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If you are not able to be in our local [ Norfolk, Nebraska ] area we can do local research for you. Please let us know what research you like for us to do for you. There is no charge for our time.

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This is fully word searchable website.
The results of your search will be highlighted in Bold print.

This website offers a large list of various names, dates and locations from various newspapers we are indexing covering areas on

  • Birth
  • Marriage
  • Death
  • Cemeteries
  • Photos
  • Gleanings
  • County, Town, Land Records
  • Links to other genealogical websites
  • Information on Nebraska 93 Counties
  • Other locations for gathering family information

Search Suggestions:

This feature is valuable when doing any research for a surname, place, location or other hard to find items in the genealogical area. Be aware that a surname may appear more than once in an article / category.

  • The results will be different if you use a single name or multiply name.
  • Single word search brings up that word.  Multiple word search brings up every location where either one or both of the words were found in the search.
  • If you know the  woman’s maiden name use the search feature using only the maiden name without the use of commas or quote marks.
  • If you know the woman’s first name and maiden name you can use first name followed by maiden name in (        ).  It is the way used in this website to list it when it is known.
  • If you search by doing surname then first name with or without the comma between surname, first name the results will be different.
  • If you type in the search feature for a first name along with a surname, with or without comma the results will be different.
  • Using quote marks ”       ” for first name, surname or using quote marks for  surname, first name will give you different results.
  • The use of quote marks  ”       ” for limiting your search results can be helpful in searching for information.

Results will be highlighted in Bold print.

We do not have the actual courthouse records on births, deaths, marriages or land records. The actual birth and death records are required by the State to be at the Vital Statistics office in Lincoln The link is 
We can do a search for marriage and land records in Madison county.

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Our P. O. Box has been discontinued.

We can do additional research in other sources that is not available on the internet.
Some of the items are:
1. Cemetery records and burial information.
2. Obits in newspapers, Centennial books and other genealogical books.
3. Land records and marriage records at the courthouse.

We can look in the newspapers for information on the various items listed above.
Our charges are very reasonable considering what others may charge you for searching.  The cost you will incur depend upon the number of photocopies that are needed and the cost of mailing the item(s) back to you.  We have not charged for our time that it takes in doing research.  Providing us with names, dates for the people you need information on is greatly appreciated.

We appreciate any comments you may have about the website. Please send your comments or queries to our e-mail address. 

Please be aware that the pages may appear differently from our original look depending on the search engine / browser: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc. or the device that you use.  Some will keep the straight line view / columns and some will show up like stair steps or the spacing will appear off.  It is not our intention for the spacing to be off or for the stair step look that you might find.

Did you know about our expanding categories of research possibilities?
On Dec. 15, 2015 we had 18 categories and on Dec. 31, 2016 we had 55 categories. Now in Nov. 2018 there are 73 categories.
There are many items within those categories and more are being added.

Nebraska Roots is a historical database available to any Genealogist interested in finding historical data e.g. birth / marriage / death information and records, cemetery/marker records, historical photos, and much more.

Information is being added to areas within the categories
so please check back again.  

This website is maintained by
Allied Genealogical Search
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