1906 Teachers

School Bells Ring Out

Another Term of Answering Roll Call Has Come  Superintendent is Hopeful

Mr. Bodwell Believes That This Will Be a Good Year—Twenty-Seven Teachers Preside at the Various Desks—How Vacations Were Spent.

School bells rang out on the morning air in Norfolk this morning for the first time in three months, and around the five Norfolk school houses there were, for the first time since last June, clusters of neatly gowned children, their faces and hands exceedingly clean, all nervous in the anticipation of the first day.s rush for the best seats and the sizing up of the new teacher.

It was impossible to tell today just how many pupils are enrolled in the schools this year, but it will be somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000. Twenty-seven teachers, all feeling in the best of spirits after three months of rest and recreation, took their places at school room desks this morning to look after the rising generation of this community during the coming nine months.

Superintendent Bodwell was enthusiastic in his hope for a good school year, and all of the teachers in the city seemed to share his confidence that the coming year will be one of the best that has ever been known in Norfolk.s public school system.  During the summer that has just past, the Norfolk school boys and girls have enjoyed varied forms of vacation and fun. Many of them have spent a portion of their time in camping beside some cool spring, some of them have been away for several weeks visiting uncles and aunts and grandfathers and grandmothers, some have spent the time at work and in learning something about this business or that, while others have just stayed at home to play baseball and fly kites the whole summer through.

Source: The Norfolk Daily News, Tues. September 4, 1906, page 3.