Marriage Licenses 1931, 1937

The following marriage licenses were issued in the office of E. L. Reeker, county judge, during the past week:
Lowelll A. Bethune, 21, Pierce, and Josephine T. Willeka, 21, Randolph.      Andrew Jensen, 28, Tilden, and Dorothy W. Wauer, 22, Tilden.
Source: The Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, January 29, 1931 on page 1.

The following marriage licenses were issued by County Judge E. L. Reeker  during the past week:
Gilbert E. Braasch, 22, Norfolk to Neva E. Russel, 19, Norfolk.
Andrew J. Thatch, 21, Omaha to Clara Harrington, 21, Norfolk.
Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, April 16, 1931 on page 1.

Marriage licenses issued by County Judge Reeker during the past week are as follows: Emmons Zavodsky, 29, Newman Grove to Opal Kunz, 17, Tilden.
Henry F. Peterson, 28, Lexington to Doris L. Tompkins, 21, Clay Center.
Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, October 8, 1931 on page 1.

Marriage licenses lissued during the past week in the office of County Judge Ernest L. Reeker include:
Otto H. Hurley, Norfolk, and Barbara Wiedenfeld, Norfolk.
Emiel E. Belzer, Pryor, Oklahoma, and Irene P. Maureer, Madison.
Arnold E. Porath, Crookston, and Eleanor E. Detgen, Norfolk.  
Leo G. Stevens, Norfolk, and Deloris V. Johnson, Norfolk.
Ernest George Stuthman, Wisner, to Pearl Eilene Evans, Norfolk.
Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, June 24, 1937 on page 6.

Marriage Licenses Show Smart Drop  Marriage licenses issued up to December 30 fell far short of the total of last year, according to County Judge E. L. Reeker. Last year the office issued 210 licenses, as compared to 176 for this year, a drop of 34 under last year, which made an all-time high. Licenses issued by Judge Reeker in 1935 totalled 174, while those in 1934 were 193. A total of 150 licenses were issued in 1933.   Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, December 30, 1937 on page 1.