Boone County, Who’s Who 1940

The following information comes from the book Who’s Who in Nebraska published by the Nebraska Press Association, Lincoln, Nebraska in 1940.  The names are just listed below.  Occupation, birth location and date, parents names, education, children, organizations they belong to, church affiliation, hobbies, and residence are shown in the actual book.  This additional information can be obtained by contacting Allied Genealogical Search.

Anderson, Gertie A.               Andre, John Joseph

Beckmann, John Herman     Bowman, Guy S.
Brox, Joseph Benjamin

Carey, Flavian                     Carter, Kenneth William
Clark, Don Tracy                 Cramer, Glenn
Curran, John Thomas

Davis, Joseph                        Davis, Joseph Edward
Dawson, Clayton Edgar        Donahue, William J.

Flotree, Robert T.

Gaskill, George Michael         Geiger, Virgil Arlington
Gordon, James B.

Hall, Ernest Eugene              Hanneman, Herman Julius
Higgins, William Paul

Jackson, Harold Tracy

Keeshan, William                 King, Walter Jacob
Kluthe, Anthony S.                Knudsen, Harry Peter
Krause, M. B.

Ladd, Arthur Washington       Lamb, Albert Newton
Larson, Fritz Herbert             Leech, Don Raymond
Lehr, Henry Francis

McRae, Finley Joseph          Melvin, Alma E. Savage
Miles, George B.                   Mulligan, William S.
Myers, A. A.

Nore, Louis B.

Peters, Blanche                   Peterson, Albert Paul
Pieper, Julius H.                   Porter, John Washington
Price, Myrtle V.

Reeder, William J.              Rich, George Peter

Schopp, Francis G.           Score, Sever Martin
Scriven, Zella M.                Sillik, Frank M.
Smith, Aubrey Adam         Smith, James Westfael Barnum
Smith, William J.               Smoyer, Louis I.
Steffes, Henry Conrad      Sullivan, George W.

Thompson, Mrs. Nelle Peters        Thompson, Oma
Thompson, Thomas A.

Van Ackeren, Edwin          Van Ackeren, George Max

Watson, William Burton      Weitzel, Fredrick M.
Welburn, Jasper Arthur       Whitman, Leroy H.
Williams, Frank D.               Wolf, Max
Worden, George S.