Marriage Licenses 1917

Marriage licenses were issued the past week by county judge M. S. McDuffee to the following:

Roy Holton, Tilden, 29 [to] Anna Herden, Tilden, 31;

Paul Abraham, Indian, Santee, 23 [to] Cora Cavender, Indian, Santee, 24;

Thomas Foss, Tilden, 29 [to] Artie Sutherland, Tilden, 20;

Wm. Luebcke, Battle Creek, 35 [to] Sophia Mantey, Battle Creek, 32;

Jacob Schmidt, Newman Grove, 28 [to] Lena Knutson, Newman Grove, 20;

A. E. Steiner, Kansas City, Mo., 30 [to] Mrs. D. Price, Hutchinson, Kan. 23.

Source: The Madison Star-Mail, April 20, 1917 on page 1.