Entertained Jesse James

The following interesting story of early days is told in “The Covered Wagon,.” the official publication of the Pioneer days celebration to be held in Norfolk:

.Misses Marion and Jean Preece of Battle Creek, Nebraska, have some interesting tales of experiences handed down from their grandparents, who were among the pioneers of the Elkhorn in the days of great distances and no railroads. One evening a steely eyed stranger of fugitive demeanor came to their home and asked for a night.s lodging, requesting that he be permitted to lie down on the floor before the fireplace. This privilege was granted in accord with the spirit of true western hospitality and the stranger was proffered food which he refused. On lying down before the fireplace he took from his belt two large caliber revolvers, pearl handled silver mounted, and laid them beside him on the floor, ready for his hand. The stranger departed the next morning, leaving a silver dollar on the floor where he had slept. This was a lot of money in Nebraska in those days. A few weeks later word came to the Preece home that one of the James boys hand been wounded in a gun battle in South Dakota and that Jesse James had made the trip overland through Lincoln and the Elkhorn Valley to aid his brother. The time tallied with the visit of the mysterious stranger and the family always believed that they had entertained Jesse James. Source: Battle Creek Enterprise, Thursday, August 20, 1925, page