Early Pioneers Platte County

Early Pioneers of Nebraska

The listings below are just a few of the listings found in Early Pioneers of Nebraska with Allied Lines as taken from Family Recognition Records Volume 1., from the Nebraska State Genealogical Society in Lincoln, Nebraska. The names in the book and the accompanying information found there were taken from the first five hundred completed Ancestor Information Sheets and Generation Charts submitted. This project was started in the spring of 1981. There was no date shown for the publication date of the book.

The page number at the end of each surname is for the page on which the information was found.

Platte County

Byrnes, Lawrence Henry and Bridget (O.Connor). Settled in Nebraska: 1869, Platte County. Lawrence born Feb. 18, 1831, Codtain, Wicklow County, Ireland. Died May 11, 1917, Columbus, NE. Married Feb. 12, 1866, St. Louis, MO. Bridget born May 5, 1839, Limerick County, Ireland. Died Mar. 1, 1921, Columbus, NE. Both buried in Columbus, NE. Parents: Patrick and Ellen .Ella. (Kearney) O.Byrne, and Maurice and Ellen (Maher) O.Connor. Children: John Charles, Lawrence F., and Ella May. Allied lines: Single, Hoffmeyer, Freh, Gietzen, Burger, Cummings, Reinert, Webb, Jones, Green, Isgrig. Submitted by: Mrs. Nancy Isgrig Murphy, 207 Jones Cir., Columbus, NE. 39701. Certificate # 465. Pages 52, 53.

Dineen, John and Mary (Carrig). Settled in Nebraska: 1859, Platte County. John born 1820, County Cork, Ireland. Died Jan. 3, 1894, Shell Creek Valley, Platte County, Nebraska. Married Apr. 15, 1863, Platte County, Nebraska. Mary born 1836, County Kerry, Ireland. Died Apr. 5, 1896, Shell Creek Valley, Platte County. Both buried in St. Patrick.s Cemetery, Platte County, Nebraska. Parents: David Carrig. Children: William F., John M., Johanna E., Charles C., Mary A., and Mike J. Allied lines: Hughes, White, Johnson, Norman, Bonham, Warner, Miller, Morrison, Robbins, Abell, Schneider, Schaffer, Schafer, Dixon, Scanlan, Keifer. Submitted by: Richard Schafer, 823 Emerson Ave., Alliance, NE 69301. Certificate # 214. Page 13.

Dinnin, Joseph Henry and Harriett Louise (Pomeroy). Settled in Nebraska: 1882, near Columbus, Platte County. Henry born Aug. 5, 1844, Toulon, Stark County, IL. Died Jun. 14, 1935, Columbus, NE. Married Sep. 2, 1868, Toulon, Stark County, IL. Harriett born Mar. 18, 1842, Franklin, Franklin County, VT. Died Feb. 3, 1901, Columbus, NE. Buried: Joseph. Columbus Cemetery. {Editor.s Note: buried location typed as found in the book}. Parents: John and Cristine (Acker) Drinnin. Children: Samuel P., Eliza P., George W., Evelyn G., and Plessie M. Allied lines: Halstead, Stevenson, Hunger, Kurth, Marty, Geiser. Submitted by: Mrs. LaDonna English, 2325 Fredrick Pl., Valdosta, GA 31601. Certificate # 333. Page 124.

Gerrard, Joseph and Adeline (Allen). Settled in Nebraska: 1859, Monroe County now Platte County. Joseph born Oct. 18, 1799, Manchester, Lancaster County, England. Died Oct. 16, 1870, Monroe, NE. Married Oct. 4, 1826, New Bedford, MA. Adeline born Jul. 11, 1807, New Bedford, Bristol County, MA. Died Oct. 26, 1894, Platte County, NE. Buried at Columbus, Nebraska City Cemetery. Parents: John Gerrard, and Jonathan and Elizabeth (Sanford) Allen. Children: Avis, Adeline Elizabeth, Emma L., Edward Allen, Leander, Sarah E., and Frederick Henry. Allied lines: Wolgamood, Field, Cooper, Spence, Friend, Knable, Williams, Roads, Alder, Murphy, Taylor, Allen. Submitted by: Mrs. Becky Whedon, 666 North 63rd, Omaha, NE 68132. Certificate # 85. Page 18.

Jarecki, Walenty and Frances (Bladzik). Settled in Nebraska: 1867-68, Columbus, Platte County. Walenty born 1831, Posen, Prussia. Died Jan. 31, 1906, Columbus, NE. Married 1855, place not given. Frances born 1830, place not given. Died August 1912, Columbus, NE. Both buried in St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Duncan, NE. Parents: not given. Children: Veronica, Francis, Stephen, Eva, Hedwig, and Matthew Val. Allied lines: Tryba, Jaracki, Bladzik. Submitted by: Barbara V. Jarecki, Schmid Apt. #3, Columbus, NE 68601. Certificate # 183. Page 25.

Johnson, John {Jens Morgensen} and Mary Lavina (Newman). Settled in Nebraska: 1874, Looking Glass township, Platte County. John born Feb 23, 1862, Gjoddinghaus, Vejle, Denmark. Died in Florida, date unknown. Married May 1, 1883, Albion, NE. Mary born 1865, Marian County, IW. {Editor.s Note: Should this be IA for Iowa?}. Died not given. Parents: Hans Henrik and Mette (Christensen) Jensen, and Stephen L. and Emma I. (Walker) Newman. Children: Frank T., Minnie, Emma, and Maggie. Allied lines: Knudsdatter, Lassen, Olesdatter, Hansen, Hansdatter, Jacobsen. Submitted by: Margaret Keenan, 9625 Maple Dr., Omaha, NE 68134. Certificate # 33. Page 79.

Kummer, Rudolf and Anna Elizabeth (Klenchey). Settled in Nebraska: Spring 1859, Columbus, Platte County. Rudolf born Jul. 24, 1826, Arwangen, Canton, Berne, Switzerland. Died Sep. 6, 1906, Columbus, NE. Married before 1851, Switzerland. Anna born May 29, 1829, Mumental, Switzerland. Died Feb. 12, 1905, Columbus, NE. Buried location not given. Parents: not given. Children: Robert, Rudolf, Otto, and Albert. Allied lines: Olcott, Kimball, Person, Nelson. Submitted by Pamelia Nelson Long, 722 West 27th St., Kearney, NE 68847. Certificate # 235. Page 28.

Lisco, William and Martha (Shields). Settled in Nebraska: 1873, Platte County. William born Oct. 12, 1823, County Meath, Ireland. Died Sep. 7, 1909, Columbus, NE. Married 1847, Ireland. Martha born 1827, Kingscourt, County Cavan, Ireland. Died Jul. 31, 1881, Columbus, NE. Both buried at cemetery at Columbus, NE. Parents: not listed. Children: Jack .John., Joe, William, Robert Young, Ruben, Isabel, Emma Louise, and Fred. Allied lines: Shieds, Nesbit, Sillery, Waters, Wall, Pennington, Dent, Wood. Submitted by: Frances Pennington, 516 N. Hastings, Hastings, NE 68901. Certificate # 202. Pages 86, 87.

Petterson, Lars August and Johanna (Larsdotter/Larson). Settled in Nebraska: 1872-79, near Newman Grove, Platte County. Lars born Jan. 6, 1840, Hjertorp, Mellemgard, Ora Alvsborg, Sweden. Died June 2, 1923, Genoa, NE. Married June 8, 1863, Sweden. Johanna born June 8, 1840, Soldat Torp Hosthagen Timmele Alvsborg, Sweden. Died Dec. 7, 1918, Genoa, NE. Parents: Petter and Ingjerd (Larsdatter) Magnusson, and Lars and Cajsa (Gabrielsdatter) Persson. Children: Claus Herman, Anna, Carl Emil, Emma, Wilhelmina Augusta, Hanna, John Levin, Gideon Victor, Selma Edena, and Caroline Elizabeth. Allied lines: Rorebeck, Deupree, Stillwell, Brandon, Beckett, Torrance, Crockett, Thompson, Lee, Herman, Keenan. Submitted by: Mrs. Peg. Heenan, 9625 Maple Dr., Omaha, NE 68134. Certificate # 34. Page 99.

Steiner, Carl Fredrick and Mette J. (Christensen). Settled in Nebraska: 1875, Looking Glass township, Platte County. Carl born June 24, 1837, Giodding, Norup Vil, Vejle Cty, Denmark. Died Mar. 5, 1900, Platte County, NE. Married Jul. 14, 1866, Norup Vil. Vejle, Cty, Denmark. Mette born Apr. 22, 1835, Skibet Vil, Vejle Cty, Denmark. Died Mar. 27, 1911, Newman Grove, Platte County, NE. Both are buried in cemetery at Newman Grove, NE. {Editor’s Note: Newman Grove is located both in Madison County and in Platte County. The cemetery they are buried in is Hope Cemetery and it is located just south of Newman Grove.} Parents: Carl Fredrick and Maren (Schmidt) Steiner, Sr., and Christen and Tove (Hansdotter) Jensen. Children: Maren, Christen J., Tova Marie, Karl Fredrick, and Hans Christen. Allied lines: Farr, Daniel, Watt, Helness, Minear, Weiss, Wesley, Larson, Johannesen, Ness. Submitted by: Mrs. Virginia Swartz, Box 505, Alexandria, MN 56308. Certificate # 154. Page 112.