Dairy Cows

Dairy Cows Respond to Call of Auto Horn

Recalling the welcome ding-ding of the old dinner bell of his boyhood’s happy days down on the farm (Missouri), and remembering the alacrity with which he could get his feet braced against the center table leg for a long, strong pull at the kartoffel und kraut, Fred Tegeler, Battle Creek’s philosophic vendor of pure standard test milk and cream, pondered long weeks, it is said, to devise a method by which he could similarly induce his dairy herd to come a-runnin. when he reached the pasture gate with milk pails and fodder. Then an idea struck him and like Euclid he must have exclaimed .Eureka!..or maybe it was just .Ich hab es!. Anyway, he forthwith reconditioned the old horn on the fresh-air Hudson and with patient tutoring the milkers in time learned there was something else than noise and driver in the gas cart. Now, early or late, Fred may sound klaxon as he approaches within three blocks of the pasture and every dam and her pedigreed progeny are at the gate to meet him and give down as they eat up. And southsiders claim they may set their clocks at 5:17 every morning when the siren calls the kine. Source: Battle Creek Enterprise, Thursday, September 3, 1936, page 1. (Kartoffel=potato, .Ich hab es!.= I have it! {German})