Early Pioneers Pierce County

Early Pioneers of Nebraska

The listings below are just a few of the listings found in Early Pioneers of Nebraska with Allied Lines as taken from Family Recognition Records Volume 1., from the Nebraska State Genealogical Society in Lincoln, Nebraska. The names in the book and the accompanying information found there were taken from the first five hundred completed Ancestor Information Sheets and Generation Charts submitted. This project was started in the spring of 1981. There was no date shown for the publication date of the book.

The page number at the end of each surname is for the page on which the information was found.

Pierce County

Müller, Edward Benjamin and Bertha (Bernstrauch). Settled in Nebraska: 1881, Pierce County and Wayne County. Edward born Sep. 17, 1851, Schurwig, West Prussia, Germany. Died Jan. 15, 1930, Winside, NE. Married Jul. 16, 1881, Wayne, NE. Bertha born Apr. 29, 1864, Brandenburg, Germany. Died Dec. 22, 1935, Winside, NE. Both buried in cemetery at Winside, NE. Parents: Christ and Minnie (Ratsloft) Muller, and August and Elizabeth (Shauff) Barenstraush. Children: Margaretta, Hugo Paul, Ella, Minnie, May, Emma, Arthur, and Art. Allied lines: Wright, Hitch, Peach, Brown, Sisson, Gray, Savage, Cooper, Linser, Hoffman, Kant. Submitted by: Ms. Sally Miller, 650 E. 12th, Apt. C205, York, NE 68467. Certificate # 499. Page 128.