Wayne County, Who’s Who 1940

The following information comes from the book Who’s Who in Nebraska published by the Nebraska Press Association, Lincoln, Nebraska in 1940.  The names are just listed below.  Occupation, birth location and date, parents names, education, children, organizations they belong to, church affiliation, hobbies, and residence are shown in the actual book.  This additional information can be obtained by contacting Allied Genealogical Search.

Addison, H. D.                            Ahern, James J.                              Anderson, J. T.

Bartels, Russell William            Beckenhauer, William                     Benshoff, Curtis E.
Benthack, Walter                      Berry, Fred S.                                   Blair, Fred L.
Brackensick, Walter A.             Bredemeyer, H. Louis                      Bressler, John T., Jr.
Bressler, Walter S.                   Brink, Don M.                                   Brittain, James E.
Brown, Larry

Carhart, Charles E.                 Carhart, John C.                              Cherry, J. Murray
Colson, Myron                         Coryell, William C.                           Craig, Donald Orie
Craven, H. B.                          Crossland, Mrs. Mary

Davis, Burr R.                         Decker, Freeman B.                        Dierking, Wilbur Frank
Ditman, Noran L.                    Dotson, E. H.

Ellis, Merel Bert

Fanske, Louis A.

Gaebler, Walter                    Gillespie, Josepth T.                          Gormley, Robert E.

Hahn, Henry H.                     Heidenreich, William C.                    Hendrickson, Clarence
Herfkens, August F.              Herndon, Charles C.                         Hiscox, Armand
Hiscox, William A.                Holekamp, Nolan G.                          Hook, Theodore S.
Huse, Eugene Webster

Ingham, C. T.

Jamieson, Lester William    Johnson, J. Albert                             Johnson, John C.
Jones, Theodore T.

Kagy, Mrs. M. H.                 Kearns, William Patrick                     Kingsley, Richard J.
Kirkman, Robert Keith       Korff, Frank F.

Langemeier, Roy               Larson, R. L.                                     Lerner, Walter H.
Lewis, John Greenleaf Whittier                                               Lewis, Mrs. May Bernschein
Ley, Henry E.                    Ley, Rollie W.                                    Lundberg, Herman
Lutgen, Sidney Anson

McNatt, Lloyd W.             March, Philip L.                                 Merchant, Earl H.
Mines, Paul Roger          Mitchell, Claude O.                           Mittlestadt, Gustav A.

Needham, Charles E.     Needham, Lucas W.                        Neely, Harold L.
Nuss, Carl G.                 Nyberg, Mrs. Dorothy Huse

Olson, Colburn N.

Perry, Leland F.              Pickett, C. Lee                                 Pile, James H.
Podoll, Herman J.

Reisbig, Lorenz George                                                        Ringer, Martin L.

Scribner, William R.     Seymour, Edward                           Siman, Harry E.
Steele, James J.          Stewart, William A.                          Strahan, J. M.
Surber, Ray H.             Swan, Axel L.                                  Swihart, Mark I.

Texley, Andrew             Theobald, Perry                               Theophilus, David
Trautwein, Edward      Trautwein, Henry G.                         Tuskind, Orville

Warnemunde, Erwin T.                                                       Warth, Nick
Weible, Norris F.        Wendt, Erick P.

Young, Lawrence B.