High School is Crowded

More than 150 Students Enrolled for the One Room, Are Seventy Freshman Alone  The Largest Class of Seniors That Ever Started in the Norfolk High School, Begins This Term, Being Twenty-five All Told.

The high school attendance this year eclipses all records. There are more than 150 students in the high school alone, as a result of which the high school room is overcrowded. There are seventy freshmen and twenty-five members of the senior class, the largest senior class that has yet been known in the Norfolk school.

Just what will be done with the overflow in the high school is a question which is perplexing the superintendent and teachers today.  An incomplete list of those who become seniors today are: Geneva Moolick, Agnes and Nellie Flynn, Edith Barrett, Erna Wilde, Edith Esterbrook, Georgia Blakeman, Elenore Mueller, Anna Mueller, Lois Gibson, Mellie Bridge, Nola Walker, Elsie Johnson, Rebecca Duggan, Boyd Blakeman, William Hauptli, Elmer Hardy, Sam Erskine and Harry Rix. Misses Matilda Herman, Lizzie Schramm, Glennie Shippee, Margaret Hamilton and Ross Tyndall.

A complete and corrected list will be published later.

Source: The Norfolk Daily News, Tues. September 4, 1906, page 4.