Meadow Grove Teachers

Meadow Grove Teachers 1925—1926

Meadow Grove public schools will open for a nine month term on Monday, Aug. 31st. The rooms in the building are being thoroughly cleaned, paint applied where necessary, so that the entire building will be in first-class shape when school opens. There is nothing gained in letting a building run down, and it should be noted that the Board of Education is taking good care of the building entrusted to their keeping and thereby saving money for the taxpayers. The following is a list of the teachers for the ensuing school year: Supt. L. L. Spotts, Meadow Grove, Nebr.; Prin. High School Clarence J. Rosenau, Hastings, Nebr.; Normal Training and Domestic Science Mary Roach, Maywood, Nebr.; English, Latin, French Ruth Ringland, Wayne, Nebr.; 7th and 8th Grades Beatrice Higbee, Meadow Grove, Nebr.; 5th and 6th Grades Frances Snimonek, Wilber, Nebr.; 3rd and 4th Grades Charlotte Hayden, Meadow Grove, Nebr.; Primary Aleda Eggleston, Elgin, Nebr.

Source: Meadow Grove News, August 21, 1925, page 1.