839, and died at Warnerville, Nebraska, October 8, 1912; he was a farmer and merchant, and served for three years in the Union Army during the Civil War; he was descended from ancestors who came to America in the Mayflower in 1620. Rosalthe Lydia (Amsbary) Warner, mother of Edwin Warner, was born at Longs Landing, Virginia, June 6, 1839, and died at Warnerville, March 14, 1931; her ancestors were among the original English settlers of Virginia.

Mr. Warner attended the public schools and was graduated from the Illinois State Normal School in 1886. He was a public school teacher for five years, was cashier of the Tremont Bank at Tremont, Illinois for two years, and in 1887 helped to found the town of Warnerville. He engaged in a general merchandise business at Warnerville until 1894, was in the Railway Mail Service from 1891 to 1918, and since 1918 has farmed near Warnerville. At this time he is a member of the local school board. His chief recreations are golf and reading.

He was united in marriage with Lillie Belle Ashby at Onarga, Illinois, October 19, 1887. Mrs. Warner, who was a descendant of John RoIf and Pocahontas of colonial fame, was born at Indianola, Illinois, August 30, 1865, and died at Norfolk, June 17, 1929. Five children were born to their marriage: Edward H., November 3, 1888, who married Hazel Head; Marilla, June 2, 1890, who married Bruce Dale; Frank A., April 2, 1892, who married Frances Colton; Bruce C., July 5, 1895, who married Bernice Ballantyne, and who died April 12, 1927; and George, April 6, 1898, who died June 6, 1891.

Mr. Warner is a Democrat. Residence: Norfolk.


Frank Austin Warner

Born at Warnerville, Nebraska, April 2, 1892, Frank Austin Warner is the son of Edwin Carlos and Lillie (Ashby) Warner. His father, born at Tremont, Illinois, May 8, 1863, is justice of the peace at Warnerville, and a farmer. He has also served as a railway mail clerk and has been a banker. He came to Nebraska from Tazewell County, Illinois, with his father, founding the town of Warnerville. His grandfather was a soldier in Company A, 108th Illinois Volunteers, in the Civil War.

His mother was born at Indianola, Illinois, August 30, 1865, and died at Norfolk, Nebraska, June 17, 1929. She was department president of the American Legion Auxiliary for the State of Nebraska, and was the daughter of Captain John Ashby who served with an Illinois regiment in the Civil War.

Mr. Warner, who is a prominent lawyer at Norfolk, attended high school in Jerseyville, Illinois, and North Division High School in Chicago. In 1909 he was graduated from Grand Prairie Seminary at Onarga, Illinois. He began the study of law in Chicago, and completed it in the office of United States Senator William V. Allen at Madison, and was admitted to the bar at Lincoln in 1915. He has been a member of the firms of Allen, Dowling and Warner; Dowling and Warner; and Dowling, Warner, Moyer and Schmidt. Since 1921 he has practiced independently.

A Democrat, he has served as county and city chairman, as a member and vice chairman of the state central committee and chairman of the permanent organization committee. His religious affiliation is with the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk, while his professional organizations include the Nebraska State and American Bar Associations.

Mr. Warner enlisted in the Nebraska National Guard on May 13, 1917; organized Company I, 6th Nebraska Infantry (N. G.) ; was promoted to captain of infantry on June 25, 1917; was inducted into federal service on August 5, 1917; was transfered to 109th Engineers Train October, 1917; to 126th Field Artillery November, 1917; attended and instructed at the Fort Sill School of Fire January-June, 1918; was transferred to F. A. C. O. T. S. Camp Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, June, 1918; was instructor, personnel adjutant, and executive, was promoted to major of Field Artillery and was transferred as assistant executive chief of Field Artillery, General Staff, Washington, D. C., October, 1918. He received his honorable discharge on January 27, 1919; and was made lieutenant colonel September 1, 1923.

A member of the Military Order of the World War, and of the Reserve Officers Association, he is former vice president of the latter, and a member of the state executive committee. He is president of the Elkhorn Valley Reserve Officers Association; past chef de gare of Norfolk Voiture, Forty and Eight; past grand chef de gare of the Nebraska Forty and Eight; organizer and past department vice commander and national executive committeeman of the American Legion and is now alternate national executive committeeman.

Mr. Warner is an Elk, an Odd Fellow, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Bull Run Society, the Volunteer Fire Department, the Young Men’s Christian Association and the Nebraskana Society. Residence Norfolk. (Photograph in  Album)


John Wesley Warrick

Since 1887 John Wesley Warrièk has been prominent in business in Madison County, Nebraska, and has taken an active part in civic affairs at Meadow Grove. He was born at Elk Creek, Virginia, May 7, 1858, the son of George and Elizabeth (Stone) Warrick. His father, a farmer of English descent, was born at Elk Creek, June 20, 1827, and died there, May 2, 1909. He was a teacher prior to his marriage. His mother was born at Elk Creek, February 13, 1836, and died there November 18, 1908. She was of Pennsylvania-Dutch descent.

Mr. Warrick attended school at Elk Creek until 1878 and taught school for a year in his native town. Later he entered the mercantile business, and in addition to it served as postmaster for five years. Coming to Nebraska in 1887, he settled in Meadow Grove where he has since resided, occupying the same homesite ever since his marriage.

For the past 20 years Mr. Warrick has been a member of the Meadow Grove School Board. He is a member of the Red Cross and the Ancient Order of United Workmen, and is affiliated with the First Methodist Church of Meadow Grove. He holds membership in the Nebraskana Society and the Battle Creek Country Club. His chief recreations are golfing and reading.

He was married to Grace Hanna Shafer at Meadow Grove, April 27, 1890. Mrs. Warrick was born in Garrison, Benton County, Iowa, August 16, 1870. They have four children, Elizabeth, born February 9, 1891, who married Vernon A. Dunlavy; Ruth, born September 6, 1894, who married George H. Lemon; Dorothy, born April 9, 1899, who married Charles Denser; and John Wesley, Jr., born January 6, 1903, who married Ruth Hoflund. Elizabeth was graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University, and Ruth was graduated from that institution and from Simmons College at Boston, Massachussets. Dorothy received her education at Nebraska Wesleyan University, also. John Wesley, Jr., attended Culver Military Academy at Culver, Indiana, two years and was a student at Nebraska Wesleyan University for the same period of time. He received his degree from the state university of Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Warrick have seven grandchildren. Residence: Meadow Grove.


Marie O’Donnell Weeks

Marie O’Donnell Weeks, newspaper publisher, writer and Clubwoman, was born in Cuming County, Nebraska, May 6, 1881. Her father, James O’Donnell, was born in Ireland of an old and distinguished family, and came to the United States in 1861. He served with the Union Army in the Civil War, and died in Cuming County, July 1, 1893.

Katherine Elizabeth McLaughlin, wife of James O’Donnell, was born in Hartford, Connecticut, March 25, 1862. She came of a family of many attainments in Ireland, and was a cultured woman and a fine mother. She died at Norfolk, May 29, 1930.

Educated in rural schools in Cuming County until 1896, Marie O’Donnell entered West Point High School from which she was graduated in June, 1900. On October 2, 1907, she was married to William Herbert Weeks, a newspaper publisher. Mr. Weeks was born in Brooklyn, New York, October 29, 1855, descended from Revolutionary War ancestors through both lines. Mr. Weeks died at Norfolk, September 25, 1927, leaving six children by a previous marriage. They are Charles, Anna, Gertrude, Ralph, Bryan and William H. Weeks.

Altho a Republican by inheritance, Mrs. Weeks is independent in politics. She has always taken an active part in public affairs, and was the first woman candidate for congress in Nebraska.

From the time of her marriage she was associated with her husband in newspaper work, and was editor and publisher of the Norfolk Press almost twenty-three years. In 1924 she was president of the Nebraska State Press Association, and was the founder of the Northeast Nebraska Editorial Association and the Nebraska Writers’ Guild.

A member of the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska, she is also a member of the Madison County Historical Association and the Nebraskana Society. She is the possessor of a letter and medal for services rendered in the World War, is a member of the National and Nebraska State Press Associations, the Chamber of commerce, and has for her hobby government. Residence: Norfolk.


Bernard Whitwer

Bernard Whitwer, who was a resident of Nebraska for 62 years, was born at Bern, Switzerland, December 20, 1845. He received his education in the public schools of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where be attended night school. Upon his arrival in this country he settled at Pittsburgh where he remained until 1869 when he homesteaded in Antelope County, Nebraska.

Mr. Whitwer was the first blacksmith in Antelope County where he served as a member of the county board for a number of years and was a civic-minded and progressive leader in his community all his life. He was affiliated with the Friedens Evangelical Church, held membership in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and just prior to his death, on December 12, 1931, was elected to membership in The Nebraskana Society.

On February 16, 1872, he was united in marriage with Wilhelmine Caroline Draube in Stanton County, Nebraska. Mrs. Whitwer, whose parents were pioneers in Nebraska, was born at Stateen, Germany, October 10, 1852.

The following children were born to this marriage; Alfred A., born March 14, 1875, who married Mary Yenglin; Laura Anna, born October 17, 1876, who married John Fankhauser; Amel Herman, October 12, 1878, who married Maude Pierce; Will, September 29, 1880, who married Beulah Pierce; Minnie Flora, September 14, 1884, who married John Lamly, Sr.; and Clara Bertha, July 6, 1886, who married Charles F. Haudenshield. (Photograph in Album).