Married in 1862, 1868, 1877, 1887, 1904, 1906

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Gabelman celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Arthur Broberg of Newman Grove on Friday, June 25th. Mr. Gabelman was born at Frankfort, Illinois, June 10, 1857. Mrs. Gabelman was born in Bavaria, Germany, May 11, 1858. They both came to Madison county in 1871. In the month of June, 1877, Elizabeth Knapp, at the age of 19, became the bride of Mr. Gabelman. They are the parents of six sons and three daughters. A son, Charles, died at Tilden in the spring of 1935. Those living are: Jake, Fred, Frank, William, Mrs. Fred Yenter, Mrs. Earl Yenter, Alfred, and Mrs. Arthur Broberg. Four generations were present at the gathering, among them 27 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren. Nine of the grandchildren and six great grandchildren were unable to be present.   Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, July 8, 1937 on page 5.

Mr. and Mrs. Golden B. Groff celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary Tuesday, August 26th when they enjoyed a dinner prepared for the occasion at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Thomas E. Dover of Madison. Mr. Groff, who is a Civil War veteran, is 89 years of age. Mrs. Groff is 86 years of age. Both Mr. and Mrs. Groff were born in the state of Maryland and were married there. In 1870 they moved to Nebraska and have lived here most of the time since. Six of their children are still alive, and include Milton, Arthur, Frederick, Mrs. John Kneeland, Mrs. Sylvia Dover and Mrs. Thomas E. Dover. There are also 28 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.  Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, August 28, 1930 on page 1.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Haskins observed their 50th wedding anniversary Wednesday. They were married at Sysamore, Illinois, May 5, 1887. They came to Madison county in the spring of 1890 and settled on a farm in Fairview [township]. In 1908 they moved to Madison where they have made their home except for a short time they lived in Enola. Mr. Haskins opened the first moving picture theatre in Madison. For the past several years he has been in the radio business. They have four children, Mrs. Nora Bates, Mrs. Pearly Taylor, Harvey and Horace Haskins, and six grandchildren.   Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, May 6, 1937 on page 10.

County Couple Is Married 69 Years

Newman Grove—Rev. and Mrs. George A. Humrich will celebrate their sixty-ninth wedding anniversary Feb. 16. Rev. Humrich, 90, came with his parents to homestead in Nebraska shortly after they had gone to Kansas in 1859. He hauled the first load of rock for the first Nebraska capitol building. Mrs. Humrich is 85. Their romance began in 1865 on the day memorial services were held for Abraham Lincoln in the Humrich cabin a half-mile west of the site of the present state capital. It was in the Humrich cabin the first sermon was preached in Lincoln. The couple carried on missionary work in Nebraska and neighboring states in pioneer days. Most of Rev. Humrich’s service has been with the United Brethren church. He is regarded as the oldest living missionary in this territory. Rev. and Mrs. Humrich had 11 children.—–World-Herald.  Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, February 18, 1937 on page 5.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Alberts and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Craig were honor guests at a six o’clock dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Owens last Wednesday evening. The dinner was in honor of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversaries. Mr. and Mrs. Alberts were married June 6, 1906 and Mr. and Mrs. Craig were married on June 21, 1906. Later in the evening members of the Ladies Country Club and their families came in an pleasantly surprised the two couples. About 70 guests in all were present. Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, June 18, 1931 on page 8.

Mr. and Mrs. John Borchers celebrated their silver wedding anniversary recently at their home near Battle Creek. They were married December 28, 1904 in Battle Creek. They are the parents of five boys and one girl.  Source: Battle Creek Enterprise, Thursday, January 9, 1930 on page 1.