Veterans Buried in Madison County Cemeteries

The following article is from The Norfolk Daily News,  Thursday, May 30, 1940, page 9.

150 Veterans of Wars Are Buried                              in Cemeteries Here

Norfolk today paid tribute to its war dead, 150 of whom are buried in cemeteries in this vicinity. There are graves of ninety Civil War veterans, fifty-one World War veterans, eight Spanish.American War veterans and one Mexican War veteran.

Civil War Veterans buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery

D. C. Amarine

G. W. Beels                      Levi Beemer
J. Bondurant                    C. W. William Braasch
James Brady                   Cyrus P. Byerly

Samuel S. Cotton             John S. Craig
Chauncey Cronk

Moses Daugherty              George Davenport
Daniel Desmond               Lathrop Doyle

Charles Eble                    Charles Eisley
Jacob R. Ellis

Herman Gerecke               W. S. Glass
William Gleason                Daniel Goddard

John A. Green                     Uriah Gregory
Alfred Groom

W. H. Hagey                      Thomas J. Harter
L. K. Hill

W. O. Isham

Henry F. Kennedy                  M. J. Kennedy
I. Wilson King                       Thomas Knoll
John Koenigstein                  Frank Kriger

Frederick J. Ladhoff              John Leitow
Charles Long                        William H. Lowe
D. C. Lucas

Pardon Marshall                    J. M. Mathewson
John S. McClary                   John S. McGinnis
Franz Mielenz,                     Dudley Miller
Henry Miller                          R. W. Mills
John Myner

Rasmus Nielson

Samuel Park                     J. G. Pheasant
J. W. Plummer                 George Priestly

N. A. Rainbolt                   Burrel E. Reed
William Risor                   H. M. Roberts
W. H. Roberts                 W. M. Robertson
J. A. Romine                   James S. Rouse

J. W. Smith

A. F. Tannehill                  Charles Tracy

James H. VanHorn            Daniel Vaughn

K. L. Waters                  Edmund Weatherby
J. C. Weills                    Lucian Wells
William Widamon

Alexander Zike

Civil War Veterans buried at Best Cemetery

M. J. Best

Charles Fitch               John B. Flenniken

Francis Henderson

Joseph A. Light             William Low

Robert McKibbon

John T. Wollert

Civil War Veterans buried at St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery

August Bergman                    August Braasch

Frederick Dedderman           Wilhelm Dommer

August Moldenhauer

August Raasch

Wilhelm Winter

Civil War Veterans buried at Christ Lutheran Cemetery

Otto Phillip Hirsch

August Lobnow

William Monk

World War Veterans buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery

George Banta                      Walter Bennett
Archie Burgess                    Alfred Burns

Wren Cranford

Frank Deaver

Robert T. Evans

George Fairbanks                        James Finley

Christ George                           Ralph M. Gottschall
Julius Graves

Goodlow Hansen                    Lester Haverstein
Roy Herrington                       Charles Hyde

John R. Johnston

Fred John Kane                    Edward Kennedy
Frank Killoran                       Irvin Klentz

Leo Long

Everet Roy McCaslin                Joseph Miller

Earl T. Nightingale                   Forest Norton

Otto Oertwich

Charles Scheele                   Claire Schultz
Harry Sclavos                       Fred Smith

Albert C. Vrinders                  James E. Vrinders

Frank Warner                     Frank Weaver
Russell Welch                    Elmer Wolfe
Frank P. Woock

World War Veterans buried at St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery

Alfred Hille

Oscar Machmueller

World War Veterans buried at Christ Lutheran Cemetery

Henry Benning                    George Berner

Charlie Carstensen

John Flannagan

Herman M. Porter

Henry Schulz                     W. Earl Shields

World War Veteran buried at Best Cemetery

William Moxley

World War Veteran buried at Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Otto Fuhrmann

Spanish–American War Veterans buried at                                               Prospect Hill Cemetery

John Warren McClary

Alfred N. Gerecke                   Fred G. Gerecke

Herbert King                          Richard King

Edward Marquardt

John Thorburn

Spanish–American War Veteran buried at                                                 Christ Lutheran Cemetery

Alexander Pillar

Mexican War Veteran buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery

John Geiger


(Note: This is from an article in the newspaper. It does not include all veterans in Madison County and some of the names may be misspelled, but this is how it appeared in the newspaper.)