Married 1883

Golden Wedding Celebration of Mr. and Mrs. George Beed

March 18, 1933

The following article taken from the Elkhorn Journal, Battle Creek’s first newspaper, was printed in 1883, and read at the golden wedding celebration.

Rose Phillips and George Beed were married at the home of the bride’s parents in Highland Precinct, Madison County, Nebraska, March 18, 1883.   F. H. L. Willis, Esquire, officiated at the wedding of George Beed and Rose Phillips. The above event has been looked for by the people of this locality for some time. No cards but lots of cake. Miss Rose has had a host of admirers ever since her residences here but George has by persistent wooing, won the prize and left the rest of suitors in the background.

Highland’s constable, no doubt thinking that somebody might harm the happy pair, summoned about a dozen able assistants to his aid, went and guarded their premises the same evening, took such weapons as old shotguns, cowbells, etc., which I believe kept at ball all who would be liable to harm them. This, of course, is rather unusual occurrence on a Sabbath evening but the majesty of the law must be upheld at all hazards.  Signed, “The Esq.”

The couple were married at high noon at the home of the bride.s parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips. After the wedding, the couple went to make their home in a dugout. They  lived in the dugout a year, then succeeded to a homestead west of Battle Creek. Four years later they sold this homestead and moved to their timber claim three and one-half miles northeast of Meadow Grove.

In the blizzard of 1888, Mr. Beed became lost in the storm. Mrs. Beed went in search of him and found him wandering near the house with both eyes and his mouth frozen shut and his mittens frozen to his hands. They lived on their timber claim until 1911 when they came to Meadow Grove to make their residence. They had both come to Madison County in covered wagons, Mr. Beed in 1872, and Mrs. Beed in 1881. The George Beed’s had three children, Emma, Earl and Lester Beed.  At the golden wedding celebration there was one guest present who was also at the wedding, Mrs. Malissa Ober. Source: They Called It Meadow Grove, compiled by Gary Kuchar and Mrs. Lenora Kuchar, page 153.

Mr. and Mrs. George Beed had three children: Emma, born August 27, 1885, Lester, and Earl. Emma married Eugene Lewis on January 6, 1904. Eugene was the son of Perry Lewis. Earl Beed married Emma Mewes on April 26, 1911. Earl and Emma Beed two children were: Mabel, who married Virgil Sanne and Harold who married Alice Kuchar. Lester Beed married Pearl Russell on January 15, 1909. Source: They Called It Meadow Grove, compiled by Gary Kuchar and Mrs. Lenora Kuchar, page 193.

Mrs. George Beed of Meadow Grove died July 23, 1945 at the age of 80.  Source: Excerpt from The Norfolk Daily News, July 24, 1945, page 2.