Early Pioneers Madison County

Early Pioneers of Nebraska

The listings below are just a few of the listings found in Early Pioneers of Nebraska with Allied Lines as taken from Family Recognition Records Volume 1., from the Nebraska State Genealogical Society in Lincoln, Nebraska. The names in the book and the accompanying information found there were taken from the first five hundred completed Ancestor Information Sheets and Generation Charts submitted. This project was started in the spring of 1981. There was no date shown for the publication date of the book.

The page number at the end of each surname is for the page on which the information was found.

Madison County

Brummund, Gottlieb Herman and Ulricke L. (Ruhlow). Settled in Nebraska: 1869,  Madison County. Gottlieb born May 11, 1834, Pslugrada, Pommern, Germany. Died Apr. 21, 1916, Norfolk, NE. Married May 30, 1862, Pommern, Germany. Ulricke born Aug. 2, 1836, Ludwegstahl, Pommern, Germany. Died March 15, 1922, Norfolk, NE. Both buried in New Lutheran Cemetery, Norfolk, NE. Parents: Not given. Children: William A., Wilhelmina, August J., Emil, Paul, Lily, Anna, Martha, and Maria Anna. Allied lines: Hans, Jurie, Wegener, Villnow, Lambrecht, Pribnow, Jodian. Submitted by Dorothy Wegener, RR 4, Box 57, Norfolk, NE. 68701. Certificate # 192. Page 51.

Clark, Ashel N. and Mary Maria (Scott). Settled in Nebraska: by 1870, Dakota County, and Madison County. Ashel born Jul. 27, 1831, Washington County, PA. Died Sep. 9, 1896, Madison County, NE. Married Mar. 29, 1858, Benton County, IA. Mary born Jul. 25, 1836, Allen County, OH. Died Nov. 5, 1917, Battle Creek, NE. Both buried at Fairview Cemetery, Madison County, NE. Parents: Ichabod W. and Charlotte (Ray) Clark, and Abraham and Jane (Hover) Scott. Children: Almira Jane, Charlotte Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Ulyssus Grant, Sherman, and George. Allied lines: Vaught, Shaver, Phillippi, Steffey, Cannoy, Fielder, Wright, McGaw, Miller. Submitted by Mrs. Vera Williams, 3321 S. 19th ST., Omaha, NE 68108. Certificate #188. Page 54.

Creamer, James H. and Lydia Lavona (Lau). Settled in Nebraska: June 1870, Madison County. James born 1822, Monaghan, Ireland. Died May 4, 1897, Grand Island, NE., Veterans. Home. Married date and place not known {first child born 1847}. Lydia born Mar. 5, 1831, Vermont. Died Sep. 18, 1890, Madison County, NE. James buried in cemetery at Veterans. Home, Grand Island, NE. Lydia buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Madison, NE. Parents: not known. Children: Stephen, James, Frank, David A., Catherine L., Mary Adeline, John Henry, Paul Edmond, Ellen .Nellie., Margaret Rebecca, William, and Lydia. Allied lines: Gilbert, Mather, Lockwood, Lamb, Wheeler. Submitted by George Wheeler, 1218 W. 5th, Grand Island, NE 68801. Certificate # 500. Page 56.

Dufphey, Joel Hale and Amalia A. (Brown). Settled in Nebraska: 1873, Norfolk, NE. Joel born Sept. 2, 1851, Grayson County, VA. Died Apr. 27, 1927, Battle Creek, Madison Co., NE. Married Feb. 25, 1879, Grayson County, VA. Amalia born Feb. 7, 1852, near Galax, Grayson Co. VA. Died Dec. 30, 1941, Battle Creek, NE. Both buried in Union Cemetery, Battle Creek, NE. Parents: Richard Hale and Patience (Parker) Dufphey, and John and Martha .Patsy. (Nuckolls) Brown, Jr. Children: Martha Isabella, and John Brown. Allied lines: Hurford, Hull, Hamer, Tanner, Swift, Wood, Hudson. Submitted by: Mrs. Laura Allison, 1501 Girard SE., Albuquerque, NM 8710_. Certificate # 240. Page 59.

Fox, Cyrus and Catherine M. (Miller). Settled in Nebraska: 1877, Madison County. Cyrus born Oct. 27, 1848, Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA. Died Jun. 12, 1942, Garfield Table, Lincoln County, NE. Married Jun. 19, 1871, Blackhawk County, IA. Catherine born at Watertown, Jefferson County, NY. Birth date not listed. Died Arnold, Custer County, NE. Death date not listed. Both buried at Fort McPherson, National Cemetery, Maxwell, NE. Parents: William L. and Sarah (Watts) Fox, and John and Sophia (Bahr) Miller. Children: John W., Matilda Adaline, Beulah Elizabeth, Elizabeth Maude, Edward Maurice, and Aura Pearl. Allied lines: Ernst, Smith, Jensen, Larson, Anderson, Ruckman, McCrady, McClure, Rockwell. Submitted by: Mrs. Vonna Jackson, 919 Pleasant View Dr. Grand Island, NE. 68801. Certificate # 99. Page 62.

Friday, John Henry and Rebecca (Foreman). Settled in Nebraska: Spring 1869, Rock Creek/Madison/Jefferson County. John born Oct. 7, 1842, Darke County, OH. Died Nov. 9, 1909, Steele City, NE. Married Mar. 17, 1867, Delisle, OH. Rebecca born Apr. 7, 1848, Lancaster, PA. Died Aug. 14, 1905, Steele City, NE. Both buried at Fairbury, NE. Parents: Jacob and Sopphia F. (Hesser) Friday, and Henry C. and Rebecca (Krick) Foreman. Children: Lilly May, Elmer Ellsworth, Luetta Elmira, John Wesley, Bertha Almeda, Ida Zennany, Ruthelia Myrtle, Pearl Edith, Ray Omer & Gay Opal {twins}, Harry Slocum, and Vida Lenore. Allied lines: Turner, Fleming, Wallace, Blair, Catharp, Lancet, Brown, Bagley, Pixley. Submitted by: Barbara Pixley, 22351 De Grasse Dr., Woodland Hills, CA 91364. Certificate # 288. Page 63.   { Update March 6, 2012:  There is additional information on this family.  You may find it at  http://www.pixleyblair.tribalpages.com/  or you may go directly to the information at http://pixleyblair.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=pixleyblair&view=78&ver=5149&storyid=2027  }

Munson, Henry Addison and Emily Sophia (Emery). Settled in Nebraska: ca 1870-71, Madison County. Henry born Apr. 12, 1827, Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, NY. Died Jun. 4, 1887, Emerick, Madison County, NE. Married Mar. 5, 1850, Potsdam, NY. Emily born Apr. 27, 1830, St. Lawrence County, NY. Died Jan. 22, 1910, Mendota, IL. Henry is buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Emerick, NE. [Editor’s Note: known today as Emerick Cemetery, south of Meadow Grove, NE.] Emily buried at Mendota, IL. Parents: Ira and Olive (Austin) Munson, and Jonathon and Fanny (Sunshee) Emery. Children: Homer, Noble Orson, Fanny Dianna, Olive Emily, Emery, and Mary. Allied lines: Wardwell, Chamberlin, Rosengrant, Voorhees, Swain, Hulen, Cros ?, Stull, Sampley, Drew. Submitted by: Mrs. Jeanne Shebley, 220 S. Lee, Oakdale, CA. 95361. Certificate # 199. Page 95.

Pribnow, Gottlieb F. F. and Johanna F. A. (Jodian). Settled in Nebraska: 1873, Norfolk, Madison County. Gottlieb born May 23, 1842, Pommern, Germany {Breitenfeld bei Daber}. Died Sep. 7, 1924, Norfolk, NE. Married Jun 24, 1868, Steinhoefel, Germany. Johanna born Jun. 2, 1843, Steinhoefel bei Frium Wahle, Germany. Died Feb. 2, 1935, Norfolk, NE. Buried at St. Paul.s Lutheran Cemetery, Norfolk, NE. Parents: not given. Children: Frank, Matilda, Louis Carl, Robert, Martha, and Marie Anna Sophie. Allied lines: Jurie, Hans, Wegener, Villnow, Lambrecht, Pribnow, Ruhlow, Brummund. Submitted by: Mrs. Dorothy Monson, Rt. 4, Box 57, Norfolk, NE 68701. Certificate # 191. Page 101.

Seiffert, William and Amelia (Uecker). Settled in Nebraska: 1866, Norfolk, Madison County. William born May 1856, New York, New York. Died 1935, Norfolk, NE. Married 1876, Norfolk, NE. Amelia born June 24, 1856, Wisconsin. Died 1924, Norfolk, NE. Both buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Norfolk, NE. Parents: William Seiffert, and Carl and Augustine (Timmel) Uecker. Children: Charles, Henry, Lizzie, Lena, William, Bertha, Ernest, Erdman, Royal George, Hattie, Anna, and Clarence. Allied lines: not given. Submitted by Reta Seiffert, 730 South 37th, Lincoln, NE 68510. Certificate # 479. Page 37.

Villnow, Friedrich C. and Charlotte Fredricka (Lambrecht). Settled in Nebraska: 1877-78, Norfolk, Madison County. Friedrich born Sep. 11, 1829, Wiessenthal, Pommern, Prussia. Died Mar. 31, 1911, Norfolk, NE. Married 1852, Germany. Charlotte born Dec. 7, 1826, Prussia. Died Aug. 16, 1923, Norfolk, NE. Both buried in Old Lutheran Cemetery, Norfolk, NE. Parents: Not given. Children: Albertine, Louis, Wilhelmine Dorothea, Augusta, Anton, Henrietta G., and August W. Allied lines: Ruhlow, Brummund, Jodian, Pribnow, Hans, Jurie, Wegener. Submitted by: Mrs. Dorothy Monson, RR 4, Box 57, Norfolk, NE 68701. Certificate # 106. Page 116.

Wegener, Ferdinand J. L. and Amalie Wilhelmine (Hans). Settled in Nebraska: 1870, Norfolk, Madison County. Ferdinand born Aug. 9, 1828, Albrechtsburg, Prussia. Died Apr. 7, 1890, Norfolk, NE. Married Apr. 30, 1854, Jefferson County, WI. Amalie born Jun. 18, 1835, Prussia. Died Aug. 21, 1911, Norfolk, NE. Both buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Norfolk, NE. Parents: Johan/Yochem/Joachim and Dorothea E. (Jurie/Jura/Juhre) Hans. Children: Gustav Adolph, Loife, Luhis Ferdinand, Elizabeth, Amanda, Antonie Mina, Theodore August, Hillean, Admond, Robert Wilhelm, and Ferdinand Emiel. Allied lines: Ruhlow, Brummund, Jodian, Pribnow, Lambrecht, Villnow. Submitted by: Mrs. Dorothy Monson, RR 4, Box 57, Norfolk, NE 68701. Certificate # 106. Page 116.