Emerick, Nebraska

Emerick Methodist Church

C. G. Rouse, a very successful supply pastor, began his ministry at this place. His homestead was at St. Clair Valley not far from Emerick. The Emerick Methodist Church was built in 1891 with John Cruse being the pastor at that time. He was appointed to this charge in 1890 and built the church after the first of the year. He was followed by Wm. Stanner, then J. A. Roads, then W.A. Wilson. At that time it was said that this charge was located in a very rich section of the country, was convenient to work and had the making of one of the best appointments. In 1898 A. E. Fowler and in 1899 W. R. Phelps served this desirable charge. The parsonage which had been buildt nearly a mile away was moved to the church lots and remodeled at a cost of $200. H. A. Hornady served the next two years and Charles Sterner supplied in 1902. G. A. Barker was next, followed by H. P. Williams and W. D. Smith. The last regular supply was Geo. Hill in 1916. After that guests and visitors preached for several years. After the church was no longer used regularly on Sundays, it was still maintained for a number of years and used for funerals. Several Methodists in that community now attend church in Meadow Grove. The parsonage burned to the ground in 1923. In 1947 Paul Green purchased the Emerick Church and moved it to Meadow Grove just east of the White Way Café. It is now a home.

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