School District #43

First Rural School Teacher is Elected

Although many rural school boards have arranged with their present teacher to stay next year, the first formal notice of selection of teacher for next fall arrived in the office of County Superintendent Alice Hall this week.

This notice records that Miss Helen Heckendorf has been elected to teach in District No. 43, at $90 a month, and is signed by Emil Rottler, director.  This will be the fourth year Miss Heckendorf has taught this school, it being the only school in which she has been instructor.  Two years ago, a modern building was erected in that district and the school standardized.

Miss Heckendorf is the great-grand-daughter of Rev. Heckendorf, who taught the children of the pioneers at Norfolk as their pastor, and the granddaughter of Louis Heckendorf, a member of the first public school board at Norfolk.

Last year almost half of the 75 rural teachers of Madison county remained in their positions.  It is hoped that this good record may be bettered this year.

Source: Madison Star-Mail, Thursday, April 3, 1930, page 1.