Stanton County, Who’s Who 1940

The following information comes from the book Who’s Who in Nebraska published by the Nebraska Press Association, Lincoln, Nebraska in 1940.  The names are just listed below.  Occupation, birth location and date, parents names, education, children, organizations they belong to, church affiliation, hobbies, and residence are shown in the actual book.  This additional information can be obtained by contacting Allied Genealogical Search.

Ahlman, Arthur Herman                         Allen, Silas Gilbert
Armbruster, Sigmund Fred

Bangs, Clifford Evin                              Bare, Leigh E.
Benne, Victor                                        Bordner, Leland Stanford
Bremer, Gus

Carson, Leland S.                                Chace, Walter Ray
Colburn, Mark                                      Collins, Leonard

Demaree, Harold D.                            Drewelow, Richard J.

Ertzner, Leo Henry

Fechner, Walter John                         Flake, William Edward
Forbes, Arthur William                       Foy, Mrs. Charlotte Rae
Frampton, Charles William                Frary, Reginald Amos

Grady, Thomas Lawrence                Greenslit, Ray Arthur

Heckendorf, Adolph Henry                 Herrmann, W. F.
Hicks, James R.                                Hollstien, Mrs. Jean D.
Hrabak, Howard Frank

Jones, Ray Boyd

Karel, Richard                                   Kingsley, Paul
Kremer, Clarence Joseph                Kuester, Frank Albert

Larson, Mrs. Jeannette                     Larson, Robert
Leuck, Hubert F.                                Lewton, Ellis Ellery

Miller, C. L.                                        Miller, Harry Daniel

Olk, Otto Theodore                          Otradovec, Frank J.

Palmer, Claude David                     Peters, Mrs. Maude E.
Petersen, Peter                              Pilger, Albert Frederick
Piller, Frank Ernest Robert             Pollack, Fay Hall
Pont, Ervine Emery                        Pont, Nathan Benjamin

Reid, John D.                                 Rennick, Edward Samuel
Roker, Paul Herman

Schultz, Henry Jacob                   Spangler, David Carson
Spencer, Guy Alwin                      Stuthman, Henry

Tennant, Hardin Sherman            Titus, Ralph H.
Topp, Peter Louis                         Tow, Ted C.

Waring, Mrs. Bess                      Wenke, Adolph Eilert
Willers, Herman                          Willers, William
Winch, Ray Arthur

Zoubek, James