Zion Congregational Church

German Evangelical  Zion Congregational Church of Norfolk practices were basically Lutheran. The early members came to the United States from Russia and were known as German Russians. “They came over as Lutherans, but after their arrival here, they were warmly welcomed by the Rev. Paul Burkhardt, a Congregational minister who helped them form a church.”  The church was formed in 1906, a loan applied for in 1907 and the church was built in 1908 mostly by the members themselves. “During the early decades the name of the church changed a number of times. At one point, it was named the ‘German Lutheran Congregational Church Zion of Norfolk’.”  It has held a number of other names as some new beginnings of churches met here. As they outgrew this location they moved to other locations or built a new building for their use.

In the article it was sharing the story about the location and the new church started here called ‘Iglesia del cuerpo di Cristo,’ which means Church of the Body of Christ.

The full article on this can be found in “Norfolk Daily News”, Friday, May 26, 2000 on page 8.