Madison County Cars


Frank L. White, near Madison, owns “Flivver” born in 1910


Who owns the oldest automobile now in use in Madison county?

Automobile registrations in the county this year indicate that Frank L. White, farmer living near Madison, who owns a “flivver” of the vintage of 1910, possesses the most ancient car.  This 17-year-old bus still willingly wheezes its way over the highways, up and down hills and around corners, without protesting about its duties although many of its contemporaries have been junked. Occasionally it murmurs when cranked, but it gets there just the same. Among those who drive cars that were born in 1912 are: Charles H. Witzel, Madison, and employes of the Madison Telephone company, Madison.

Those who possess veteran machines that came into existence in 1913 are as follows: John E. Munsterman, Norfolk, who owns a pair of the ancient “flivvers”; Theodore Rethwisch, Tilden; J. H. Stolle, Meadow Grove; Mrs. John Gentry, Battle Creek; E. W. Rowland, Norfolk; Charles Dittrick, Meadow Grove; Farmers Cooperative Mercantile company, Tilden: Oscar Moritz, Norfolk; L. C. Peterson, Norfolk.

The following still drive cars that were produced n 1914: Edward G. Reeves, Madison; George Gollinghorst, Madison; Wiliam Weachman, Norfolk; R. A. Boysen, Madison;          T. L. Osborn, Battle Creek; Jack Kuntz, Meadow Grove; Fred Z. Cornick; Madison; Alice E. Johnson, Newman Grove; Johnson brothers; Newman Grove; H. A. Pasewalk, Norfolk;     D. F. Lefavor, Madison; Bruce Moore, Meadow Grove; Gustave Kollath, Stanton: Walter W. Schultz, Norfolk; William Schwager, Newman Grove; Frank Steiner, Madison; Fred Miller, Norfolk; Jacob Studts, Madison; R. G. Swoboda, Newman Grove; Adolph Pospisil, Newman Grove; Charles Dittrick, Meadow Grove; Oscar Plummer, Meadow Grove; J. A. Ballantyne, Norfolk; Roy Ryan, Norfolk; Simon R. Johnson, Newman Grove; Carl O. Nelson, Meadow Grove; Woren Hayes, Norfolk.

Automobiles that are twelve years old are owned by A. E. Kernick, Madison; C. E. Plass, Madison; Leonard Eucker, Lindsay; G. D. Sessler, Battle Creek; A. T. Williams, Norfolk; Ketel Christianson, Madison; Frank P. Holy, Madison; P. E. Barrett, Norfolk; W. F. F. Winter, Norfolk; Richard Wachter, Norfolk; Frans Hedell, Newman Grove; Mrs. E. J. Rix, Norfolk;  F. O. Roberts, Meadow Grove; Richard Sommerfield, Norfolk; Julius Kell, Norfolk; Jacob Studts, Madison; John T. Dinkel, Norfolk; Nelson Harness and Shoe shop, Newman Grove; William Freeman, Norfolk; George Wachter, Norfolk; Randall Kerner, Madison; Herman Bernstrauch, Norfolk; William Mellinger, Norfolk; Charles Hanna, Newman Grove; Harry Buttler, Madison; W. J. Spercher, Meadow, Mrs. A. J. Colwell, Norfolk; John H. Felger, Norfolk; Casper H. Johnson, Newman Grove; Herman B. Beckman, Battle Creek; Joe Redler, Norfolk; William Raschke, Norfolk; C. J. Schmidt, Newman Grove.

Source: Norfolk Daily News, Friday, Dec. 2, 1927, page 4.