Marriages 1892, 1893


The information that follows on Marriages were found in The Norfolk Journal. The date it was located in the paper and the page number will follow the item(s).

A Calendar for 1892 shows Thursday falling on October 6, 13, 20, 27; November 3, 10, 17, 24; December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. For the year 1893 it was on January 5, 12, 19, 26.

Rev. J. H. Johnson, of Bancroft, and Miss Cassie Cain, of Meadow Grove, were married at that place on Tuesday by Rev. J. W. Jennings.

P. F. Bell and Miss Mary Hyde were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. J. J. Par[rest of name smeared] at [smeared] C. J. Chapman on Wednesday, Oct 5th. The contracting parties are well known in the city. Mr. Bell having been long a resident, for some time connected with the Daily News and now being one of the firm of Sessions & Bell. Mrs. Bell has, for some years, been a successful teacher in the city schools. They have established a home on lower Third Street.

Francis M. Herron and Miss Narcissa T. Blach were married on Sunday by Rev. Mr. Parker at his residence. The parties live in the country about 7 miles south west of Norfolk.

Source: The Norfolk Journal, October 13, 1892, page 5.

A. H. Hiesau has returned from Iowa bringing a wife with him. They will set up house keeping in their new house on Fifth street.   Source: The Norfolk Journal, October 20, 1892, page 5.

Ernest Fisher and Miss Martha Nietz were married on Sunday by Rev. J. P. Muller.

A. H. Kiesau returned from Iowa last week bringing his recently married wife with him.

Miss Glennie Williams, daughter of George Williams, and Dennis Shehan, of Rongis, Wyoming, were married on Wednesday by Rev. Father Walsh at St. Mary’s church. After a wedding trip to St. Paul and Minneapolis the happy couple will visit here, go south for the winter and then settle down in Wyoming where Mr. Shehan has large stock interests. Mrs. Shehan’s many friends here congratulate her and wish her a life of happiness.

Source: The Norfolk Journal, October 27, 1892, page 5.

Geo. S. Whitham was married on Thanksgiving Day to Miss Elizabeth Rankin, of Monmouth, ILL. The worthy young couple will go to housekeeping soon. Thus George consoles himself at his defeat for the county attorneyship.

There were a couple of weddings in the city on Tuesday, one being of the well known jeweler, C. F. W. Marquardt, who was married at his home to Mrs. Florence Chambers, Rev. J. W. Jennings officiating. The other was that of Aug. Lenz and Bertha Wichman at the bride’s residence, Rev. Mr. Ziegler officiating. Mr. Lenz lives on a farm east of town. The bride is a daughter of Ferdinand Pasewalk.

Source: The Norfolk Journal, December 1, 1892, page 5.

L. C. Hepperly and Miss Anna Westervelt were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Westervelt, on Wednesday, Rev. M. D. Chilson officiating. The friends of this fine and very worthy young couple wish them a long and happy wedded life. The list of presents was large and sensibly selected most of them being things of practical, every day value. The family has been considerably reduced in these recent years, but they have this consolation that the scope of family interests broaden and in the particular instance that their children will be their near neighbors.

This (Thursday) morning at the residence of the bride.s parents on Madison Avenue, Rev. J. J. Parker joined in marriage Miss Minnie Gregory and Dr. E. A. Gillette. Only the family witnessed the ceremony, Horace Gregory, of Wayne, and Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Fichter, of Emerick, being present. The bride is the daughter of U. Gregory, has lived in the city for a number of years and for several years past has faithfully and efficiently served in the capacity of teacher in the primary department of the public schools. Dr. Gillette has been established in the dental profession in Norfolk for the past two years. The happy couple departed at noon for Omaha and other points for a short wedding tour.

Source: The Norfolk Journal, December 29, 1892, page 5.

The marriage of Bert Brown to Miss Christy of Minneapolis was announced to take place today. Source: The Norfolk Journal, January 5, 1893, page 5.

Chas. Hamilton and Miss Laura Kraft, of Battle Creek, were married at Madison on January 2nd.

Miss Mary Powell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Powell, and C. E. Hazen were married at the home of the bride’s parents on Thursday evening last. Rev. Mr. Parker officiated. The young couple have The Journal’s best wishes.

Source: The Norfolk Journal, January 12, 1893, page 5.

John Maguer and Miss Mary Hughes were married at Battle Creek, Jan. 10th by the Reverend Father Walsh.

Sherman Coissart and Miss Bertie Lovelace were married at Battle Creek, Jan. 12th by Rev. J. S. Coissart.

W. J. Weisinstein head cook and Miss Emma Hans pastry cook at the Pacific Hotel were reported married at Columbus on Monday.

Source: The Norfolk Journal, January 19, 1893, page 5.