1960 Norfolk Avenue — City Directory

A Look at Norfolk from the 1960 Norfolk City Directory

The view is on Norfolk Avenue from 1st Street going west to 9th Street

The even numbers are on the north side of the street.

The odd numbers are on the south side of the street.

1st Street intersection

 100  Radio Produce

104 Asmus Buick auto dealer

108-110 Norfolk Bottling Co.

            Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.

112-114 Asmus Buick (used car lot)

118  vacant

120  Interstate Glass Co.

       Nebraska State Employment

122 Twin—States Typewriter Co.

124  Day & Nite Cafe

128 Larson’s Food Market

101  Harrison’s Phillips 66 Service

107  Norfolk Office Equipment

119  Harry T. Boehnke auto radiator repair

       Meiergard Rambler autos

127 Cecil & Bob’s Cafe

       Mrs. Winifred Uttecht

       Myron R. Pilger

129 vacant

131 The Brass Rail liquors

      Mrs. Evelyn C. Peersen

 2nd Street intersection

200  Army Surplus Store

202  Chas. A. Rumbaugh used merchandise

       Chas. A. Rumnbaugh

204  Sportsman’s Bar beer

206  F & H Cafe

208 Club Billiards

212 Maas Wallpaper paint store

214 Blue Bell Cafe

      Lou’s Service gas station

216  Eiben’s Barber Shop

218  Sherwin—Williams Co. paint

220  Andy’s Tire Service, Inc. tire repair

222 vacant

224 Elkhorn Bar  beer

226  Western Auto Associate Store       auto accessories & parts

228  Elkhorn Hotel

       Mrs. Edith Beers

230  Rasmussen Pharmacy

      Top Value Redemption Store       premium  goods

232  Cyril R. Langdale

201  Oxnard Hotel

       Lowell W. Vawser

       LaLaines Beauty Salon & Gift Shop

       basement—Cook’s Exchange bicycles

205 vacant

207 Deon R. Deuel

209 Home Bakery

211  Snack Bar restaurant

211 1/2 Faubel Barber Hat Shop

213 Storz Supply Corp. wholesale auto supplies

215 Coast to Coast stores hardware

      Elston T. McConahay

217 C. A. Durland Agency     general

      Norfolk Building & Loan Association

      Prospect Hill Cemetery Association.

     Walter H. Pilger, physician

219  Harbor Bar  liquor

      Lawrence  J. McGrath

221 Henning Bakery

      Albert Nelson

223  J. Quentin Hunt barber

225 Rasley’s Cleaners

227-229 The National Bank of Norfolk

 3rd Street intersection

300  3rd Street Bar beverages

302 Behmer’s Music Center

304 Ideal Shoe Service shoe repairs

306 Budget Furniture Mart

308 John’s Place liquors

310 Fashion City  women’s clothing

312 The Durland Trust Co.

316-318 Style Shop women’s clothing

320 Oasis Bar  liquor

322 vacant

324  Gillespie’s Jewelers

      Gillespie Vision Clinic optometry

324 1/2 Jos. T. Gillespie

326 Hotel Madison Coffee Shop

328 Lamp Room beverages

301-303 J. M. McDonald Co. dept store

307 Three Sisters women’s clothing

311-315 Hested Stores Co. 5 c  to $1.00 store

315  Hested Building

       rooms 1—11 vacant

       room 14 Howard J. Strong Associates architects

       rooms 15-16 Howard J. Strong Associates drafting room

       room 17 vacant

317  Star Clothing Store men’s clothing

321  F. W. Woolworth Co. variety store

323-325 Hutchinson’s department store

329-331 Killian Block

       rooms 1-5 Norfolk Beauty School

       room 9 vacant

       room 16 vacant

       3rd floor vacant

 4th Street intersection

400 The Fair Store department store

404  Gary’s Book Store

406 Nisker’s shoes

408 Mode O’Day

410 Lazy L Cafeteria

412 The Golden Rule Store department store

      Mrs. Margaret H. Bare gifts

      Jas. C. Christensen carpenter

414  Putter’s Jewelry

414-416 Ransom House gifts

416  Perrigo Visual Clinic    optometrists

418 Armstrong Jewelry

420 Carlisle’s Correct Shoes

422 Rainbow Bar liquor

424  Jay’s Inc.

426  Beverly’s Store women’s clothing

       Beverly’s Millinery

       Wm. F. Lieerman real estate and insurance

       Otto C. Hartwig barber

       Jos. Govern

       Mrs. Bertha Reuter

428 Cook’s Inc. sporting goods

      Elkhorn  Electric contractors

430 Evans Drugs

432 Burroughs Corp.

     Tom’s Music House

432 Koehn Building

      rooms 1-4 Merlin J. Schoening accountant

      rooms 5-9 vacant

      rooms 10-11 Evans Insurance Service

                         Bernard A. Ptak lawyer

434 Clark’s Shoe Co.

401 The DeLay National Bank

403  Firestone Stores tire dealer

       IOOF Hall

       Rebekah Lodge N. 63

       Elkhorn Encampment N. 27

      Beata Theta Rho No. 8

      Norfolk Canton No. 30

      Patriarchs Militant No. 30

      Ladies Auxiliary

      Norfolk Lodge No. 46

405-407 Ballantyne’s Furniture

409 Bullis Drug Store

411 The Cigar Store

      Ziegenbein Jewelers

      Walter H. Miner dentist

413 Buck’s Booterie

415 Larson—Kuhn men’s clothing

417  Elkhorn Finance Corp.

       Brown Insurance Agency

       Brown—Dederman Realtors real estate and insurance

      Otto W. Burkhardt accountant

      Mapes & Mapes lawyers

      Credit Bureau of Norfolk

      Madison County Abstract Co.

      Equitable Life Assurance  Society

419  Singer Sewing Machine Co.

421 Wezel & Truex Inc. jewelers

      Hutton Hutton lawyers

423  Berle’s Men’s Shop clothing

       V. A. Cook Studio photographs

425  Kesting Furniture

427 French’s Photo Shop

429 Parrish Building

     Childs Food Shoppe bakery

      Frank Currier   chiropractor

431  Norfolk Shoe Co.

433  Fleming’s Pharmacy

       George D. Conwell physician

435  Schoregge Block

       Western Typewriter & Office Supply


        1.  Eleanor M. Weber

        2.  Janis Topinka

        3.  Mrs. Theresa Biermann

      2nd floor  John C. Devine dentist

437 Securities Acceptance Corp

439  Barber’s Gifts

439 1/2 Fifth St. Barber Shop

 5th Street intersection

500 Fifth Street Tavern

506 Chicago Lumber Co. of Norfolk

522 The Iceberg—Pizzeria confectioners

501  Krueger—Ihle Appliance Store

503 Charlie’s Bar

505 Gettman Electric Appliance Co.

507 Krueger—Ihle Electric Co. Inc.

509-511 Thrifty—Way Market  grocery

513-515  Sunshine Food Market grocery

513 Five Thirteen Norfolk Building

      Western Adjustment & Inspection Co.

      State Farm Insurance Co.

      Atlas Corp. real estate

     Fredrick M. Deutsch lawyer

517 New Way Cleaners

519 Arthur F. Froding barber

521  Bill’s Camera & Sporting Goods

523  Model Cleaners Laundry

527  Elkhorn Valley Historical Society of Norfolk

      Basement  Benjamin H. Pronneke

 6th Street intersection

602 Ace Fuel & Grain Co.

606 Norfolk Skelgas Service

      Gallagher Radio & TV repair

601  Joyce Lumber Co.

       Eichelberger Lumber Co.

 7th Street intersection

700 Edens Standard Service

702 Sidles Co. wholesale auto supplies

710  Norfolk Awning Co.

       Anton W. Scoboda

       Marvin  H. Blunck

712 vacant

714  Red Arrow Bar & Package Store

716  Dowd & Stolz Transfer Co. Inc.

       Warrick—Hawkinson Tread Service

 701  Central Electric & Gas Co. local office

707-711  Shaffer Pontiac Inc.

713 Midwest Furniture & Appliance

715 Mrs. Amy R. Peterson

      Midwest Hotel

717 Dime A Time Laundromat

719  George J. Stewart  physician

 8th Street intersection

800 Hudson Oil Co. gas station

802  Bankers Life Insurance Co. of Nebraska

       Watson & Theisen architects

802 1/2 Ferris Barber Shop

804  Mrs. Irma Reeker

806  Wm. J. Schelly

810 Larsen’s Conoco Service

803  Norfolk Public Library

811  Marv’s 66 Service Station

 9th Street intersection