1964 Norfolk City Directory Businesses

A Look Back to 1964

 The items that follow are excerpts from the Norfolk City Directory 1964 issue.                 There are a few businesses mentioned also in Madison, Nebraska.

Agricultural Implement Dealers
John Deere Sales & Service 140 E. 3rd (Madison)
Dinkel Implement Co. 315 S. 1st
Love & Weiland Equipment Co. 336 W. 3rd (Madison)
Madison Farm Equipment 143 W 3rd
Karl Meck Implement   end Omaha Ave.
Norfolk Farm Equipment Co. 301 N. 4th
Reigle Implement Co. 103 W 2nd (Madison)
S & S Wholesale Supply 301 S 1st

Apartment Buildings
Colonial Apartments   1000 Norfolk Ave.
Commodore Apartments    1101 Norfolk Ave.
Emoh Apartments    1104 Koeningstein Ave.
Faubels Court Apartments 607 Blaine
Green Gable Apartments  812 S. 8th
Hoskinson Apartments   110 Braasch Ave.
Johnson Apartments   918 S. 4th
Kruse Apartments   704 Koenigstein Ave.
Lake Side Apartments   2601 S. 13th
McNeely Apartments   206 S. 4th
Mohawk Apartments   128 S. 5th
Park Avenue Apartments   402 Park Ave.
Sihacek Apartments  112 N. 9th
Werner Apartments  105 N. 9th
Windsor Apartments  304 N. 12th

Automobile Dealers
Keith Glatt Motors 605 E. Norfolk Ave.
Jenny Motor Co. 115 Norfolk Ave.
Leichliter Chevrolet Co. 2nd corner Pearl (Madison)
Meiergard Rambler Inc.  119 Norfolk Ave.
Mimick Motor 427 S. Pearl (Madison)
Northrup Chevrolet Co. 218 Braasch Ave.
Petring Lincoln Mercury Sales Inc. 209 S. 5th
Petring Motor Co. Inc. 423 Madison Ave.
Shaffer Pontiac—Buick Inc. 707 Norfolk Ave.

Automobile Dealers—Used Cars
Cobb Motors 707 Madison Ave.
Kralik Auto Sales 844 W. 3rd (Madison)

Baked Goods—Retail
Childs Food Shoppe 429 Norfolk Ave.
Continental Baking Co. 1237 Michigan Ave.
Mel’s Bakery 221 Norfolk Ave.
Jerome M. Osterday 1307 Logan
Sheppard’s Home Bakery 209 Norfolk Ave.
Wonder Bread Thrift Store  1237 Michigan Ave.

Barber Shops
Bob’s Barber Shop 802 1/2 Norfolk Ave.
Deluxe Barber Shop 206 S. Pearl (Madison)
Eiben’s Barber Shop 216 Norfolk Ave.
Faubel Barber & Hat Shop 211 1/2 Norfolk Ave.
Fifth Street Barber Shop 439 1/2 Norfolk Ave.
Fix Barber Shop 511 S. 4th
Otto C. Hart3ig 426 Norfolk Ave.
Joe’s Barber Shop 301 Braasch Ave.
Ken’s Barber Shop  1416 S. 1st
Maas Barber Shop 201 Norfolk Ave.
North Third Street Barber Shop 197 N. 3rd
Hunt J. Quentin 223 Norfolk Ave.
Service Barber Shop 114 S. 4th
Shorty’s Barber Shop 118 S. 3rd (Madison)
Storek’s Barber Shop 112 W 3rd (Madison)
Stan’s Westgate Barber Shop 101 N. 13th

Beauty Shops
Anne’s Beauty Shop 816 W. 4th (Madison)
Amy’s Beauty Ship 214 N. 8th
Bertha’s Beauty Salon 200 S. 4th
Cora Mae Craig Beauty Shop 1100 S. 5th
Dell’s Beauty Shop 1306 Park Ave.
Della’s Beauty Shop 342 E. 2nd  (Madison)
Floma’s Beauty Salon 1102 S. 3rd
Franc’s Beauty Shop 109 N. 4th
Hattie’s Beauty Salon 109 N. Pine basement
Hillview Beauty Shop 1501 Elm Ave.
Jerry’s Beauty Salon 104 S. 5th
Kay’s Beauty Shop 110 S. 13th
LaLaine’s Beauty Salon and Gift Shop 201 Norfolk Ave.
Leona’s Beauty Salon 505 S. 10th
Loretta’s Beauty Salon 306 Omaha Ave.
Madison Beauty Spot 121 W. 3rd (Madison)
Midway Beauty Salon 1101 S. 4th
Mildred’s Beauty Shop 1214 Philip Ave.
Pat’s Beauty Shop 906 S. 5th
Porter’s Beauty Shoppe 131 W. 6th (Madison)
Ray’s Beauty Shop 313 Phillip Ave.
Reinhold Beauty Shop 112 N. 8th
Tews Beauty Salon 1201 S 6th
Ursula’s Beauty Nook 811 S. 13th
Westgate Beauty Salon 101 N. 13th

Buildings — Office and Public
Bishop Block  101 N. 4th
City Auditorium 127 N. 1st
City Hall 208 W. 3rd (Madison)
Court House 737 S. Lincoln (Madison)
DeLay National Bank Building 106 S. 4th
Federal Building 125 S. 4th
Five Thirteen Norfolk Building 512 Norfolk Ave.
Granada Building 509 Norfolk Ave.
Killian Block 329 Norfolk Ave.
King Building 108 S. 4th
Koehn Building 432 Norfolk Ave.
Norfolk Medical Arts Building 1300 Nebraska Ave.
Ommerman Building 118 S. 4th
Parrish Building 429 Norfolk Ave.
Schoregge Block 435 Norfolk Ave.

Bus Lines
Arrow Black Hills Stage Lines 110 N. 4th
Arrow State Lines inc. 700 N. 4th
Center Service Lines 120 N. 5th
P Y N Bus Line  120 N. 5th
United Motor Ways 120 N. 5th
Winner Bus Line 120 N. 5th

Bus Stations
Alden’s Bus Depot 304 S. Pearl (Madison)
Union Bus Depot 120 N. 5th

Blue Rooster Restaurant 1300 Norfolk Ave.
Mary’s Cafe 801 E. Norfolk Ave.

Babe’s Shop (womens) 107 N. 4th
Berle’s Mens Shop 423 Norfolk Ave.
Beverly’s Store (womens) 426 Norfolk Ave.
Fashion City (womens) 310 Norfolk Ave.
Freudenburg Clothing Store 215 S. Pearl (Madison)
Mode O’Day (womens) 105 N. 4th
Norfolk Live Stock Paddock 1601 S. 1st
Sillik’s 601 E. Norfolk Ave.
Star Clothing Store (men) 424 Norfolk Ave.
Style Shop (womens and childrens) 316 Norfolk Ave.
Three Sisters (womens) 307 Norfolk Ave.

Gasoline Stations
Beckner Sincair Service 101 E. Norfolk Ave.
Bob & Bill’s Service Station 543 W. 3rd (Madison)
Champlin Service 516 E. Norfolk Ave.Coovers Derby Service 1320 S. 1st
Deep Rock Service 400 Braasch Ave.
Ecpmp Service 1220 N. 1st
Ed’s D-X Service 701 S. 13th
Eden’s Standard Service 700 Norfolk Ave.
Eighty-One Texaco Service 710 S. 13th
Faulstich Kar Service 613 S. 1st
Filip’s D-X Service 200 S. 1st
Gene’s Standard Service 1027 S. 13th
Harrison’s Phillips “66” Service  101 Norfolk Ave.
Hi-Way Service 320 E. Norfolk Ave.
Hillview Services Station 507 N. 13th
Hudson Oil Co. 800 Norfolk Ave.
Hupp’s Champlin & radiator Service 112 S. 1st
Kohler Service 609 S. 13th
Larsen’s Conoco Service 504 N. 13th
Lau’s Service 214 Norfolk Ave.
Long’s Service—Phillip’s “66” 1301 Norfolk Ave.
M & H Oil Co.101 S. Pearl (Madison)
Manske Oil Co. 300 Madison Ave.
Mary’s Mobil Station 801 E. Norfolk Ave.
McCain’s Conoco 810 Norfolk Ave.
Ninth Street 66 Service Station 811 Norfolk Ave.
Norfolk Deep Rock Service 311 Omaha Ave.
Norfolk Oil Co. 500 Omaha Ave.
Northside Oil Co. N. Pearl (Madison)
Pat O’Gorman Oil Co. E. Omaha Ave. and Logan
Olson’s Sinclair Service 901 Norfolk Ave.
Omaha Avenue 66 Service 101 E. Omaha Ave.
Paul’s Apco 400 E. Norfolk Ave.
Paul’s Apco Service 1024 S. 13th
Paulson’s Skelly Service 316 Omaha Ave.
Roedel Standard Service 101 S. 1st
Stockman’s DX Service 1301 S. 1st
Superior “400” 905 S. 13th
Third Street Texaco Service 200 S. 3rd
Van Super Service Inc. 214 S. 1st

Groceries and Meats—Retail
Bill’s G W Market 116 S. Pearl (Madison)
Braasch Grocery 704 Pasewalk Ave.
Clanton’s Grocery 1209 Nebraska Ave.
Cole’s IGA Foodliner 1306 Norfolk Ave.
Co-op Jack & Jill 232 S. Pearl (Madison)
Economy Food Market 316 Braasch Ave.
Fritz’s Handy Grocery & Produce 121 W. 2nd (Madison)
Harmel’s Thrifty-Way Food Market 807 S. 13th
Hartwig Grocery 511 S. 4th
Hinky-Dinky Stores 121 S. 3rd
Little Giant Grocery 922 S. 4th
McCarthy Grocery 705 Spruce Ave.
National Foods 200 Madison Ave.
Owl Jack & Jill Super Market Inc. 712 S. 13th
Phillip L. Ressell 500 Matrau Ave.
Safeway Stores Inc. 302 Philip Ave.
Skylon Grocery 501 N. 13th
Sunshine Inc. 513 Norfolk Ave.
Test IGA Store 241 S. Pearl (Madison)
Unger’s Handy Grocery 505 W. 3rd (Madison)
Walters Grocery 407 S. 2nd
Wilson’s Grocery 215 S. 11th
Wolff’s Grocery 1906 S. 1st

Becker’s Motel 407 N. 13th
Blue Ridge Motel 916 S. 13th
Bree-Ternes Motel 711 S. 13th
Buck-A-Roo Motel 610 S. 13th
Capri Motor Hotel 211 E. Norfolk Ave.
Flamingo Motel & Café 1019 S. 13th
Mill Bridge Cabin Camp 123 E. Norfolk Ave.
Raasch’s Motel rear 504 N. 13th
Rose Ed Motel 1302 Verges Ave.
Sey-Crest Motel 721 E. Norfolk Ave
Skyline Motel 509 N. 13th

Rest Homes
Norfolk Convalescent Hospital & Nursing Home 1414 S. 3rd
Wayside Nursing Home 201 N. 12th

A & W Root Beer Drive-In 920 S. 13th
Beef Eaters Grill & Lounge 1326 Norfolk Ave.
Alpine Cafe 302 S. Pearl (Madison)
Big Bun Cafe 119 N. 5th
Blue Bell Cafe 214 Norfolk Ave.
Blue Rooster Restaurant 1300 Norfolk Ave.
Bobb’s Cafe 107 N. 8th
Butch’s Sandwich Ship 121 N. 3rd
Carl’s Cafe 1427 S. 1st
Chuck Wagon 101 Omaha Ave.
Dan’s Cafe & Piano Lounge 710 S. 13th
Dog & Suds Drive In 1019 S. 13th
Double—K Drive In 1032 S. 13th
Flamingo Cafe 1019 S. 13th
Giovannis Pizzeria 522 Norfolk Ave.
The Goody Shop 111 S. 5th
Hamburger Hut 114 S. 3rd
Harbison’s Cafe 127 Norfolk Ave.
High’s Cafe 823 E. Norfolk Ave.
Hill Top Cafe 501 N. 13th
Hotel Madison 4th and Norfolk Ave.
Jane’s Cafe 106 S. 5th
Jax Cafe 211 Norfolk Ave.
Lazy L Cafeteria 410 Norfolk Ave.
Mary’s Cafe 801 E. Norfolk Ave.
Miller’s Avenue Cafe 206 Norfolk Ave.
Mom’s Cafe 112 S. 4th
Norfolk Country Club Restaurant  end Country Club road
North Side Cafe  N. Pearl (Madison)
Prenger’s 116 E. Norfolk Ave.
Paul S. Schruber 507 Prospect Ave.
Starlite Cafe 308 S. 6th
Stockman’s Cafe 1035 S. 13th
Stockyards Cafe 1601 S. 1st
The Trails 2608 S. 13th
Welcome Cafe 1421 S. 1st