1889 Norfolk Business Directory


Abstracts of Title     
Peck & Rowe,, 409 Norfolk ave.

Agricultural Implements
Brueggeman, H. G., 124 Norfolk Ave.
Pasewalk, H. A., 105 Norfolk ave.

Morrison, A., Odd Fellows building
Stitt, J. C., Mast’s building, rm. 10
Tracy, T. H., at E. H. Tracy & Co.

Barnes, J. B., Mast’s Building
Durland, A. J., Richard’s Block
Holmes & Hays, rm. 1, 2, Mast’s building
Mapes & Licey, Norfolk National Bank building
Tyler, M. D., Mast’s building
Wigton & Whitham, Odd Fellows building

Fouts, J. W., 426 Norfolk ave.
Freythaler, John, 4th, 1st door s. of Cotton.s new block
Schoregge, E. J., 215 Norfolk ave.
Swaynie Bros., 428 Norfolk ave.

Citizens National Bank, Mast’s block
Norfolk National Bank, se cor 2d and Norfolk ave.
Norfolk State Bank, sw cor 4h and Norfolk ave.

Higley, J. M., 110 Norfolk ave.
Rouse, C. E., 224 Norfolk ave.

Billiard Hall
The Pacific Annex. – Reynolds & Son, 502 Norfolk ave.

Buckle, Otto, Norfolk ave., east of 1st
Pasewalk, A. 308 Norfolk ave.
Stannard, Geo., se cor 3d and Braasch ave.
Pribernow, A., ne cor 1st and Madison ave.
Walter, B. C., cor Braasch ave. and 4th

Boots and Shoes
The Palace . F. T. & F. A. Campbell, 406 Norfolk ave.
Mayer, Morris, 225 Norfolk ave.
Moldenhauer, W. A. 109 Norfolk ave.

Books and Stationery
Peyton & Smith, 212 Norfolk ave.
Tracy & Co., 306 Norfolk ave.

Congregational church, nw cor 9th and Norfolk ave., Rev. J. J. Parker, pastor.
Catholic church, sw cor 5th and Madison ave., Rev. F. Lechleitner, priest
Episcopal church, Holy Trinity, ne cor 9th and Madison ave.,                                                                         Rev. W. T. Whitmarsh, pastor
Lutheran, Christs, 5th betw. Park and Pasewalk aves., Rev. I. A. Mayer, pastor
Methodist church, First, nw cor 4th and Philip ave., Rev. J. W. Martin, pastor.

Cigar Manufacturers
Berner, W. G., 209 Norfolk ave.
Kohout, W., 5th, rear of Pacific House

Civil Engineer
Latimer, Geo. A., Mast’s building, rm 10

Boston Clothing Store . M. Franklin, 203 Norfolk ave.
Mayer, Morris, 225 Norfolk ave.
U.S. Clothing Co. . Kuhl & Linderman, 504 Norfolk ave.
Marple & co., 314 Norfolk ave.

Commission Merchants
Storey, P. C., 325 Norfolk ave.

Confectionery and Fruits
Chrisman, H. W., 327 Norfolk ave.
Emmons, James, 205 Norfolk ave.
Hoober, E., 430 Norfolk ave.
Schoregge, E. J., 215 Norfolk ave.
Swaynie Bros. 428 Norfolk ave.

Jonas, B. W., 421 Norfolk ave.

Cole, Dr. H. G., Norfolk State Bank block

Lawson, Mrs. M. E., nw cor 3d and Norfolk ave.
Miller, Miss M., over H. Goodrich’s
Weaver, Miss S. L., nw cor 2d and Norfolk ave.

Bryant, F. A., 2 3 Norfolk ave.
Daniel, D. R., 108 Norfolk ave.
Koenigstein, D. J., sw cor Norfolk ave., and 5th
Leonard, A. K., 410 Norfolk ave.
Moore, O. S., 415 Norfolk ave.

Dry Goods
Baum Bros. 322 Norfolk ave.
Mayer, Morris, 225 Norfolk ave.
The Johnson Dry Goods co., 318 Norfolk ave.
Prichard & Kethledge, 508 Norfolk ave.

Express Co.
Wells, Fargo & Co., 416 ½ Norfolk ave.
Pacific, office at U. P. depot

Fancy Goods and Notions
Chesney, Mrs. E., 217 Norfolk ave.
Mayer, Morris, 225 Norfolk ave.

Flour and Feed
Batte & Dellingder, 204 Norfolk ave.

Flouring Mills
Birchard, Bridge & Co., Norfolk ave., east of 1st

Furniture and Carpets
Johnson, C. H., 424 Norfolk ave.
Rees, D., 323 Norfolk ave.

General Merchandise
Asmus, Carl, ne cor 3d and Norfolk ave.
Olney, J. E., nw cor Norfolk ave and 1st
Shurtz, P. A., 407 Norfolk ave.

Cobb & Overholser, 434 Norfolk ave.
Collamer, J. M., 408 Norfolk ave.
Goodrich, H., 220 Norfolk ave.
Jonas, B. W., 421 Norfolk ave.
Kenyon, E. B., se cor 3d and Norfolk ave.
McClary & Co., nw cor 3d and Norfolk ave.
Schoregge, E. J., 215 Norfolk ave.
Witter, A. T., Norfolk ave. betw. 7th and 8th

Guns and Locksmiths
Wetzel, L., 120 Norfolk ave.

Hogelin & Co., near Creighton depot

Degner, Albert, 222 Norfolk ave.
Eiseley, C. F., nw cor 2d and Norfolk ave.
Wiley Hardware Co., 506 Norfolk ave.

Harness and Saddlery
Hopkins, D. a., 404 Norfolk ave.
Oesterling, John, Norfolk ave., east of 1st
Winter, H. W., 122 Norfolk ave.

Atlantic, ne cor 6th and Madison ave.
Elkhorn Valley House, Chas. Illgen. Prop. 112 Norfolk ave.
Norfolk House, F. Wegener, prop. 115 Norfolk ave.
Pacific House, Locke & Tipple, prop.s, sw cor 5th and Norfolk ave.
Tillenburg House, H. Tillenburg, prop. ne cor 5th and Norfolk ave.

J. L. Pierce & Co., 4th, Norfolk State Bank building.

Insurance Agents
Durland, C. B., Richard’s Block, rm 1 and 2
Lowe, W. H., 220 Norfolk ave.
Widaman & Washburn, 315 Norfolk ave.
Wyman, H. O., Mast.s block, rm 10

Blair, R. N. & Co., 312 Norfolk ave.
Hayes, c. S. 320 Norfolk ave. Marquardt, C. F. W., 221 Norfolk ave.

Laundries, (steam)
Gillett & Dexter, News building, 15 so. 4th

Laundries (hand)
Elkhorn Valley Laundry, – Peter Lyttle, Philip ave. betw. 4th and 5th , 2-h-s-side

Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
Batte, T. H., 3d, betw. Norfolk and Madison aves.
Box, Geo. W. se cor 5th and Braasch ave.
Dudley, Geo., 3d, betw. Norfolk ave and Braasch ave.
Hale, W. M., nw cor 4th and Braasch ave.
Morton, Edw. C., 4th betw. Norfolk and Braasch ave.
Seiler, G. R., nw cor 3d and Braasch ave.

Loan Agents and Brokers
The Durland Trust Co.  A. J. Durland, president, C. B., Durland, vice-president,                                                    C. B. Burrows, treasurer, Richard’s block, rm 1 and 2
Farmers Loan and Trust Co. . S. E. Simpson, special agent, office with                                                               Widaman & Washburn.
estern Loan and Trust Co. . LJ. L. Pierce, manager, 4th, in Norfolk State Bank                                                 building.

Lumber Dealers
Chicago Lumber Co. . M. J. Garcelon, manager, Norfolk ave., 2 doors west of 5th
Edwards & McCulloch . W. A. Emery, manager, 2d betw. Norfolk and Madison aves.
Mittelstadt, L. C. Norfolk ave. betw 7 and 8
Wyman, D. F., sw cor Norfolk ave. and 6th

Hack and Baggage Line
Brown, Chas., Telephone No. 72

Marble and Granite Works
Stannard & Cox, 4th betw. Norfolk and Braasch aves.

Meat Markets
Glissman, H. E. 208 Norfolk ave.
Karo, August, 405 Norfolk ave.
Semmler, H., 420 Norfolk ave.
Shafer, Max, Main, betw, 1st and 2d ave.

Merchant Tailors
Madsen, C., 422 Norfolk ave.
Marple & Co., 314 Norfolk ave.
Ostin, L. J., 211 Norfolk ave.

Chesney, Mrs. E., 217 Norfolk ave.
Durland, J. & E., 324 Norfolk ave.
Grinnell, Miss J. P., 306 Norfolk ave.

Musical Instruments
Gale, W. H., 17 So. Fourth

News Depot
Tracy, E. H. & Co., 305 Norfolk ave.
Anzeiger, H. Brummund, basement of Pacific block.
Herald, F. M. Claflin, Odd Fellows building
Journal, Wm. Leavitt, 2d street.
News, (daily and weekly), W. Huse & Son, News building, 13 So. Fourth.

Hammond, E. D., Park addition, next to Fair Ground.
Norfolk Nursery and Seed Co. . C. P. Michael, general manager,                                                                         ne cor 4th and Norfolk ave.

Paints, Oils and Window Glass
Leonard, A. K., 410 Norfolk ave.

Macy & Doughty, 326 Norfolk ave.
Tillotson & Thompson, ne cor 3d and Norfolk ave., up stairs

Physicians and Surgeons
Bear, Dr. Alex., 321 Norfolk ave.
Daniel, Dr. D. R., 208 Norfolk ave.
Fuller, Dr. E. G., Odd Fellows building
Hagey, Dr. W. H. H., 323 Norfolk ave.
Macomber, Dr. A. L., 11 So. Fourth
Richards, Dr. G. B., Richards Block
Tashjean, Dr. A. B., nw cor 5th and Madison ave.
Verges, Dr. E. G., Odd Fellows block

Planing Mill
Wheaton, T. W., Norfolk ave., east of 1st

Rembe, L. l. 226 Norfolk ave.

Poultry Breeders
Correvon, Geo., Prospect ave. betw. 11th and 12th

Real Estate Agents
Allen, E. B., 428 ½ Norfolk ave.
Durland, A. J., Richard’s block rm 1 and 2
Lowe, W. A. 220 Norfolk ave.
Peck and Rowe, 409 Norfolk ave.
Pilger & Schwenk, 214 Norfolk ave.
Rome Miller & Co., basement of Mast’s building
Widaman & Washburn, 317 Norfolk ave.
Wilson & Miller, 416 Norfolk ave.

Grant, S. A. 432 Norfolk ave.
Moore, G. D., 315 Norfolk ave.

Eble, C., 216 Norfolk ave.
Flynn, J. W., 423 Norfolk ave.
Klentz, F. W., 116 Norfolk ave.
Kyner Bros., sw cor 3d and Norfolk ave.
Machmiller, A., ne cor 2d and Norfolk ave.
Marquardt, C. F. A., se cor Norfolk ave and 5th
McCombs & Riley, 312 Norfolk ave.
Schelly, Fred, 414 Norfolk ave.
Schwertfeger, Ernst, 113 Norfolk ave.
Wilde, Albert, 219 Norfolk ave.

Second Hand Stores
Bucholz, Anton, 210 Norfolk ave.Walter, J. F., 418 Norfolk ave.

Sewing Machine Agency
Domestic:  H. G. Brueggeman, 126 Norfolk ave.
Singer:   J. D. Sturgeon, 118 Norfolk ave.

Hoefs, H., 117 Norfolk ave.

Sessions & Bell, over Peyton & Smith’s

Telegraph Co.
Western Union . M. Yount, manager, rm 9, Mast’s block

Tin Shop
Laubsch, Carl, 114 Norfolk ave.

Wagon Makers
Lierman, G. F., Norfolk ave., east of 1st
Walter B. C., Braasch ave. betw. 4th and 5th

Wall Paper Dealers
Tracy, E. H. & Co., 306 Norfolk ave.
Wilson & Daniel, 104 Norfolk ave.

This concludes the 1889 Business Directory