Pender, Nebraska Early Settlers

The following was found in “Pender, Nebraksa  The First 100 Years  1885 – 1985” by The Pender Centennial Book Committee.

“The list of early settlers was complied for the Pender Times issue on May 24, 1935, in conjunction with the 50 year celebration.”

The list below contains all the names shown in the book. The difference is this list is alphabetize by last name, first name, middle name.


Albertson, Abbie, Mrs.
Aldrich, O. D.


Banister, Isobell
Barton, P. A.
Bayer, Henry
Berg, John
Bigsby, W. H.
Biles, E., Mrs.
Bloom,. John
Bloom, Peter
Breitbarth, Charles
Breitbarth, Henry, Mrs.
Brenneman, Frank
Brenneman, Mary, Mrs.
Bressler, Connor C.
Burke, Caroline L.


Cain, Tillie
Campbell, William H.
Chambers, Albert, Mrs.
Chambers, Ed
Claton, John, Mrs.
Cobb, Larken
Cobb, Lucus
Cornwell, U. S.
Craver, Nellie
Crellin, E. T.
Cressy, Joe



Dalton, W. H.
Dowd, Thomas, Mrs.
Downs, Frank, Mrs.
Downs, George
Downs, Knute
Downs, Will



Edgar, Fost
Elsinger, Leonard
Essex, Fred sr., Mrs.
Essman, Arend



Fales, Frank
Fansler, L. W., Mrs.
Forrest, John
Fratt, Abe
Fratt, Frank
Frederickson, John
Freese, Herman
Frey, Charles G.
Frey, Elmer
Frey, Harvey, Mrs.
Frey, Tom G.



Gilster, Frank D.
Gilster, Fred, Mrs.
Glissman, Henry J.
Goodrich, W. W., Mrs.
Gower, J. H., Mrs.
Graff, Charles
Graves, Gertrude
Greenough, George
Greenough, Will



Hall, S. S.
Hallberg, Godfrey
Halstead, Mrs.
Hancock, G. E.
Hancock, Hallie M., Mrs.
Hancock, H. D.
Harriss, George
Harriss, George, Mrs.
Heuermann, John H.
Heyne, H. G., Mr. and Mrs.
Hogan, James
Holmberg, Victor
House, Mrs.
Housten, Rose
Hull, Mont



Jahde, Herman
Johnson, J. Alfred
Johnson, John, Mrs.
Joost, August, Mrs.


Kai, Abbie
Kai, August
Kai, Detlef
Kelso, Fred
Kelso, Jim
Kreitle,  H. J.
Kuhn, Celestine


Laughlin, Gertrude, Mrs.
Lemmon, George
Lemmon, Henry
Lenton, Lizzie, Mrs.
Leonard, Elmer
Leonard, Mrs.
Lindley, Fred, Mrs.
Lindvall, John
Long, Albert
Long, Herman


Malmberg, Emma, Mrs.
Maloney, Martin
Martin, Laura
Martin, Nellie
Maryott, Charles, Mrs.
Maryott, George
Maryott, George, Mrs.
Maun, Hauk
McCarty, Con
McClure, George
McDonald, B. F., Mrs.
McGuire, Ed
McGuire, Frank
McGuire, Noah
McGuire, Wilson
McHirron, Francis
McHirron, Helen
McKeegan, John, Mrs.
McQuistan, Duncan
McQuistan, John
McQuistan, Roland
McQuistan, William
Minnehan, Ed
Minnehan, John
Minnehan, Harvey
Murray, F. J., Dr.
Murray, M. W., Mrs.
Mutz, Maud, Mrs.



Neuman, Anna, Mrs.
Neuman, Ernest, Dr.
Nye, N. H.


Oberg, Fred
Oberg, Gust
Otteman, John, Mrs.


Parker, Frank
Peebles, Florence, Mrs.
Peebles, W. E., Mrs.
Pitzer, Ed
Pitzer, Frank
Pitzer, Harry
Pollock, T. E.



Racely, Robert, Mr. and Mrs.
Rastede, Sophie, Mrs.
Rice, E. T.
Rice, Glenn, Rev.
Rolph, E. L. Dr.


Sappenfield, Mrs.
Shannon, Robert
Simmonson, Paul
Sloan, Thomas L.
Small, Mamie Whitcomb
Smith, E. G.
Smith, Frank
Smith, Grant
Smith, H. S., Mrs.
Smith, Ira G.
Smith, Nina, Dr.
Sneath, Bert
Snyder, Leslie
Spencer, Craig
Stage, Charles, Mrs.
Stage, Guy
Stebbens, Alice Cary
Strong, R. G.
Swanson, Claus
Swenson, J. A.



Thurber, Dora, Mrs.
Timberman, Ida, Mrs.
Tucker, E. A.
Tucker, Ed
Twohig, Anna, Mrs.




Vining, Minnie, Mrs.
Vogt, Max


Wachter, John
Warrington, Ed
Wiltze, E. A., Mrs.
Wiltse, W. I.
Wlaters, Dan, Mrs.
Whitcomb, Allen
White, Al, Mr
Wichman, Dick
Williams, Matt, Mrs.
Wilson, Jay
Witt, Jacob
Wollmer, Henry



Young, Emma, Miss
Young, Hanna, Mrs.