Dr. Kuegle in Madison

Dr. Kuegle leaves Madison

It is with a feeling of regret that the Star-Mail is compelled to chronicle the fact that Dr. F. H. Kuegle has left Madison and located at West Point. Dr. Kuegle came to Madison about a year and a half ago practically a total stranger but his pleasant manner and gentlemanly conduct soon made for him a host of acquaintances and warm friends.

Dr. Kuegle did not leave Madison for the want of sufficient practices as in this short time he had built up a practice that was in every way satisfactory to him and from the phenomenal success he has met with certainly warranted his many patients in being satisfied.

Dr. Kuegle goes to West Point to engage in his chosen profession with his uncle, Dr. Summers, who has the reputation of being one of the leading physicians and surgeons of Nebraska and has practiced in West Point for the past 25 years.

As much as we regret the departure of Dr. Kuegle we are glad he will be placed in a position to better himself. What is true of our feelings is equally true of the entire community, as he came here without a friend in our midst and now leaves it with a great many and not a single enemy. Dr. Kuegle’s practice and good will has been purchased by Dr. Gadbois of Wichita, Kan., who was formerly a resident of Humphrey and who comes to us highly recommended by some eminent medical men of Nebraska and Kansas, and will occupy the rooms in the Jensen block occupied by Dr. Kuegle. He will bring his family to our city as soon as he can find a residence. We welcome Dr. Gadbois and family to our city.

Source: The Madison Star-Mail, February 15, 1907, page 4.