A call for help

As winter approaches many demands will be made upon the people of Norfolk for assistance by the unfortunate men and women who are out of work.  All over the state the prominent citizens of towns and cities are beginning to organize relief associations which is the only practicable means of dispensing charity so that it will reach and relieve those who really merit the aid.  Is it not time that Norfolk was looking to the organization of a public aid society?  It has been suggested to The News that the churches might unite and by the united influence of their best workers, who have had experience in such work, bring the system to a condition, wherein they could reduce suffering and yet not spend the money to a disadvantage. Each church has its own to assist, it is true, but organized efforts are bound to produce the most good and then there will be no need of indiscriminate giving.  Each case of destition much by this means become generally known and all cases may be treated equally.

Source:  The Norfolk Daily News, Mon. Sept. 24, 1894, page 3.