Where did they go ? ? ?

Where did they go ? ? ?

Were your relatives in Norfolk, Nebraska in the early 1900’s and then you can not find them here any more. Our relatives in the past may have stayed in one place for their entire life. They may have stayed within a short distance of their birthplace.

However for many of us they moved around. We search in many places to try and find their next location and with luck and perseverance we may just find that next location.

In order to help our readers find some answers to the question, “Where did they go?” I have extracted information from the Keiter Directory Co’s. Norfolk City Directory 1913–1914.

This listing will be for those persons from Norfolk, who were shown to have moved and their destination. The following is by name and then city and state they moved too.

Adams, Edwin C.,    Missouri Valley, Iowa

Allberry, Joseph,    Omaha, Nebraska

Allen, John H.,    Landers, Wyoming

Asher, Clinton, F.,    Page, Nebraska

Ball, Martha, Mrs.,    Sacramento, California

Ballantyne, Robert S.,    Tilden, Nebraska

Barnes, Peter J.,    Oelrichs, South Dakota

Barnhill, Harry J.,    Fresno, California

Bear, Alexander, Dr.,    Richmond, Virginia

Beck, Steele S.,    Sioux City, Iowa

Becker, Edward C.,    Sioux City, Iowa

Bergfelder, Otto, Rev.,    Greenleaf, Kansas

Best, Alvalo,    Belgrade, Nebraska

Blado, August,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Bohlander, Alfred,    Manilla, Iowa

Bowers, Charles H.,    Deadwood, South Dakota

Bretz, Calton, L,    Tilden, Nebraska

Brinkman, Jacob W.,    Columbus, Nebraska

Bryant, Francis A., Dr.,    Spencer, Nebraska

Buchholz, August L.,    Plainview, Nebraska

Buckley, W. Andrew,    Plainview, Nebraska

Caldwell, Byron W.,    Chadron, Nebraska

Case, Miles W.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Chipps, Walter,    Denver, Colorado

Cole, C. Edward,    Seattle, Washington

Colegrove, Dana C., Rev.,    Denver, Colorado

Coleman, Walter,    Cedar Rapids, Nebraska

Collamer, Myron H.,    Atkinson, Nebraska

Cox, Melville B.,    Holley, Colorado

Dignan, L. James,    Omaha, Nebraska

Duffy, Daniel B.,    Winner, South Dakota

Engle, Edwin C.,    Long Pine, Nebraska

Estabrook, Frank L.,    Houston, Texas

Evans, Charles E.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Farley, Myron M.,    Grand Island, Nebraska

Finley, Thomas L.,    Missouri Valley, Iowa

Freeman, Wm. J.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Fuerst, Charles F.,    Battle Creek, Nebraska

Gamet, Asa W.,    Foster, Nebraska

Gebauer, Felix, Rev.,    St. Paul, Nebraska

Gillette, Arthur S.,    Sioux City, Iowa

Grant, Smith H.,    Seattle, Washington

Gray, J. Arthur,    Winner, South Dakota

Groves, Jesse G.,    Red Oak, Iowa

Grundman, John,    Boone, Iowa

Hall, Nannie, Mrs.,    Kansas City, Missouri

Hauptli, Wm. L.,    Monowi, Nebraska

Hayden, Guy C.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Hayes, E. Ray,    Sheridan, Wyoming

Helpin, Michael,    Cullum, Ireland

Hight, Joseph B.,    Interior, South Dakota

Hill, Wm.,    Superior, Nebraska

Hilbert, Wm. H.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Hinds, Lewis H.,    Luseland, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hinks, George M.,    Bloomfield, Nebraska

Hirsch, Frank J.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Hoar, Christian C.,    Glenwood, Iowa

Holden, Horace T., Dr.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Humphrey, David,    Page, Nebraska

Humphrey, Edson B.,    Cambridge, Nebraska

Hunter, Fred M.,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Ireland, Elmer P.,    Kearney, Nebraska

Irvin, Morris B.,    San Diego, California

Jackson, Mary J.,    Mrs., Omaha, Nebraska

Jung, Martin J.,    Casper, Wyoming

Kirkpatrick, J. W., Rev.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Klug, John F.,    O’Neill, Nebraska

Knapp, Louis J.,    Burlington, Iowa

Korth, Augusta, Mrs.,    Creighton, Nebraska

Krantz, John,    Corvallis, Oregon

Kuhleman, H. Ernest,    Peoria, Illinois

Lancaster, Arthur R.,    Fremont, Nebraska

Larson, Frank,    Fremont, Nebraska

Laubsch, Carl O.,    Plainview, Nebraska

Lindsay, James F.,    St. Paul, Minnesota

Lucas, Roy J., Rev.,    Agra, Kansas

Luebcke, Paul,    Clearwater, Nebraska

McCallum, Ray F.,    Tilden, Nebraska

Mackay, James H., Dr.,    Francitas, Texas

Matrau, Henry C.,    Windsor, Colorado

Mead, Ira L.,    Snyder, Nebraska

Mead, Miner C.,    Beemer, Nebraska

Melcher, Frank E.,    San Diego, California

Mende, Frank F.,    Stanton, Nebraska

Meredith, O. C., Dr.,    Boise, Idaho

Miles, James E.,    West Point, Nebraska

Moenck, Carl H.,    Chicago, Illinois

Mole, Robert J.,    La Porte, Texas

Moulton, Roy A.,    Atlantic, Iowa

Mulertz, Roy,    Pierce, Nebraska

Nichols, Ralph T.,    Bonesteel, South Dakota

Noll, Luke D.,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Pender, Norris E.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Pepple, Ralph E.,    Hot Springs, Arkansas

Perdue, Wm. F.,    Wayne, Nebraska

Pickrel, Belle, Mrs.,    Council Bluffs, Iowa

Raguse, Carl, Mrs.,    Madison, Nebraska

Redner, W. August,    Francitas, Texas

Reece, John W.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Reed, Charles R.,    Houston, Texas

Reed, Elmer B.,    St. Joseph, Missouri

Reese, Ernest R.,    Petersburg, Nebraska

Retzlaff, John,    Oakdale, Nebraska

Rice, George,    Fremont, Nebraska

Rice, James, A.,    Corvallis, Oregon

Risor, Wm.,    Kirkwood, Nebraska

Rogers, W. Barnett,    Tilden, Nebraska

Romine, Anton M.,    Fremont, Nebraska

Rouse, Warren J., Jr.,    Ewing, Nebraska

Ruhlow, August,    Hoskins, Nebraska

Ryel, Archibald J.,    Council Bluffs, Iowa

Saunders, Horatio B.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Schaffer, Adam,    Hoskins, Nebraska

Schroeder, Wm. A.,    Chicago, Illinois

Schultz, Wm.,    Neely, Nebraska??? (Neligh, NE.)

Shaffer, Elbert C.,    Avoca, Iowa

Sheean, Thomas S.,    Chadron, Nebraska

Sheldon, Luella C., Mrs.,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Sherman, Frank J.,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Shrider, John H.,    Chadron, Nebraska

Smith, R. H.,    Sioux City, Iowa

Smith, Wm. F.,    Pierce, Nebraska

Southworth, George S.,    Silver Creek, Nebraska

Stillwagen, Andrew L.,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Stoltenberg, Peter,    Inman, Nebraska

Stotts, Hiram W.,    Ainsworth, Nebraska

Strong, Wm. A.,    Pierce, Nebraska

Tabler, George R.,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Tague, Edward D.,    Shenandoah, Iowa

Tindall, Daniel K., Dr.,    Central City, Nebr.

Upton, James A.,    Los Angeles, California

Uttecht, John F.,    Carter, South Dakota

Walstrom, C. Elmer,    Walla Walla, Wash.

Walter, Edw. H.,    Grand Island, Nebraska

Waterbury, Mary, Mrs.,    Stanton, Nebraska

Weidenfeller, John,    Blessing, Texas

Welsh, John,    Omaha, Nebraska

Welsh, Pierce J.,    Missouri Valley, Iowa

Widaman, Elizabeth, Mrs.,    Ft. Collins, Colo.

Wiles, Henry G.,    Little Rock, Arkansas

Wilkins, Andrew J.,    Lincoln, Nebraska

Williams, J. Frank,    Emerson, Nebraska

Witt, Harry,    Winona, Minnesota

Woods, Paul A.,    Omaha, Nebraska

Ziesche, Ernest M.,    Los Angeles, California

Zook, John,    Los Angeles, California

Zuelow, Otto,    Francitas, Texas