News article mix-up

The following was copied as found in the newspaper article.

One of the small papers published an item lately which was a weird mixup of an account of a wedding of an auction notice. The most interesting part of the item follows:

William Smith, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Smith, and Miss Lucy Anderson were disposed of at public auction at my farm, one mile east, in the presence of seventy-five guests, including two mules and twelve head of cattle.

.The Rev. Mr. Jackson tied the nuptial knot for the parties, averaging 1,250 pounds on hoof. The beautiful home of the bride was decorated with one sulky rake, one feedgrinder and two sets of work harness nearly new, and just before the ceremony was pronounced, Mendel & Sanwedding march was rendered by one milch cow, five years old, one Jersey cow and one sheep, who carrying a bunch of bride’s roses in her hand was very beautiful. She wore one light spring wagon, two crates of apples, three racks of hay one grindwith about one hundred bushels of spuds. The bridal couple left yesstone of .musseline of sole. trimmed terday on an extended trip.  Source: Madison Star-Mail, January 6, 1927, page 7.