Norfolk Teachers 1906-1907

Teachers Are Elected ; Special Meeting of Board of Education is Held            
Most Positions are Filled
Teachers for Norfolk’s City Schools Season 1906-07 Were Elected
at a Special Meeting of the School Board Held Last Night.

Teachers for Norfolk.s schools for the year 1906-07 were elected by the board of education at a special meeting which was held last night. Assignments have not yet been made.

Following are those elected: Miss Ida Von Goetz, principal high school;

Miss Gertrude Watson, A. J. Kennedy, Misses Pearl Reese, Nellie Fleming, Pearl McCormick, Ella Toomey, Louise Mathewson, Harriett Mather, May Olney, Ellen Mullen, Otelia Pilger, Lena Mills, Clara Rudat, Nell Dingman, Laura Durland, Nina Walker, Pearl Widaman, Clara Brueggeman, A. V. Mason, Minnie Sears, Nellie M. Collins, Carrie A. Brush, and Mr. Reese Solomon.

All are known in Norfolk excepting Miss Sears, who comes from Plainview: Miss Collins, Table Rock; Miss Brush, Ashland.

There is still a vacancy in the primary department and no teacher of sciences has yet been elected for the high school.

Source: The Norfolk Weekly News-Journal, Friday, May 4, 1906, page 6.